Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Street Food Trailers in NoMi - Amos and Amos Bar-B-Que

The street food scene in Minneapolis has been pretty non-existent until this year. A few movers and shakers in the foodie world began rattling the cages at City Hall, making the argument that if Minneapolis wants to compete as a well-rounded cosmopolitan city, we must have a street food scene.  Foodie writers have been documenting the emerging scene and of course the obligatory foodie reviews are abundant.  There's even a new video tour and a whole event dedicated to street food.  Yes, the Minneapolis Street Food scene is an entire industry in and of itself.  (I make this point to emphasize the loss of potential economic development I am about to share)

Since I don't live under a rock, and was slightly familiar with the buzz around the emerging street food scene, I found it interesting and exciting that through my travels in and out of the neighborhood via Penn Avenue over the past few weeks, I routinely see this food trailer on the northwest corner of Penn and Golden Valley Road (GVR).

Finally, one day I was passing by at supper time and had a few minutes to spare, so I decided to finally stop. I did approach the trailer and had full intentions of making a purchase, however I was greeted by, well, by not being greeted at all, and when I finally did get acknowledged, let's just say it was with less than a friendly service attitude. That's putting it nicely.

I didn't get any details about what they were selling or what the prices were, or what their regular schedule would be at the corner of Penn & GVR.  I was told if I wanted that info I could return later that evening when the owner, Amos, would be there.  I thought to myself "Really? If I want to know what's on the menu and how much it is I should come back when the owner is there?" 

I found it extremely odd that the worker inside the trailer felt uncomfortable telling me what was on the menu and how much it was selling for.  I could totally understand that she may not know what kind of regular schedule they would keep.

So, I got the hint that she wasn't interested in my money and I decided I wasn't interested enough to try and seek out Amos, the owner. Anybody out there tried them yet?

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ClevelandGuy said...

Why must the corner of Penn & GVR take everything nice and turn it into something seedy? Even if you're running a drug front (and I'm not saying they are), doesn't it make for a better front if you're actually selling the product you purport to offer, and do it in a friendly manner? If you're not running a drug front, any business should be able to tell a customer what products were being sold, and when they were being sold. And, for some background, who were the owners of Amos and Amos when it was a storefront on Broadway? It closed many years ago, but then the signage stayed there for years.

Anonymous said...

So you go up to the sliding window and you are white and get looked at suspiciously...when you ask a simple question about prices and they cannot tell you or tell you to come back when the owner is here..what a fucking joke.You probably won't post this because you do not have the balls.

MikeT said...

I love good ribs, of which there aren't many in this city.
So... whatever you do, don't frighten them off until I've had a chance to try them. If they are dealing drugs, and the ribs are halfway decent, well... The Dude abides.

Johnny Northside! said...

One troll comment rejected.

MikeT said...

MINE?? You rejected MY comment?

Why... I NEVER...!

Anonymous said...

Man, the money i could get for scrapping that aluminum!

Anonymous said...

I think that is absolutely ridiculous, if you are trying to pave the way for food carts, why ignore any customer. I am not a personal fan of carted food,for sanitation reasons.
If you are employed by any ff business you should know what's on the menu and what the price is, not wait til the owner gets there, what kind of business is that, I surely wouldn't have stuck around either.

Anonymous said...

It looks like they did serve food to at least one person, who liked it.

On the other hand, the place has already been labeled "surly street food in North" apparently based on your article. So if you do go back, maybe you'll want to bring candy and flowers as a peace offering....

Maybe the person thought you were from the City and were going to tow the trailer away.

As a hungry bbq fan, I hope you'll let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that my comment on this story did not appear, and that you had "rejected a troll comment." I hope mine was not the "troll comment" which was rejected.

The last line of your story was "Anybody out there tried them yet?" I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that this was not a rhetorical question. Apparently there was one person out there on the internet who had indeed tried the food--and liked it. I linked to her review, which seemed to me to be a normal-sounding review and not a scam of any kind.

I also wondered if there was some explanation for your unusual conversation with the person working there--perhaps she thought you were not a typical customer. Who knows, based on one brief and somewhat confusing interaction?

And finally, I think I made a gentle joke about how jumping to conclusions about anything--even a foodstand--can have unintended consequences.

If you did indeed find this comment troll-ish, could you explain why? Was it the link? Something I said? I certainly enjoy your site, but am confused about why my observations might be rejected.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 8:43
What does race have to do with this? What a bullshit comment. Just because they are black they don't have to get a license and be regulated by the every other fucking street vendor has had to do? Such bullshit. These street vendors (who are all different races, genders, sexualities, religions, etc) have worked their asses off and spent a lot of money to follow the rules. Now all of a sudden ol Amos and Amos want to just set up shop on the Northside and sell who knows what for who knows how much. This could be something so cool for our neighborhood. You are full of shit and so is the Amos and Amos truck!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have gone to Amos and Amos BBQ on wheels for multiple years. I can tell everyone that the food is EXTREMELY GOOD. All dinners are 10 dollars and the owner BRUCE use to own a barbeque restaurant until it was burned down. Recently he won first place at the 4th Street Saloon Rib Contest. So don't knock it until you try ( This is my favorite place to grab BBQ in Minnesota)