Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Troy Parker Sign...

Contributed photo, xoxo, blog post by John Hoff

Hint, hint. The primary was, like, um, AUGUST TENTH.

Linda Higgins won; Troy Parker lost; and here are vote totals, for the record:

Linda 3617 votes 68.69%
Troy 1415 votes 26.87%

Troy would do well to take his signs down and leave a good impression for the next time he runs, which history suggests he certainly will, since he's also lost to Council Member Barb Johnson and, with one more election, will achieve the not-so-coveted status of "perennial also ran."

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Glassy Girl said...

Did you notice that Parker's signs were altered from the Johnson race? He simply put white something over (for city council) and wrote in with black marker the new office. Kinda sloppy looking, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

69% to 27%. Just proof to the old adage that lawn signs don't vote.

Sara said...

It's against the law to have signs up more than 10 days after an election.

Looks like you're hitting up 311 again!

Anonymous said...

Ho Hum, another staged photo

Johnny Northside! said...

This week Troy Parker tried again and FAILED again at the DFL convention.

According to Hawthorne Hawkman:

Bobby Joe Champion handily beat Troy Parker on the first ballot, roughly 80% to 20%.