Monday, February 25, 2013

Devon McFerrin, a/k/a "Church," Sought By Police For A Death From Heroin He Allegedly Sold At Nasty Little Pennwood Market...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff (photo is
not from North Minneapolis)

Numerous media entities are reporting the fact Devon McFerrin, a/k/a "Church," is being sought on murder charges. McFerrin allegedly sold heroin that was responsible for the death of a suburbanite in Hopkins named Timothy C. St. John.

(Another informative article linked here, and a good mug shot can be found here)

Though the story has been covered fairly extensively, JNS blog did find a few extra facts just laying around, longing to be published on the internet...

Here is the actual criminal complaint, click here, which (as near as I can determine) nobody else has published.

First of all, even though the Pennwood Market is a notoriously nasty little inconvenience store, they deserve credit for turning over their video surveillance to the police. Yes, apparently their video surveillance captured "Church" dealing smack out in the parking lot. Why Pennwood Market wasn't actually DOING SOMETHING about a heroin dealer out in their parking lot instead of just passively recording him is a good question, but the answer is easy enough:

Because Pennwood Market tolerates all kinds of bad behavior in their parking lot.


McFerrin's home address, according to the criminal complaint, is 2651 Upton Ave. N. This property is owned by the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority. His name also appears on a JNS blog jail roster, click here, where his address is 3318 Sheridan Ave. N. This address is owned by the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation.

McFerrin remains at large and police advise citizens not to approach him but to notify authorities if he is spotted. Anybody in the vicinity of the Greyhound bus station in Chicago is advised to be on the lookout.


Well, not really. 


Anonymous said...

Here we go again! Another criminal activity in our community that goes unaddressed by OUR cops, but garners significant attention from suburban law enforcement.

I really get a kick out of how this suburban sleezball is portrayed as an upstanding family man who was preyed upon by Northside thugs.

I hope his death doesn't have too negative of an effect on our local economy by giving other suburban addicts reservations about shopping here!

Anonymous said...

The 2000 block of Glenwood has two apartments full of child molesters and prison alumni. The 2100 block of Glenwood has at least two duplexes full of child molesters.
Penn-Wood market should be shut down because they have always turned a blind eye towards drug dealing and the selling of stolen goods in open view in the parking lot. Do not hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Devon Mcferrin should be elected to the Northside image improvement board. Don't come here to buy your drugs!

Anonymous said...

Where the hell else are people supposed to buy their drugs? Over South? There might be a chance for positive change in the community if people like you could go just a MOMENT without persecuting drug addicts for doing what makes them feel okay, and hounding dealers for providing them with a means to do so.

rpupnorth said...

I am Timothy St. John's Mother. Until you know our family and who Tim was. We are wounded badly from this, and it still haunts me. I await the day we get the call that MeFerrin is caught. When that court date comes I will be there!

Johnny Northside! said...

"Church" was part of something much bigger, as it turned out--though you can throw the word "allegedly" in there somewhere. Check out this press release about a ring that brought heroin here to Minneapolis from Chicago.