Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rayjon Gomez Flashing Gang Sign On His Facebook Memorial Pic...

Public Facebook image, used under First Amendment comment and criticism, blog post by John Hoff

This photo was found at one of the Facebook memorials to 13-year-old murder victim Rayjon Gomez. It shows him either DOING a gang sign, or EMULATING a gang sign.

Who put this photo into an "RIP Rayjon" Facebook memorial? Was it some of the same people telling KSTP Channel 5, "Oh, no, this shooting wasn't gang related" and describing mini gang banger Rayjon Gomez as, "a normal happy kid"?

One version of the facts for the television cameras and another story for the homies on Facebook?

Why is the mainstream media blind to these facts:

Rayjon's mother is a thief. Most of his extended family is involved in crime including, geez, MURDER. And oh-so-public postings on Rayjon's Facebook page show cute little Rayjon hanging out with the Sticc Up Boys.

If we are ever going to get to the bottom of the teen shootings in North Minneapolis, then the mainstream media needs to PRESENT THE FULL, UNVARNISHED TRUTH and not a bulls*** sentimental white washed tale about the lives of these tragic, dead children.

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Anonymous said...

Poor little guy didn't have a chance to be a "normal, happy kid"

What is normal to these people?

So what can we do now to stop the killings?

biancag said...

first of all you need to pay that 60,000 dollar law suit you being sued for and let my brother rest in peace you bitch and stop smoking crack you cracker

Johnny Northside! said...


That would be the sister, Bianca, who got on television and said, no, she didn't think the shooting was at all gang related.

Johnny Northside! said...

In answer to the question "What can we do to stop the killings..."

That calls for a much longer and more carefully crafted piece of writing, but I think one big piece of the puzzle is TELL THE TRUTH about these kids and their family situations.

Don't white wash their story, don't gild the lily and pour a lot of sentiment into a picture a young life that wasn't so innocent or normal.

Don't let the family get up there on television and make ridiculous statements about the child being normal, happy, etc.

Instead, the minute the media has a name...

START DIGGING. And tell the truth.

When the family wants to talk to the media, ask them some tough questions:

Wasn't this 13-year-old hanging out with members of the Sticc Up Boys.

(Follow up question)

Oh? How do you explain this picture on Facebook and what he wrote under it.

What was his home life like?

Oh, really? Well, how do your numerous convictions for theft, etc and etc play into that "happy normalcy"?


Johnny Northside! said...

Apologies for sentences, above, that had periods when there should have been question marks.

Anonymous said...

Keontrell Was Never known or called phat phat so since your supposedly stating facts and i cant look at malo's decision and be mad look at how the media portrays his family and what he's going through with the loss of brothers cousins and now look at you calling his aunt's prostitutes when they have nothing to do with this so i don't blame him and on top of that the police don't do nothing but harass young black men now a days , so these statements you make just makes things worse and if your such a man as you say you are would you say any of these things to the faces of any members of the gomez family ?

Johnny Northside! said...

I direct you to the MySpace tribute page for Keontrell Goven R.I.P Phat Phat.

He wasn't known as Phat Phat, you say?

Tell it to the people putting together a tribute page for him.

Or is this more impossible-to-decipher "thug grammar" where the "R.I.P. Phat Phat" in his FRIGGING NAME actually refers to a DIFFERENT Phat Phat?

As for the rest of your comment, I can hardly make heads or tails of it. I wish you would try using periods and capital letters and complete sentences so what you write makes sense and isn't so hard to decipher like graffiti in a toilet stall.

Malo's decision, you say? His decision to just pop off his gun at a couple of police officers? You can't look at that and be mad because...

Because why? Because the need for a thug high on god-knows-what to blow off a little steam somehow weighs equally with the lives of two police officers (productive, brave, dedicated members of society) to say nothing of the squad car, purchased with tax payer dollars, and the cost of the investigation.

You can't look at that and be mad?

Well, that's fine. We'll be extra mad to make up for your inability to be mad over it.

In regard to "look how the media portrays his family."

Malo's family? Which media portrayal of which family members are you referring to PRIOR to me writing about Malo and the Gomez family?

I don't see where Malo's family ever got anything less than a fair shake in the media. In fact, when it comes to Rayjon Gomez, that family got a positive media portrayal they arguably don't even deserve. The truth should have been written about that family, not all this bulls*** about how he was a normal, happy kid.

The police don't do nothing but harass young black men, you say?

Were they "harassing" Malo when he decided to shoot at them with a pistol?

Who was harassing who when that happened?

There's no excuse for Malo acting the way he did, except he was apparently raised by people who don't recognize the values of civilization that most members of American society recognize.

As for what I would say to whose face...

I don't picture anything like that happening. I am not in the same social circles as these individuals.

Would Bianca Gomez tell me to MY face that I smoke crack?

When I say that Rayjon's mother, Carmen Gomez, is a thief with an extensive criminal record, that's true and based on irrefutable evidence, i.e. online court records.

It's sad and ugly, but it's true and, unfortunately, it's highly relevant to why Rayjon ended up dead.

His family and extended family is full of criminals, and that's the environment he was raised in. No wonder he ended up like this.

It's a cold, ugly truth that needs to be spoken instead of the bulls*** version of facts about the family put out by Channel 5.

If we don't get to the real reason kids end up dead like this, if we don't CUT THROUGH THE BULLS***, it's very simple:

More kids will end up dead.

Johnny Northside! said...

So when Mayor Rybak asks, "Who is giving guns to our children?"

He really needs to ask, "Who is giving guns to a certain small subset of juveniles whose parents are involved in criminal activity (for generations back) and who are just starting to join gangs or publicly emulate gang behavior? Yeah, who is doing THAT?"

But maybe that's not even the right question.

Maybe the right question is, "How do we legally and morally get this small group of vulnerable kids out of these highly dysfunctional homes before they are so damaged for the rest of their lives they end up dead or in prison?"

Anonymous said...

Need to build more teenage transition housing so they can first choose the right route...then place the right staff that create trust and re route thier paths...churches can provide a foundation and faith for success...

Johnny Northside! said...

Teenage transitional housing?

Um, you mean for knocked up teenage mothers?

I think we need to go, like, a few steps back from THERE.

As for churches and their foundation for success. Yeah, well, maybe some churches more than others, you know?

Anonymous said...

What would likely help the crime rate in NOMI but not be supported would be to create an orphanage for any child born in NOMI to a minor. The child would be either raised by the state or fostered out to a couple outside of NOMI. This would give a much better opportunity to these kids and keep them from following the same path of their parents.

Johnny Northside! said...

Also, let's say a kid SUPPOSEDLY lives with his father out in Crystal and he's attending school there, but he comes back to North Minneapolis frequently to visit his MOTHER.

Don't let that kid wander the streets. Don't let him out of your sight. Act as though he is traveling in a foreign country, and keep him with you.



Just heard a boom.

Johnny Northside! said...

Sorry for the interruption. Things that go "boom" need to be checked out, but that doesn't mean it's possible to figure out what it was, or that it presents any immediate danger.

Where was I?

Children who are visiting family in North Minneapolis should be kept close and not allowed to roam wild. In fact, I think the city council should consider a TWENTY FOUR HOUR CURFEW within the boundaries of North Minneapolis.

Johnny Northside! said...

Furthermore, the police should stop and question any teenagers who WALK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE F***ING STREET as though to say, "I have no respect for law and order. And shit."

Clearly, those are the teens police need to talk to and find out what they are doing.

Seems like the only time these kids use a sidewalk is when they are walking out of a party house or bleeding out after a drive by shooting.

Johnny Northside! said...

On another note...

Look at that happy, satisfied expression on Little Rayjon's face.

It's like he got word five minutes before that he was a member of the Sticc Ups and he ran right to a mirror and made the gang sign.

I tell you, it's a big moment in the life of a young man in North Minneapolis, when he isn't merely IMITATING a gang sign, but he can make one for real.

And shit.

I'm speculating, here, but...


That picture, it's like ART. Right down to the mysterious Mona Lisa smile.

It's like that expression when you've been "in country" way more than 30 days, you step off an MRAP and there's your NCO to greet you, near the omnipresent Hesco barriers. And your NCO announces there was a "patching ceremony" while you were gone to another Forward Operating Base, but you're now entitled to wear the unit crest on your right arm, not just your left.

And you let him slap on the patch, thank him kindly, and carry on like it's no big deal.

But when you go to use the latrine, you look in the mirror at that patch, on your RIGHT ARM, which says to anybody who understands the symbolic system, "I have deployed. I have been in the s***."

And you let down your front, and you smile like a little Boy Scout who just got his first merit badge.

Of course, I've always understood that hand sign Raymond is making to have an alternate meaning, used by MANY GANGS, and it means, "I am packing heat."

Where was this picture taken? To me, that looks like a public lavatory, like at a school.

Anonymous said...

He looks high to me. Cheech and chong eyes.

Anonymous said...

O my gosh why can't u juss let this kid rest in peace, only god knows whether it was gang related or not juss let him rest in peace it seems like you keep critisizing him while he's dead juss leave him alone

General Disarray said...

Gang signs??? really? do you have a book for this??? the great book of gang signs?

I am high disappointed in you, I knew this kid from age 6, from what I remember he was a good kid, I saw him every day, even in the winter where he grew up down the block from my mom in ROBBINSDALE ( yes their are "thugs" in ROBBINSDALE). He was respectful and funny.. He was always so nice to my mom and loved to play with my dog, He was bestfriends with the kid that lived behind my mom..

instead of pointing fingers and making comments how about we all try to get to these problems from where they start, the parents, the kids, the lack of supervision, I'm so fucking sick of kids killing each other but I don't see most people doing anything about it. They sit on their couches and assuming that these kids were bad kids and even if they are they ARE HUMANS and should be treated so... I'm sick of these judgments, stop coming to into a hard part of town with hopes of changing it when all you do is write smut about anyone with whom you disagree with.. it makes for bad reading and makes you look bad and borderline insane.

as for the gang shit.. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT..

General Disarray said...

As for his face.. He always looked like that, he had almond shaped eyes.. and a sweet smile.

Anonymous said...

@General Dissaray, you are high? LOL. No really, there are other pictures where the kid's eyes are normal, and then there are pictures the kids eyes are "almond" as you say. Christ these people take pictures with bags of weed in their mouth is there any doubt they are high as a kite most of the time. This kid was 13, do you think any 13 year old can navigate life while high? Obviously Johnny is writing about the problems with the parents and not saying this kid is as bad kid, problem is he was hangin gout with bad kids and ended up dead. How is that Johnny's fault? They are posing with guns and flashing gun signs which happen to be their gang sign, sticcups, guns, stands for sticc ups there is no great book of gang signs needed. Where is the doubt? Direct your anger at the cause, not at Johnny and stop enabling the gang bangers that are terrorizing our community and killing kids like Rayjon who you knew since age 6. Johnny didn't kill him he's just writing about it. That is what he is doing. What are you doing about it?

Folwell Fox said...

@General Dissaray. Another Monday morning quarterback 'eh?

Your statement is confounding. "I knew this kid from age 6, from what I remember he was a good kid, I saw him every day, even in the winter where he grew up down the block from my mom in ROBBINSDALE (yes their are "thugs" in ROBBINSDALE)." Is he, or isn't he a good kid? The reason why I think you made that statement is to qualify, in some respect, that you "get it". That's fine, but don't harsh our mellow, we deal with it for real on a daily basis. Do you think that people who have invested into this community aren't acutely aware of the myriad of problems that these sock-babies bring into our neighborhoods?

If you have any bright ideas that you think this "do-gooder/ socially liberal" city will accept, we're all ears. Quite frankly my head is too sore from banging it against the wall trying to figure something out that the city doesn't view as too draconian (I have an ample supply of those ideas). The solutions aren't as simple as simply saying "do something about it". Christ, that statement right there alone shows you have no stake in North, nor really care what happens to it because it's only our problem right?

General Disarray said...

Ugh, theses no point in talking to you people, your all up on your high horses. I WAS UPSET, I knew this kid ok??

I mean seriously I just don't understand you people anymore.. do you just sit at your computer waiting for my reply only to make comments that will upset me? attack my grammar ? maybe talk about my big nose?

what do you mean by stake in north?? I grew up here, I own property here, I shop here, I clean up the streets here..

atleast I didn't tell you to suck a bag of dicks or anything..

as for the "do something about it" was mainly for john..all this has become pathic.. I don't look at this site for months and I see some fucked up blog about this kid I knew, year I was going to get upset, Yeah I worked a ten hour shift and had a drink before I wrote that first comment..

Anonymous said...

General Disarray, I'm just trying to figure out why the anger towards Johnny Northside when it doesn't seem like he did anything to create the issue but he is just sharing hte pictures and writing about it?

John is doing something about it he is exposing the problem by sharing it and writing about it, saying look here these kids that are getting shot are hanging out with gang members and doing little gun pointing signs in the mirror and smoking weed. He is asking the public question what are we all going to do about it what are we going to do about the problem of fucked up parents rasing fucked up kids that are killing each other that is what John is doing. What are you doing to do about it General? And what is the other reader going to do about it? And the next reader? And all the neighbors what is eveyr one going to do about it? So General what are you going to do about the k ids you knew growing up killing each other? Do you think it's okay for them to be gang banging and posting pictures with weed and guns and gun signs and bragging about being sticc up boys? Have you been stuck up at gun point General Disarray or do you not care that there are gangs of thugs going around robbing people and killing people?

Dr. Suess said...

IMO, General Disarray is having an emotional response to the trauma that our community goes through with this sort of youth on youth violence and he or she experienced a knee jerk reaction to the frank discussions taking place here, but probably would realize that the anger is more accurately felt towards somewhere else. But this is place it was expressed.

Anonymous said...

wait....when did it become uppity to want a neighborhood where people don't kill each other? Man! the nerve of some people to expect such uppity standards! LOL!

Anonymous said...

i think a lot of confusion is caused by thinking of people as either "bad" or "good" as if it's an inherent trait apart from their actions. it's perfectly believable to me that he sometimes appeared as a sweet-natured child, and sometimes not. it sounds like on one hand, he probably still craved adult attention and acted one way around General Disarray and other neighbors, and, on the other hand, looked up to and emulated gang members, and was in the process of getting sucked into gang activities and becoming a full-fledged predator. he probably wouldn't have been going down that road if either he'd been born into a different family, or else if gang involvement was as out-of-style in our neighborhood as high-waisted mom jeans.

Folwell Fox said...

Thanks for the psychotherapy Dr. Suess. So you see General's reaction as pure knee-jerk anger unmotivated by his/her own ego and/or virtue?

I believe it's okay to have a freak-out and to get angry now and again. What fun would a blog be without doing that? And it's sad that General knew this kid. I'm sorry for that loss General.

If this is General's place to vent, great, more power to him/her, I hope he/she does it more often. It's not like I don't do it every so... more often than not.

However, it's a bit of a slap-in-the-face (as I interpreted it from General, maybe I'm wrong) to imply that nobody is trying to do anything about it including John. We're all trying. We all pick-up trash everyday, sometimes two or three times a day. We all try and support neighborhood (non-ghettofied) businesses. We all call 911 and 311 until our fingers bleed. We all stay awake at night thinking about remedies to pass on to our neighborhood org., council person, and mayor. It's also kind of startling that General's knee-jerk anger is so quick to undermine and discount John's work. He's in fucking Afghanistan getting mortared and shot at for us while still blogging about issues in North that affect us. What more do you want General and what's the deeper issue you have?

There is always an underlying perception or rational for "knee-jerk", it doesn't come out of nowhere. Dr. Suess, you have explained the end result(s) and reaction(s) that occur for General, the Gomez family, me, and many others, but it's not an excuse for the behavior or reaction. Why dismiss someone's angry as a manifestation of irrational thought and emotion? There is a reason to the rhyme and rhyme to the reason. Regardless, the bigger question we need to go after is the cause and how to mitigate this seemingly rampant knee-jerk anger in civil society. Maybe it's in a way like General mentioned, by not pointed fingers and misplacing blame, but he/she needs to follow that rule too. How would you articulate this concept to folks like the Gomez family? And, who or what is really to blame for their knee-jerk anger, behavior and circumstance?

General Disarray said...

A few things fox: 1. blah blah blah BLAH. 2. I'm a women 3. you never said anything about my "stake" in northside.

Folwell Fox said...

Why should I General when you don't recognize others' stakes or/and contributions?

Johnny Northside! said...

I received the following comment by email and I am posting it as part of this discussion.

You claim that you are posting the truth about Ray'Jon but you don't have your facts straight. He is not responsible for the deeds of his family and he did not deserve to be gunned down in the street while riding his bike. It doesn't matter if he was in a gang or not. If you want to write about his childhood start by tellling the truth. He never lived with his mother a day in his life. He was raised by a 75 year old law abiding citizen in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. He attended Lakeville elementary school and got satisfactory grades while attending. He played baseball for his school and had a basket ball hoop in his back yard. His aunt attended all of his school activities. Ra'jon went to live with his dad on the northside about 1 year ago and fell victim to his surroundings. You want the truth talk to the people who raised him. They were not on the NEWS idiot. We are grieving the loss of our child. I hope that you find satisfaction out of adding to our pain.

Johnny Northside! said...

I should add: That eamil was from a "Shontel Langums."

Johnny Northside! said...

I am, as usual, writing this from Afghanistan where we have had serious internet issues for about a week, now. So that's why I have been absent from the blog. No apologies, just an explanation.

In response to some of the things being said, here:

So now it's being said--by more than one person--Rayjon didn't live with his mother but may have lived up in Robbinsdale.

If that happens to be true, HOW INTERESTING! I sure don't recall Carmen Gomez saying that stuff during the television interview. I don't recall it being said anywhere else, either. It seems like it was ASSUMED and it was IMPLIED in the television interview that Carmen Gomez and Rayjon and, for that matter, BIANCA GOMEZ all lived together.

In fact, the interview said Rayjon liked "Teasing his sister." And they were "normal and happy," remember? Normal--in my definition--doesn't mean, "Rayjon, age 13, didn't live with his mother OR his father."

As for the "Great Book of Gang Signs," it's not hard to pick up this shit when it's posted on Facebook and we see it in real life, on our streets.

You have a different interpretation based on experience, observation and/or intuition?

Like, "I am a cowboy in a game of cowboys and indians, see my six shooter?"

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, and by the way...

I also have a ready supply of draconian ideas.

Top of the list:

Twenty-four hour curfew for minors in North Minneapolis.

Stop, frisk, and ID check all individuals walking down the middle of the street in defiance of law, order, and social norms.

And children who are pulled out of dysfunctional homes in North Minneapolis should not be allowed to hang around in North Minneapolis. Ever.

General Disarray said...

Wow, sounds like a police state to me...Or more like a ghetto..

and the great book of gang signs, I guess I don't have time to look into this shit like most parents, I have a full time job and I can't put on a fucking cape and go through the streets like some guardian angel...

He was a normal kid until he moved to Northside... But its hard to fight crime like some super hero when your across the seas..or you just don't give a flying fuck.. but it sure is easy to make judgement based on what you read online.

I was a normal kid when I moved from Northside..

Jusy sayin' right?

Johnny Northside! said...

Is there someplace besides online that I should read or hear these things and draw conclusions? Am I supposed to sit down with the Sticc Up Boys and say, "Hey, could you tell me exactly what Rayjon's involvement was? Because, you know, I'm seeing this stuff online."

Clearly, the people who were in Rayjon's life let him down. A 13-year-old should not, under any circumstances, be alone on the streets of North Minneapolis riding a bike. Not until some kind of measures can make our neighborhood more safe for teens.

King Tut said...

Ay Bro You need to chill with all that Extra Curicualar talk! The kids is 6 feet under and your still talking out of your ass! Have some respect for the dead. If your mother was in this situation you wouldnt be writing like this. If yiur son was in this situation you wouldnt be writing like this either, so chill before his spirits haunts you!

P.S If i see you in the streets im telling people your the guy who was talking shit about Shaunte's brother on a website and you will get dealt with!
Im out

Johnny Northside! said...

The following comment came in but was lost through a technical problem. Here it is:
Ay Bro You need to chill with all that Extra Curicualar talk! The kids is 6 feet under and your still talking out of your ass! Have some respect for the dead. If your mother was in this situation you wouldnt be writing like this. If yiur son was in this situation you wouldnt be writing like this either, so chill before his spirits haunts you!

P.S If i see you in the streets im telling people your the guy who was talking shit about Shaunte's brother on a website and you will get dealt with!
Im out
To which I respond: Of course I wouldn't be writing like this if it were my relative. But if my relative were a gang banger then somebody else would be writing about them.

So your badly spelled and difficult to decipher point is...?

Johnny Northside! said...

I received the following email from a "Shontel Langums."

I am publishing it just as I received it, though I took the liberty of adding paragraph breaks since the long-as-hell email contained not even ONE.


If you want proof of where he attended school call Lakeveiw elementary schoool. If you want proof of who raised him check out the custody papers at the Hennepin County goverment Center.

If you want to know where he lived talk to his neighbors on the block where he live at on 34th and Abbott Avenue. The neighbors all love him. Joe is a coach in Minnesota school system and mentored him for years. I am a registered nurse who has been in his life since he was born.

His elderly neighbor Roger taught him how to draw and the neigbor on the left taught him how to work on bikes. The neighbor down the street even took him to Disney World.

Emily and her husband mentored him as well. You are right the odds were against him from the day he was born, however, we stepped in to make a difference. We showered him with love and taught him about respect and values.

Rajon, is a victim. He is a prime example of how one's eviroment plays a major factor in ones life. Rajon was an average kid until he went to live in the middle of the jungle. I believe envioroment determines what type of life experiences one will encounter. Life experiences shape character.

Rajon never had a chance over there. I can't even begin to express how I feel about what happened to him and the public doesn't need to know about every detail of his life.

You have declard a referendum on his life based on adults who he never even met! I just can't believe that anyone can find justification in a 13 year old kid be gunned down off of his bike in the streets.

I guess because he had bad parents or family as you say his life had no meaning. Every childs life has a meaning. He was just a kid. It was only a year or two ago that he stop being scared of the boogie man or the dark. What you are doing doesn't help it only insights anger and violence.

I don't want you to publish anything to clean up the lies and misconceptions that you have printed. I just want you to allow us to grieve the loss of our precious child Rajon. I just want to you to do what a civilized person would do and let him rest in peace.

Also, I am not going to provide you with any proof if you are a good man and you really want the truth you will check your sources and the legal documents that should be public record as you say.

Also I am sure the neighbors and teachers wouldn't mind sharing stories about Rajon with you. I hope that God blesses you and your family. He is good all the time and we Glorify his name even in the midst of this storm. His ways are not our ways and he says forgive your enemies.

I will pray for you. I will pray that God cleanses your mind and spririt and heart so that you don't cause any more pain and suffering on behalf of our family.

We forgive you because we believe in the Lord. Let everything you do bring Glory to his name. Please forgive me for calling you and idiot. I am not that person and I won't let you turn me into that type of person.

With warm regards,

Johnny Northside! said...

To which I reply:

The "custody papers" of which you speak, do you have more names besides those of Rayjon so that I or somebody else NOT IN AFGHANISTAN would be able to find those papers easily?

Funny how his mother Carmen Gomez never made mention of any custody arrangements for this "normal, happy kid" during her television interview. All the viewers who watched that interview would be left to conclude (without even thinking about it) that he lived with his mother.

meme gomez said...

First off u can quit blogging about the gomez family rayjon and malo had a good support of family our parents did a gd job also everybody goes through different kinds of things in life people do get better u are just a gossiping ass blogger wit no life tha gomez family is not what u portrayin it to be u goin off past history that aint right u are blogging about people deceased family people children period find u

Anonymous said...

First off u can quit blogging about the gomez family rayjon and malo had a good support of family our parents did a gd job also everybody goes through different kinds of things in life people do get better u are just a gossiping ass blogger wit no life tha gomez family is not what u portrayin it to be u goin off past history that aint right u are blogging about people deceased family people children period find u

Anonymous said...

And if u want to know who I am im malo big sister and u wouldnt have shit to say bout me no record nothin but u got my family fucked up

Anonymous said...

Hey, big sis, showin' up a little late to the response portion of your ignorant brother and the rest of your lovely kin,huh? Where have you been? Incarcerated by any chance? I'm just guessing because, you know, their is a history of deviant behavior in the Gomez past and present. What is your name, big sis, so someone can check you on the fact you say you have no record? Meme? Sure it ain't may-may or tay-tay or bay-bay? Ray-ray? By the way, your family BEEN fucked up!!

Johnny Northside! said...

Stuff to do when I return from Afghanistan...

Look up those old "custody papers."

meoscha gomez aka meme said...

maybe u aint doin yo job where i been workin and goin to school u have nothin better to do right leave my family tha fuck alone even if u looked me up i never been in jail sorry but shit happens in life rayjon and malo had a gd support of family and if my family is so bad how u makin us seem u shoúld be scared to blog about our family we all know u dont have a life sit around online god dont like ugly know that im tha sister of malo gomez and im meoscha gomez go check yo records mf u aint gone find shit about me stick yo dick in yo own ass just to keep it real u should watch YA SELF U ARE DIGGIN A DEEPER HOLE FOR YOURSELF LET MY BABY COUSIN RAYJON R.I.P AND FOR U THAT DONT KNOW MUCH FACTS HE WAS RIDIN HIS BIKE ON HIS WAY HOME AT NINE PM OKAY THA DUMB ASS COPS DIDNT FIND HIM RIGHT AWAY ALL u mfs need to do ya job rite and tell tha real facts people that really know our family knOW THAT WE ARE NOT BAD PEOPLE NOBODYS PERFECT HOMMIE AND MFS LIKE U WHITE PEOPLE NEVER HAVE FAITH .IN US AFRICAN AMERICANS U PORTRAY BLACKS AS SHIT U DONT KNOW US SO QUIT WRITIN ABOUT OUR FAMILY WATS UP WIT YO FAMILY SMOKIN CRACK AND METH N SHIT WATS YO REAL NAME DO U BELIEVE IN GOD WAT THA FUCK IS U TRASH MEET ME AT THA POLICE STATION HAHA

meme gomez said...

now wat tha fuck u got to say now u mad u cant find shit else u gone fuck wit tha wrong family yo day comin is this bad shit u puttin online worth ya life u need god go pay that lawsuit and leave people dead children out yo mouth this aint wat u want and how low are u to fuck wit a family that just lòst a child u tha devil u sick bitch wat u say and anybody else doesnt mean shit how can u be comfortable wit ya self

Anonymous said...

Is this what years of smokin' crack does to a mutha' fucka'? yu all caint rite werth a damm and sho' nuf' soun lak a bunch of racist, down south, black mofo rednex. be thretnin' and shit and signifyin' and shit. i on jonny side and will use my extensive knowledge about your family to assist him by any means within my grasp. I will be your perpetual pounding headache as i maneuver in the shadows of a place called North Minneapolis and make sure that my fellow activist's stay safe and sound. I am the eye in the sky and the foot on the ground and am watching you without you knowing who i am. Whistling and watching and waiting.

Anonymous said...

Meme probably doesn't know "who the baby daddy". That language if you can call it language makes me sick. Very sad.

MCullen NE

meme gomez said...

First off I aint racist my grandfather is white first off and no one threatenin him get ya facts rite I said he gone fuck wit tha wrong people one day haha wat did u find on me I never smoke crack or been to jail u need to let my fuckin cousin rest in peace and leave them alone live yo life like I said god dont like ugly....ima pray for mfs like u

meme gomez said...

What is the whole reason for tha bullshit bein spoken bout tha gomez family u dont have shit else to do maybe u need to go to church

Anonymous said...

So Meme states that she is not racist because her grandpappy is a white guy. In your own words then, posted dec. 23,1:19 p.m., you said "mfs like you white people", you must consider your grandpappy an MF and parts of your anatomy must be a motherfucker, like your fat,overstuffed, racist,nasty ass. Your feeble post that you concocted after a few 4tees at 1208am has you suggesting that John might want to attend church which makes you a bonafide psychopath, case closed.Yes, your case is a classic example of racial denial, fuckin' typical white girl.

Anonymous said...

hehe I love it when the Gomezes come in here and get all hostile and shit.

Anonymous said...

"First off I aint racist my grandfather is white first off and no one threatenin him"

The disordered thoughts are obvious.

By this type of reasoning Strom Thurmond, Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Connor, and David Duke are not racist. Pointing out that this one family has caused a multi generation crime wave is not racist, except in the eyes of the convicted criminals and those who support them.

If this person really is 'meme gomez', then who is Grandpa Gomez? Why doesn't 'meme gomez' post his identity?

The logic and implied threats speak for themselves. Just as do all the bodies in cells and early graves. If you are real, then who is Grandpa Gomez?

memegomez said...

first off u sound stupid to think im gone give u info upon my grandpa right smart ass wont u find him u mad huh u cant find shit on me lol mf U GOT A SMART ASS mouth u goes lookin for trouble haha are u grandpa gomez i told u what u need to do keep yo dick out yo ass not wastin no more of my precious time wit u

Anonymous said...

Hey,lunchmeat Meme, yo' grandpappy is Daniel Gomez and yo' kin be Charden the senior citizen butcher. Yo'Ho' family is goin down and yo' fat ass will remain one ugly mudda fucka'dat's why you fuk yo' seff. I will continue to search thouroughly and i am personally going to collect ALL info on you and your criminally handicapped, dysfunctional, fucked up family. Your kin, marsh Malo, the one wit' a dick for an arm and the other wanna be who will be tossing someone's salad in the hole, will soon be joined by all of their boyfriends and then they can kiss each other with conviction. Fuck you, ya' fat
screamin' Yellow Zonker.

Anonymous said...

Meme, the only precious thing about you is your ability to digest food like the elephant that moonlight's as a garbage disposal for Fred and Wilma. Shut the fuck up and eat.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm check the arrest reports again. Maybe "meme" is short for MORON?

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow.

No wonder this (my new) neighborhood has the problems it does.

As for the woman with the "dick in ass" fixation, I truly, sincerely feel bad for you because you've demonstrated a degree of dysfunctionality on this comment board that can only be described as permanent brain damage.

Anonymous said...

He was a bad mother fucker...King Tut....King Tut . Since you left the womb..i mean tomb, do you miss your mummy? Do you wRap? Bianca, when you gonna pay back all de welfare money? King Tut... King Tut.. has enough ... he was a bad mother fucker..King Tut. Remenber chidrens, Tut spelled backwards is asshole...King Tut...King Tut.

Anonymous said...

Hi dave its been along time why are u slanderin my family name u know people get sued for that and u not respondin cuz u off vacation back to work now huh which yo police ass

Anonymous said...

"which yo police ass"? You be thinkin you be on me,Yo? Charden,dey be lettin' you go on line,homey? Meme, shut yo fly ketchin lips an be da ho dat you be knowin best. A rind is a terrible thing to waste, clean yo plate,heffa.

Anonymous said...


Regardless of the facts in this case, the late summer of 2011 was a horrible time of violence in North Minneapolis.

Being a resident in Williard Hay neighborhood for 8 years, this year by far was the worst. Young people were killed, enough said.

This violence has pushed half of the good neighbors that lived in my neighborhood out. For me it comes to this for every single person that has submitted a posting thus far:

If you live in North, Mentor someone. If you don't, you are part of the problem not the solution.

I am not big into faith, but I hope all of the young people that have been killed in the Twin Cities this year Rest In Peace.

Anonymous said...

As of 2-1-12 if you do not mentor a child you are part of the problem? I hope all of the children that were murdered rest in peace? Fuck all of you assholes and i hope you fuckers keep killing each other in record numbers because it is the only way we can clean the streets. The courts have failed and all of you Mad Dad members are drug dealers and fakes.

Anonymous said...

I will say the most recent anonymous comment is pretty extreme. But the comment left by Regardless is not something I can get down and agree with either.

If I don't mentor a young person I'm part of the problem??? I don't f'ing think so. I didn't have any kids I couldn't parent. Don't blame me for our youth who feel the need to run around toting guns, killing each other, killing 3 year old toddlers.

I might be able to agree with something like "if you aren't volunteering in a way that is important to you, then you are part of the problem." but even that is extreme. Someone who chooses to not volunteer their time is not necessarily causing problems.

Peace&Love said...

I know this is late, but I only discovered this blog when I was searching for information of the grand jury hearing on a possible suspect in my cousin's, Ray'Jon Gomez, case.

I am truly appalled at the lack of compassion for my family who is still to this day grieving for the lost of a beautiful, innocent child who was truly lost in what I agree to be the "jungle" (North Minneapolis)

I am related to the Gomez family, and my grandmother raised Ray'Jon Gomez. Ray'Jon was a genuinely sweet child, all the way up to his death. I remember wrestling with him on Holiday's, and battling our pokemon on our game boy.

Regardless of the history of a few outliers of this family, you have to understand this family doesn't just consist of those you have named here. Our family doesn't just consist of criminals, we consist of average, everyday, tax paying Citizens. We consist of Pastors, Doctors, Anesthesiologists, Certified Nurse Practitioners, Corrections Officers, Credit Analysts for multi-billion dollar, publicly traded corporations, Educators, Soldiers in the US Army, Marines, homemakers, and real estate investors.

A majority of us are home-owners, law abiding, tax paying citizens. Ray'Jon was raised by a loving 76-year old woman who has raised probably around 50 children, only 7 of which were her's.

We are a family. Yes, some people in our family have made horrible decisions, but does that give you the right to portray an innocent victim of a crime as a ruthless, gang banging, entity of a family who solely participate in criminal activities? No, it doesn't.

Also public record is only one side of the story, and we all know there are 3 sides to every story. The truth in this situation probably lies in the middle.

Contrary to how you are portraying him, Ray'Jon was a normal, happy kid.

But as I previously stated, I understand that this is a dead conversation and I am pleased that you have moved past condemning an innocent young man for the actions of his family, but am saddened by the fact that you will soon find another victim to drag through the mud.

With that sad, as a sister, grand-daughter, great grand daughter, cousin and niece of retired Army Veterans, I do have a lot of respect for soldiers overseas, Thank you for protecting to our country

Johnny Northside! said...

In response:

These are "outliers" in the family, you say? And you give me a long list of professions and say these folks are more representative of the family?

I see no proof what you are saying is true. You've just named a bunch of professions and asserted blood relatives of Rayjon (Ray'Jon if you prefer) are members of these professions. Why don't you mention "astronaut" while you're at it? There would be as much proof of THAT.

As for this 76-year-old woman who has (so you say) raised all those children, that's great. But how many were her own blood relatives dumped at her door because their parents had made irresponsible lifestyle decisions?

You have not said I am wrong in regard to EVEN ONE FACT, you are merely asserting there are some other facts out there which would flesh out the picture. Well, it's an open forum. Feel free to tell me what those facts are. I strongly suspect you just don't have those facts.

Lastly, I wouldn't want to leave a misimpression hanging out there. After spending the better part of a year in the combat zone, I am now back stateside but, as we say Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet (US ARMY) I am still in uniform and I still have tasks to complete before "Johnny Comes Marching Home."

Anonymous said...

hey Johnny dig up some dirt on this loser. Indicted for killing Young Mr. Gomez along with a juvenile accomplice.

Johnny Northside! said...

Thank you for posting this URL. First I'd heard of it.

Unfortunately, since he's 17 his juvie record is probably not available online. Also, since he's in the Anoka County Workhouse on another matter, and not in the Hennepin County Jail, I can't do my usual trick and cull information from his home address on the jailhouse roster.

The guy who claims to be the brother of Jason Youngmark says I was eagerly awaiting the next shooting post mortem. Well, here it is (in a manner of speaking) and yet I can't get a hook into that fish!

This looks like one of those instances where the mainstream media is going to eat their lunch and I won't even be able to snatch a few scraps out of their bowl.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, and the OTHER guy is even younger, so I'm blocked there, too.

Peace&Love said...

I have no reason to name people. I do not have their permission, nor do I care to ask.

I just would like to give you a view on the actual family that raised Ray'Jon the majority of his life, not the Gomez's. I can spew a million and one facts about the family that we came from, and that I am proud to come from.

You make these claims about Ray'Jon and portray them as facts about him, but there not. They are facts about his birth family, and assumptions about him based on them. That's like saying that an adopted child who's whole birth family participated in elicit activities is destined to be nothing better than that.

Johnny Northside! said...

Once again, and this grows tiresome, there are no hard facts cited by you to prove what you are saying.

Why don't you list "nuclear scientist" while you are naming this long list of professions which, supposedly, members of the Gomez family are part of? And how far afield are you in this family tree? Are we talking about, what, fourth cousins, here? Anybody in Minneapolis named "Gomez?" What is your criteria for who is supposedly a relative?

Also, what I'm saying is NOT "like saying that an adopted child whose (note correct spelling) whole birth family participated in elicit (wrong spelling) is destined to be nothing better than that."

First, please go to this link and familiarize yourself with the possessive form of "who."

It's "whose" not "who's."

Shocking, but true.

Also, please learn the difference between "elicit" and "illicit." It's just cringe-inducing to read what you write.

Now then...

You make too much of Ray'Jon being raised by somebody other than his mother because clearly, Ray'Jon's mother and his sister Bianca have been in his life.

It's not like Ray'Jon was snatched out of that situation and it's not like he didn't have contact with his birth mother.

Heck, based on the television interview by the mother and the sister, Bianca, a viewer of that interview wouldn't even KNOW Ray'Jon was ever raised by somebody other than his mother for part of his life or most of his life, take your pick.

Ray'Jon may have been raised by that woman who (so you state) raised about 50 kids but it's clear he was very much in contact with his mother. Ray'Jon wasn't whisked away to Canada or the Iron Range and raised without being in contact with his (extensively crimnal) family.

So don't sit there at the keyboard and try hard to attenuate (look it up) the connection between Ray'Jon and his blood relations.

Johnny Northside! said...

Pardon my typo.

"Criminal." I meant to type "extensively CRIMINAL" family, not "crimnal."

Anonymous said...

Well Rayjon was no innocent kid. He was out robbing houses the night he got shot and killed and yes he was involved in gangs. I know this for a fact because I knew the kid. The sad thing is who lets a 13 year old kid wander the streets at night oh wait his father and mother. I know both of them and they are both idiots as well. As far as the kid who shot him it was gang related as well and he should get another life sentence for that. If the family wants to be blind that their kids are involved in gang activity let them and when they die I smile because it brings the population down!

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, man.

I am hard but you are waaaaaaay too hard.

What PROOF do you have that he was "out robbing houses" that night? Or that you knew the kid as well as his parents?

Proof, please.

Good grief!


Tell you what...

I was reading recently about Godwin's Law and how it applies to internet discussions.

Well, let me introduce you to Northside's Law:

WHEN anonymous commenters cite facts known only to themselves to prove a point and these cited facts are not provable by linking to some source on the internet, OR WHEN anonymous commenters claim to be experts or professionals in a certain subject as proof of what they are saying but they can't, when challenged, provide convincing proof they are actually experts or professionals in that subject, THEN the odds what they are saying is actually true becomes less than 50 percent.

The law is true because believable, credible people realize credible factual statements can be proven to be true, and worthless factual statements can't be proven to be true, and so they make an effort to make only credible statements and refrain from worthless statements. Unbelievable people don't do this.

There may, however, be exceptions. SOMETIMES people really ARE an expert in a subject and carelessly cite to their expertise, not thinking ahead and asking themselves, "Well, if somebody in this internet forum challenges whether I am really a doctor, how will I prove it without revealing my identity?"

SOMETIMES people really do throw anonymous, unproven facts on the internet that are, in fact, true and known only to the anonymous poster.

SOMETIMES these things happen but not MOST of the time.

That is why we can safely assume such statements about unproven facts or unproven expertise are true less than half the time.

Now then...

Each time an anonymous poster uses the unseemly and not credible tactic of citing unproven facts or unproven subject matter expertise, I will be citing Northside's Law.

I will perhaps write a blog post about Northside's Law and simply put the link up, rather than writing out my whole point each time this happens.

Anonymous said...

The reason I know is because I worked with both those kids where they were serving time. That is how I know of the issues of the kid and why it was a gang related act.

Johnny Northside! said...

And what you're saying MIGHT be true, but the problem is ANYBODY can say ANYTHING anonymously on the internet.

An anonymous poster could just as easily say, "I knew Rayjon. I knew the family. I am a member of their church and I know for a fact the only reason Rayjon was hanging with the Sticc Up Boys was because he was trying to get his cousin to go to church and come to know Jesus. The night he was murdered, he was out witnessing for the Lord."

Step outside of the specifics about this circumstance and consider what I'm saying about the LOGIC of anonymous posters citing unproven facts or claiming to have expertise in a certain area, i.e. juvenile corrections.

It's no different than the other anonymous poster coming here and listing all those professions and saying, "These are some of the jobs members of the Gomez family are involved with," without citing any specific proof.

Anonymous said...

I get where you are coming from Johnny but I have to remain anonymous due to my job and my own benefit. I would not waste my time on here stirring the pot with lies. I am sure you get that a lot. I will say the kid was one of the best kids I have ever met from the northside he was just involved with some crappy situations by no fault of his own. I appreciate what you do man and look forward to reading more of your blogs. Peace.

Johnny Northside! said...

I do get that a lot. I mean, say what you want to say and people can weigh it for themselves.

Anonymous said...

u still fucking with my family wit nothing else better to o u thought u were going to find things out about me u looking real dumb right now.....that just shows how dumb u are when u can leave people alone and worry about u but u are miserable with no life so u blog about people and they family.....if u want i can give u something to talk about...its been awhile sence we talk......huh so all ur researchingb can go to hell right along with ur dumb about we make a blog about u oops ur scared to give ur idenity u fucking cracker now im back to fuck wit u.......u cant fuck wit me as bad as u want to but enough said let my little cousin rest in peace and keep my brother malo name out ur mouth and anybody else that following ur footsteps to talk about our family......dont be mad u lucky they didnt get u but someone in the streets is going to get u one day why u stirring up a whole bunch of bs......god dont like ugly u fucking dummy enough said yea we had words before u fuckin bastard

Anonymous said...

go fuck ur self bitch and leave my family alone u already got sued u aint got enough huh............fake ass johnnynorthside suck dick and could die and i am a child of god but u deserve everything bad that u get.........u dick riding the gomez family hard

Anonymous said...

did u still want to meet haha at the police station

Johnny Northside! said...

I write all kinds of stuff about the guy who allegedly shot Rayjon, and I still get this kind of trash talk on this comment thread.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Emily said...

OH for the love of god.. No need to use the word Cracker..Johnny
Northside" is John Hoff who is from one of the Dakota's.

Johnny Northside! said...

No need to put an apostrophe on "Dakota," it's not possessive.

I'm not from either of the Dakotas. Yes, I lived there a while but I'm not FROM there.

Emily said...

Personally don't care.. And your corrections were ignored. All I know is that you are not a true North Sider..

Johnny Northside! said...

Clearly Johnny Northside is a true Northsider.

Emily said...

Keep telling yourself that.. Ain't gonna change my option.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am sure you meant to write the word "opinion" not "option."

NoMi Passenger said...

Emily, just curious, what constitutes a "true" northsider? I've lived here 10 years. Am I a true northsider? Does buying a house and living in north mpls make one a "true" northsider? How about the folks that are born and grew up here, but then beat foot to Richfield/fridley/plymouth/timbuktu - are they "true" northsiders? How about the folks moving from chicago to north mpls and renting a house, are they "true" northsiders? How about these teenagers walking (or riding a bike) and killing each other, are they "true" northsiders?

Is there some litmus test that needs to be passed to become a "true" northsider?

I'd like to know so I can strive to be a "true" northsider or rest comfortably knowing I already have been inducted. Thanks.

Johnny Northside! said...

Is one exclusionary criteria caring about spelling and grammar?

Emily seems to think so.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am going to publish some, not all, of Emily's comment. I do not care for certain personal remarks and if I don't want to publish those remarks, I won't.

I also put in some paragraph breaks because it's annoying to read stuff that's one big, long block of text.

Emily said...

You just really get off on correcting people don't you? Seems like that's all you really have.. No defending the fact that you were just some guy that moved into North thinking he could change it when all he did was get his ugly ass house torn down and ruffle some feathers..

I don't care about my spelling, I believe a true northsider is someone who was born here, raised here.. Was here for the years of murderapolis.. Not some white folk from the burbs thinking that they can change this place simply by starting a blog..

And nomi passenager..

Also he is attacking a family via his blog.. Why? I don't fucking know.. All I know is that I knew this kid and he was not a bad kid. Seriously this is what he does for fun?? To better this area... I also knew Jody.. Don't you see attacking him.. Wait. Maybe because he is white? Or the fact that he was just a victim and not a victim that was involved in gangs..

I am annoyed Johns ramblings.. He is a fucking nut job.. Where is he anyways? Still north side?

Johnny Northside! said...

Now to respond to Emily, as follows:

I don't "get off" on correcting people. I believe proper written expression is a foundation of civilization, like sensible traffic laws and not writing on other people's walls and not letting stray bullets fly in populated areas.

In regard to my "ugly house" getting torn down: I sold it to the city and did quite well by that deal. You make it sound like they came after me. Not the case at all. You also make it sound like I don't have another house when I do, a nice one.

In regard to your definition of a true Northsider, if you're the "Emily" I think you are, then you don't actually fit your own definition. Didn't your family LEAVE during the Murderopolis days?

You know, really, you might want to think about growing up and getting on the side of law and order. Wasn't it a lack of law and order that forced you out in the first place?

Emily, you need to figure out which team you're on, and there's only one winning team, and it isn't the Gomez family.

Also, you seem to imply I am from "the burbs."

No, I grew up without indoor freaking plumbing until I was in fifth grade in a town so small it doesn't actually have a stoplight, not that we lived in the town itself, but some miles away in the freaking woods.

I also lived about three years in El Paso, which was and remains tougher than North Minneapolis could DREAM of being, and not just PART of El Paso is like that but pretty much the whole city is pretty bad.

I also lived in the heart of Seattle and saw the beginnings of the neighborhood turnaround in the Central District Neighborhood.

Oh, and North Dakota. Oh, yeah, I lived there. Longer than I wanted to, which is to say, longer than five minutes.

I have lived in all kinds of states, all kinds of varied circumstances, and learned everywhere I lived. But guess where I live now? FOREVER? I live in North Minneapolis. And I will never, never leave. I will live in North Minneapolis for the REST OF MY LIFE, so I will see the neighborhood changed for the better to be more of what I like.

Don't paint me with that stupid "from the burbs" brush. The ONE place I have NOT lived is in the burbs.

In regard to Jody.

I looked to see if he had a criminal record. He didn't. And I said as much on my blog. The fact he was "just a victim" and not a "victim involved with gangs" makes a huge difference and it's a difference I don't ignore. I don't even know why you state things the way you do. OF COURSE it makes a huge difference he was "just a victim" and not a "victim involved with a gang."

I am not "attacking" anybody, I am publishing facts about this awful situation so society learns from it.

Over and over you say you "knew" this kid, as though you "knowing" him means he must have been a good kid. So what if you knew him? Clearly, there were PROBLEMS there and your knowing him is pretty much irrelevant. Kindly tell me which facts I've laid out that you think are in error.

Now that Rayjon's alleged killer is arrested, I have dug up facts about HIM, too. I suppose now HIS defenders are mad and want to say, "I know him. He is a good kid." Well, the facts are the facts. Both victim and (alleged) killer look like they come from pretty messed up backgrounds.

Finally, and most importantly: The phrase "Johns ramblings" (sic) is possessive. You should have an apostrophe after the name "John" and before the "s."

Anonymous said...

u still slaundering my family name u aint got enough yea johnny northside im talk shit to u sence u going on and on leave my family alone and live ur life u fucking cock sucker....take a wild guess who this is u into it with so many people u wouldnt know but i bet if i refrase ur memeory haha u still trying to dig info up on me sorry im not in the system bitch.......lets talk about u andur family cuz no one perfect dick head take yo police ass to another state and slaunder someone else get ready i got a attorney on ur ass who bout to investigate u for slaundering people names so be ready to come out ur pockets for the cruel talk and pain of our love ones who is dead and the one who is trying and whop done already made a change go fuck urself

Johnny Northside! said...

Saying truthful things that hurt isn't the same as "slandering." (Note how it is spelled)

If there is something on this blog you believe is not factual, tell me what it is and I will look to see if it needs correction or if it's just a matter of opinion.

Anonymous said...

To the "Anonymous" people that can't even spell...shows your intellegence.....& no wonder you are threatening & part of the thugs that Johnny reports on. Please...shut the F up. Quit your threats & get a life. At least learn to spell & write, it helps you get a job.

Marcus O said...

Johnny Northside will answer to GOD for the ridiculous, stereotypic, and pathetic comments he has made, in order to shed light on a problem he helps to produce .. PROVERBS 15:8 Amen

Anonymous said...

marcus O just a little late to da pahty and seem to be a little silly fuk who be a tad retarded and the baby killer Stephon Shannon gives the DOC hell while he jacks his dick the rest of his life with the beat proceeding flawlessly