Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cecil Glenn Allen, a/k/a Tupac Toshiq Makavelli, Allegedly Failed To Register As A Predatory Offender At 2819 Girard Ave. N.

Department of Corrections mugshot, therefore public domain, 
blog post by John Hoff

Cecil Glenn Allen, or whatever he wants to call himself today, has been featured previously on Johnny Northside Dot Com, click here, which is why his name struck me as familiar when I was looking through the jail roster today.

Recently, he was arrested on a bench warrant over a theft charge and a probable cause charge for failure to register as a predatory offender. Though the specific addresses of Level Three sex offenders aren't made public by the Department of Corrections, every now and then one turns up in the jail roster and I pounce upon it.

That's what happened here...

Allen's address is 2819 Girard Ave. N. according to the jail roster.

How exciting. Let's find out who owns that property.

According to online city records, it is owned by Christian Restoration Service of Brooklyn Center, with the taxpayer listed as Christian Restoration Service Inc of 7157 Commerce Circle, Fridley, MN. According to the Minnesota Secretary of State, the president of this organization is Marcell Garretson.

This name turns up a page containing the testimony (used in a religious not legal sense) of Mr. Garretson, click here, going into quite some detail about how rough he grew up and then found God. He is apparently the author of a religious book called Conviction, click here. His name turns up with other "prison ministry" efforts.

I do not know if Cecil Glenn Allen was simply making use of the address at 2819 Girard Ave. N. without the knowledge of Reverend Garretson, or if Allen has been allowed to reside there without registering.

But this much is apparent from city records, assuming the records are up-to-date. (A tenuous proposition at best)

The house in question does not have a rental license.


Anonymous said...

Check out MNCIS for Makavelli and the record includes charges for Cecil Allen Glenn.

Helmut said...

a crappy person names himself after 2 crappy rappers...almost to pathetic to laugh about

Anonymous said...

Alot of fellows like to "convert" to Islam once they are convicted of their murders or rapes so when people look up their names at the Offender Locator odds are they will not be found.
This little BITCH is just an example of what happens when this occurs. Let me repeat" You and the whore that shit you out back in the day"

Anonymous said...

Please JN, save me from becoming the next David Berkowitz & help silence these dogs of Norph Mpls. I am becoming the son of shooter!

Johnny Northside! said...

A comment rejected which crosses the line of decency. I don't like sex offenders either, but there's such a thing as making your remarks clever instead of just abusive and borderline racist.

Anonymous said...

The pot is calling out the kettle once again.

Anonymous said...

The Wiz? Really? You must be getting threatened alot.

Johnny Northside! said...

By "The Wiz" the commenter above is making reference to his rejected comment and the content thereof.

Anonymous said...

If the content is so bad go ahead and post it and let the people decide who the wack racist is you or your supposed racist poster boy or girl you supposedly compare yourself to. Prove you aren't just your own troll.. wizard.