Saturday, February 2, 2013

Convicted Drive By Shooter Martel Allen Brown Isn't Allowed To Possess Firearms, So Guess What He Allegedly Possessed, Fired, And Threw Over A Fence While Police Were Chasing Him?

Creative stock photo, sign on a fence, blog post by John Hoff

Martel Allen Brown, who reportedly lives at 6437 Pleasant Ave. S. in Richfield but, on a recent Hennepin County jail roster, was listed at 2925 Lyndale Ave. N., is charged with being a prohibited person in charge of a firearm.

According to a criminal complaint, click here, Minneapolis police responded to a shooting on January 15. The victim reported two black males ran from the scene after the attempted robbery. Police ordered one of the males to stop but the male ran in (as my drill sergeant would have phrased it) IN A HIGHLY MOTIVATED MANNER...

Brown was seen pulling out a long-barreled silver handgun, which he threw over a wooden privacy fence. Police caught Brown and he tried to claim it was a KNIFE he had thrown, but officers found a handgun EXACTLY WHERE THEY'D SEEN HIM THROW IT. When the pistol was recovered, it had two discharged cartridges and four live rounds.

It was only September 10 of 2010 that Brown was convicted in a drive-by shooting.

(So, the blogger wonders, why is he running around loose committing a robbery? Allegedly?)

Since Brown is prohibited FOREVER from possessing a handgun, he is now charged with possessing a handgun.

Is there a vicious circle at work, here, or is it just very hard to control criminals by passing laws?


Anonymous said...

he didnt have a gun

Johnny Northside! said...

Are you suffering from adult illiteracy or are you just being deliberately thick?

Anonymous said...

What you mean? you werent there so how would you know? ask yourself that question.

Anonymous said...

And in 2010 he wasnt convicted. it was 2008, i've been following this guy since he caught his first case. he was a high school ball player who i scouted. Very talented individual who has a passion of making others happy. But then you guys post this picture stating if they see whom ever, which they were refferring to mr.Brown theyll shoot him and throw him in the garage! oh wow that was nice to put that up there..

Anonymous said...

He is a po' boy who dint had no daddy and he wuddnt a white boy po' soul dint had a chance cuz he be blak

Johnny Northside! said...


Because I believe the police and prosecutors over the illiterate word of an anonymous internet commenter.

Did you get that? Anything else you can't grasp about that?

Anonymous said...

8:36AM is correct. Brown pleaded guilty on July 30, 2008 to one felony count of Drive-by Shooting. The case is referenced in the criminal complaint the link is posted for (Case No. 27-CR-07-128815), but the guilty plea and sentencing happened in 2008. The complaint linked apparently has that date wrong.

The criminal complaint described in this post is "State of Minnesota vs Martel Allen Brown", "Name FML: Martel Allen Brown. DOB 5/23/87"

If one were to look for Name: FML "Martel Allen Brown" in MNCIS, the Drive-by felony conviction would not be found. That case is in MNCIS as follows.

Case No. 27-CR-07-128815
State of Minnesota vs ALLEN MARTEL BROWN
DOB: 05/23/1987

Anonymous said...

Isn't this something, they offered Brown 42 months for possesion of a firearm. And he took the deal, all because of you cracker ass oakie dokes wanted him down for Yall doings! Smh #FUCCTHAPOLICE

Johnny Northside! said...

Yeah, I'm not clear on the part about "wanted him down for y'all doings." Could you explain what it is you mean by that?