Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Massive Police Response to Thug Memorial Riot

Contributed Cell Phone Image, Cub Foods, 9-26-10

The early evening of Sunday, September 26 brought a massive police presence to West Broadway, eerily similar to a Sunday afternoon exactly one year ago.

I received the contributed photo above on my cell phone, from a friend who went to Cub Foods to grab some groceries for her family.  Knowing me all to well, she figured I'd know what was going on, or would at least get to the bottom of it shortly. Sure enough, she was right. The photo now makes sense after learning about the Haywood Eaton Memorial Riot, written about in the previous post. 

This is what we counter-affectionately refer to as "thugs being thuggy".  Or, to break that down for you further, the people causing this sort of problem around the northside city country would be fine to live around and have as community members.  It's their choice of thuggy behavior that makes life so difficult. Really difficult.  Just ask Haywood Eaton.

In honor of Haywood Eaton, go out and make some 9-1-1 and 3-1-1 revitalization calls.  Perhaps it could even save a life.


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Homewood Confidential said...

The Strib article about this melee has some disturbing details -- the 46-year-old woman who attacked the officer was Eaton's *mother*. Haywood's sister was also arrested. Awesome.

There's also a great quote from community gadfly Ron Edwards, blaming the police because they "lost control of the situation"...!!!

Let's see...drinking, violence, vandalism of a fence, spray-painting of the sidewalk, and violating the rights of the property owner and business tenants by blocking entrances to the parking lot. Wow, what a fantastic way to run what was supposedly a peace vigil.

(head shaking)

Anonymous said...

I hate thugs and everything they stand for. Can't live with 'em and can't kill 'em.

NoMi Passenger said...

The Strib has picked up and elaborated on this story here:


Pond-dragon said...

Spot On JNS!

(Still out here, still trying to do the right thing)