Sunday, September 5, 2010

(PARODY POST) Black Sheep Of The Friedman Shoes Family Sets Up "Fetish Shoes" At 324 West Broadway...

Contributed photo, xoxo, blog post by John Hoff

(Parody content below)

It is with a truly prurient sense of EXXXCITEMENT that North Minneapolis welcomes the latest business addition to West Broadway: Fetish Shoes, which is tackily tacked onto the end of the "Fourth Street Saloon" building at 324 West Broadway, right across from Wendy's and Taco Bell, just one block over from the Friedman Shoe Store.

The owner of Fetish is reportedly the "kinky little sister" of the Friedman family, who went away to prison for a while due to Penn Ave. N. prostitution charges but she is now out on parole and trying to, er, "follow in the footsteps" of the Friedman family name by opening a speciality shoe store.

The question, of course, is when EXXXACTLY is the store open? The photo above was taken around noon on a Saturday, and the store was closed. Is it a situation of the store being... "by special appointment," kind of like the special appointments to be found (until recently) in the adult section of Craigslist ads?

Too bad, says Johnny Northside Dot Com, that B.J.'s strip club is closing soon, since the strippers could have supported a local business which appears to specialize in, among other things, skanky stilettos.

(Please note that was the parody voice saying "too bad...that B.J.'s strip club is closing soon.")

On another note...

(End of parody voice, here)

I have held off since May in my public criticism of Friedman's Shoes for having such an ugly, trashy exterior due to discolored Plexiglass windows festooned with well-aged stickers. For months, I have swallowed the bile of my public criticisms because of some back channel communications saying Friedman's was involved in making some kind of grant proposal which seemed to include fixing up the windows. Recently, the appearance of "Fetish Shoes" brought the old Friedman's issue to my mind again, and made me wonder, gee, what is going on with THAT? How long have I held off on THAT? Gmail search function says...oh, my word, since FREAKING MAY.

Time to fire off an inquiry. Time to get no reply.


With no answers to my back channel communication hitting my inbox, I fully intend to blast Friedman's with public criticisms quite often, making up for lost time. THE BUTT GLASS LOOKS HORRIBLE. WHY DOESN'T FRIEDMAN'S DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE BUTT GLASS?

You can expect this kind of thing from Slumlord Keith Reitman, but Friedman's is the kind of place which is supposed to have a good name on West Broadway.

What the hell, Friedman's, what the hell?


Anonymous said...

Great, you managed to trash 2 Jews in one frickin NAZI!!

Anonymous said...

Keith, calm down! Talking humorously about one business and then talking seriously about another business desperately needing to do some facade improvements has nothing to do with anyones religion!!!

Not sure if you realized it or not, but just because a person is born ____(insert descriptor here such as jewish, black, gay, norwegian) it doesn't mean they get a free pass to pick whatever standards of operating without the possibility of public criticism. The bottom line is the standards and expectations 'round here are changing. Fast. And you as well as Friedman's aren't keeping up with the changing standards. Get in the ball game or get out of the park.

annoyed said...

OMG. Your kidding me right anonymous 9:48? So one can't say anything bad about a Jewish person without being a Nazi?

Get a fucking life or just stop using the computer.

ClevelandGuy said...

btw, there used to be a Fetish Shoes in the (now bulldozed) building on the NE corner of Dowling and Emerson. It also had erratic hours.

Anonymous said...


Cpt Jack

Anonymous said...

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