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Presenting Kennedy Barber The Singing Pedophile, Available For Birthday Parties And Musical Telegrams...

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post by John Hoff

What do you get for the person who has everything? How about a totally unique gift? A singing telegram by convicted child molester Kennedy Barber?

Beyond a doubt, Kennedy Barber has a beautiful voice and is a skilled musical artist. I understand this was also true of Lucifer...

Two recent blog posts that I wrote about Kennedy Barber (click here and also here) were the result of a discussion that took place on North Talk, which began with a simple question: Why is a convicted pedophile hanging around children?

There seems to be a sudden neighborhood push around this issue. JNS blog didn't start this push and, frankly, I don't know where it came from but I was happy to jump into the fray and start blogging about this topic. At some point I will grow tired of Kennedy Barber when I have exhausted the wealth of easily obtainable information about this convicted child molester who has, amazingly, created a relatively high profile for himself in the community.

In my opinion, convicted child molesters should take up solitary activities like gardening and walk down the street with their head hung low, hoping to God in heaven that no hostile glance is directed their way. Sex offenders should not thrust themselves into roles like, oh gee, singing at a child's birthday party or being involved with a drill team composed of minors, minors, minors.

This is incredibly suspicious activity. As alcoholics should avoid bars, so should pedophiles avoid children. AND WHEN THEY DO NOT, a public outcry and shaming is in order.

Kennedy Barber's crime is molesting foster children. But he has already paid for that crime. Well, technically he hasn't because there are still big fat civil judgments outstanding, but in terms of the criminal conviction, yes, he has already paid.

Normally this blogger wouldn't give a damn about a sex offender who falls short of the category of Level Three. But suddenly a bunch of people in the community have seen fit to ask "WTF," and everybody knows JNS blog is always prepared to ask "WTF?" 

So I thought it would be fun to gather up the various YouTube videos of "Kennedy Barber The Signing Pedophile" for, um, what? Listening pleasure?

Well, Barber is truly a great singer but it's very odd to listen to his skillful musical expression and at the same time to be aware of who the man is and what he has done. Lyrics, for example, about how God has been better to (the singer) than his friends take on whole new layers of meaning. A woman who laughingly says she will "kill" the people who hired the signing telegram is clearly joking, but how would she feel to find out she was actually the recipient of a singing PEDOPHILE telegram?

Here are some videos. Judge for yourself.

Sings like an angel?

Or sings like one of the angels that rebelled against God and followed Lucifer?

Above, Barber signing at what is described as a surprise 70th birthday party for somebody's uncle.

Here, Kennedy Barber is one of the soloists during a musical performance at New Salem church. What I find fascinating are Barber's animated facial expressions during the performance of the singing who precedes him. He appears to be "lavishing compliments with his face" upon the other singer's abilities. This is a man who has incredibly developed social skills; the sort of person anybody would think was "nice" and would let down your guard.

Here is another performance, this appears to be more informal and possibly a dress rehearsal, but it's the same church and, actually, it's the same song: I Believe.

Personally, I Believe that pedophiles singing in church choirs is perfectly OK as long as it's not a BIG FAT SECRET who they are and what they've done. I'm far more concerned with Barber's other activities, but these church choir videos provide useful visual identification. It also tells us a lot about a church that allows a sex offender to play such a prominent role in church activities. I Believe there is a fine line between "God's forgiveness is available to all" versus "Well, since the man is forgiven let's put him right out in front." Once upon a time, people who committed great and terrible sins but then found God were content to put on sackcloth and ashes and tend to beehives with the other monks, heads hung low in humility. Now sinners think they're entitled to commit the ultimate crime of molesting children and then judge drill team competitions.

This is not service to God. This is suspicious predatory behavior.

In the video above, singing "Don't Be Discourage" which I assume is actually "Don't Be Discouraged," note corrected typo.

I BELIEVE God hates typos. It was, after all, Jesus Christ who said "For verily I say unto you, Til heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled."

God desires and demands accurate transcription. I'm just saying.

Here is a video of the song More Than Enough, the title of which cues me that half a dozen videos of Kennedy Barber is indeed plenty.

I leave this blog post with a question. It might be the same question readers would ask of me.

Why now? Kennedy Barber has been involved in various community activities for a long time. He has created a prominent profile, even singing the national anthem at an event sponsored by our state's governor to celebrate MLK Day. Why, suddenly, is somebody making noise about this issue in a Facebook forum?

I do not ask this question to assign blame. God knows I am in favor of outing pedophiles who are involved in suspicious activities. But I'd like to know how it is that a widespread "conspiracy of silence" suddenly fractures, and information pours forth like waters from behind a ruptured dam. What causes a movement like that? What factors are at play?

And how can this be more widely applied to other child molesters living "out in the open" and other issues that need a public airing? 


Anonymous said...

Other similar attempts were apparently made in the past.

Listen beginning at about 19:00 to this

Anonymous said...

This is truly disgusting that the proud and strong black community would fall for this guy's act.
They will only have themselve's to blame when they discover this guy has fucked their children in their blessed asses. Ouch, mama, tell the Barber i don't need my asshairs trimmed or sung at.

Anonymous said...

this type is a dime a dozen in their community and its okay as long as whitey dont be involved

Anonymous said...

Typo - headline. Signing, as in communicating with deaf people?

Anonymous said...

Third paragraph, missing links.

Anonymous said...

Not for posting, but to help, a couple of places in the post, spell check does not catch "signing" vs "singing" so you have to. Just as the legend about somebody's slick corporate report having to be reprinted because spell check did not catch dropping the "b" in "public."

Johnny Northside! said...

Typo corrected in the headline. He's a "singing" pedophile not a "signing" pedophile.

Johnny Northside! said...

The following comment received by email.

Also, as far as chimo's go, what happened with Gregory B. Washington who is evidently no longer in custody? He was also mentioned in the North Talk postings. I believe when he went to prison it was due in part to the fact that he had a previous history of messing with young girls. Again, a gifted singer who was involved with northside churches? WTF? Is he required to register as a sex offender? Maybe he has just paid his debt to society and will move on, head down as you suggest.

Back in the day he used to also work as a stockbroker and our paths crossed. Never got a creepy vibe from him but I think some of my colleagues may have, as I remember more people shrugging than being appalled when he went to prison.

Johnny Northside! said...

Thanks for catching the missing links. I went back and put them in.

Johnny Northside! said...

Link with information about the Minneapolis Urban League which includes Kennedy Barber listed as holding a position.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here's some of the text at the "blog talk radio" link from the first comment.
On Saturday, December 4, 2010 – Ronald A. Edwards and Donny Allen will feature a show you don’t want to miss. This show will cover a variety of political and social items that can only be heard here – ON POINT! Saturday’s program will introduce you to a former Minneapolis Urban League employee who has exhausted all of her other attempts at demanding an explanations on while sexual predators were allowed to work around children at the Minneapolis Urban League. You shouldn’t miss this interview, which will show there’s a serious problem with the agency. There’s much, much more.

Anonymous said...

"A Twin Cities gospel singer and former church choir director who also taught music to Minneapolis schoolchildren has pleaded guilty to raping a Brooklyn Park teenage girl who sang in his choir -- a nearly identical scenario to one for which he was convicted 13 years earlier in St. Paul.

Gregory B. Washington, 33, of Plymouth, pleaded guilty Monday in Hennepin County to two counts of third-degree sexual assault."

Case No. 62-K8-03-000892
The State of Minnesota vs. GREGORY BEAUCHAMP WASHINGTON, [070196-040697] Charges:
1. Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Victim 13-15 Actor >24m older 609.344.1(b) Felony 07/01/1996

Case No. 27-CR-09-17742
State of Minnesota vs GREGORY BEAUCHAMP WASHINGTON Charges:
1. Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 3rd Degree 609.344.1(b) Felony 09/01/1997

2. Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 4th Degree 609.345.1(b) Felony 09/01/1997

Case No. 27-CR-09-7451
State of Minnesota vs GREGORY BEAUCHAMP WASHINGTON Charges:
1. Criminal Sexual Conduct-3rd Degree 609.344.1(b) Felony 09/15/2008

2. Criminal Sexual Conduct-3rd Degree 609.344.1(b) Felony 10/15/2008

Anonymous said...

Whites molestes kids too.....racist DICK HEAD

Anonymous said...

12:18 a.m. is spanky Pete who just had a moment of clarity in his own self deprecating manner. Pete and Kennedy sittin' by the tree,m'lsting...each other? Yea, each other and they have been cured and can now marry in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

I find myself strangely at odds with many of the assumptions made in this post.

While I agree that Sexual predators need to maintain a safe distance from potential victims, should not be concentrated in certain urban sectors, or protected by society on the basis of race; they are still human beings.

Until society can come to grips with solutions such as Scarlet Letters, chemical castration (which might effect his singing abilities), internment, or lethal injection; these people are still going to interact with the public.

None of the activities shown here in YouTube Videos demonstrates any unethical activity.

The guy has to do something, and until you can justify that he made appearances at children's parties, doing singing telegrams and performing in adult church choirs is acceptable behavior. (Facebook friends with minors is quite different.)

I know that it may offend many to find out about Barbers past activities if he was to sing for their birthday, but the act is - what it is and we simply can't scrutinize everyone around us by our own moral filter as we interact with them in the course of daily life.

Naysayer said...

I echo Anonymous 11:04's sentiment concerning what takes on the appearance of a pedo-hunt frenzy. Clearly, Barber is not one of these wasted and blasted Level III offenders, at least not yet, whose scary mugshots frequently appear on this blog.

Over the decades, I, too, had heard the rumors concerning Major Topps. I thought it strange that his supposed transgressions were tolerated by the Afro-American community, but figured it was just one of these inexplicable cultural taboos that I would never be able to fathom.

However, as revealed here, the Afro-American community, or at least their "leadership", has a serious problem with denial and apathy regarding the problem of sexual predators, whose victims are both really young, and then not so young, as evidenced by the pervasive problem of teen pregnancy.

The real issue as far as I am concerned is the moral dereliction of the so-called community "leaders", who need to be held more accountable. I suspect the moral leadership void on "uncomfortable issues" is part of the reason that so many Level III offenders are allowed to accumulate in this neighborhood. Hopefully, the discussion here will serve as a wake-up call for those who claim to lead and serve the wider community interest. Scapegoating this Barber guy only serves to distract attention from the real issue.

Carla Whitaker-Smith said...

Barber is a member of Rev. Jerry McAfee's church. I stopped going there when they covered up Barbers sexual actions with a boy at the church. I'm going to start reading JNS and IBNN from now on. F**K Insight (BS) News and KMOJ "ghetto" radio.

Anonymous said...

MADDADS VJ Smith son is on paper til 2022 for having sex with a 13 year old girl. It happened in KS somebody just called and told me that. Why is he a "community hero" and a rapist at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Right on to my sister in humanhood for telling it like it is. Ms.Whitaker-Smith is very independent and bold. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for steppin' up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 11:04 this is what I have been trying to say in my last 2 comments

Johnny Northside! said...

Racist comment rejected. If you want to take shots at ministers who have morally failed, that's one thing, but there's no need to extend your commentary to every member of a particular race.

Anonymous said...

To 11:04 and naysayer; let him babysit your fucking kids then. Let him sing to your mother or invite him to your house. Shut the fuck up.

Naysayer said...

Anonymous 8:42: Sounds like you have had a bad babysitting experience. So, sorry. I would never let a thirty-something trying to pass himself off as a choirboy babysit kids. Maybe you should be a little more careful about screening in the future, and it is probably best to stick to teenage babysitters that you know for such a job.

Anonymous said...

Not a single one of these videos includes a child that Kennedy's singing to, or in proximity of. It's always amazing to me that those, like the author of this supposed article, profess to be good Christian folk, when the ONLY thing that Jesus told us was to forgive; that those who are without sin can surely cast the first stone. Frankly, Kennedy is no business of yours, and you're right... he has paid his debt to society. Next... you weren't there when he was convicted, you didn't see a crime, so you can't even be sure there was one. It's none of your business.

When you see the light of day, after you pass through that final first veil toward Heaven, you're going to feel SO heavy about what you've done here. The sorrow will be beyond belief. That's what "Judgment Day" is all about. When we finally have the mask of the human body removed, and we realize what we've done. Kennedy can deal with his, and you, yours, but i wonder which one will be the heavier burden.

If you, and any of these posters are TRULY Christians, then live like Jesus, and forgive. Leave the rest up to God. You are NOT God, and you are NOT the judge in this. You have less than no business posting this trash. And wonder why there are always wars, and killings, and heinous crimes beyond belief... it's because it all began in your heart and spread from there. Hate is hate is hate, and you are a hater....
P.S. i am only signed as anonymous because for some reason your link won't accept my Google password.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Blog author, if you don't publish my comment, then i'll know immediately what you're made of... and it's certainly won't be the truth.

Johnny Northside! said...

Barber, a pedophile, seeks to play a prominent role in society and the church through his music. This is the way it starts. Two words.

Michael. Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Distrust, casting the first stone, bigotry, and hatred are seeds being sown, Can you see the simplest message we've all learned from our spiritual leaders? These things beget exactly what they are... "Forgiveness" is the seed of renewal. There is only love, and love begets all things. This man has been out from having served his long prison sentence for nearly two decades, with no infraction. If he had been a bank robber, you'd likely say he was reformed, served his time, and learned his lesson. WHAT is your PROBLEM with this man? He's not hurting you or ANYone any longer. If you ruin his business through these postings, you stand the chance of being the one who has created another situation of hardship in this man's life. Why? He hasn't done anything since he paid for his mistake that in any way harms you or society. Please, and I mean this sincerely... spend your time going after the corruption in so many other areas that remains unchecked. This man's life has no bearing on the things that truly need fixing. But even more importantly... fix what's broken inside of you. The holier than thou sense you have that you are some eternal judge and jury. That's not a healthy thing for anyone. You are not helping us, this man, or any system by this slander. And frankly, I don't know him, but I feel that Kennedy shows great restraint in not suing you severely. Give it a rest. The post you have here isn't necessary, or even useful.

Johnny Northside! said...

What EXACTLY would he be suing me for? Others have already learned that suing Johnny Northside for telling the truth gets you nowhere.

Furthermore, all this material I've shared's already on the internet. He's put himself into the public eye and invited commentary.

Our neighborhood has had it with the pedophiles stacked around us like cordwood. This is just one more in the stack. Except he can sing.