Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dante Carter, On Probation For Gun Possession, Now Charged With Gun Possession...

Image of "Dante" in public domain, blog post by
John Hoff 

Click here for the criminal complaint. 

Dante Kenneth-Christopher Carter (yes, the hyphen is supposed to be there and it's about driving me nuts) was already on probation for possessing a gun after a felony assault conviction when he was pulled over by police in Brooklyn Center for doing 47 in a 35 mph zone. 


The car smelled strongly of marijuana, according to the criminal complaint, and in the car...

...were four males, two pistols, and a plastic baggie containing MORE plastic baggies of "suspected marijuana." There were also black gloves and a black face mask. 

When asked about the weapons, Dante Carter had an interesting explanation. He said another vehicle had chased his car and its occupants, so one of the OTHER guys in the vehicle pulled out the two pistols. 

Carter is now facing two weapons charges though no drug charges. This may be due to the strong social trend toward legalization of marijuana, though driving around with a gun (allegedly) while on probation for gun possession will still get you in hot water, even in these increasingly tolerant times. 

Dante reportedly lives at 3343 Aldrich Ave. N., a rental property owned by Amer F. Ahmed of who either lives in Michigan or Pennsylvania; the property records aren't clear on that point. 

In the painting above, can you sort of imagine the guy in the red hat saying, "Oh, no, here come the police and our entire boat is made out of WEED. Quick! Eat the boat! EAT THE BOAT!!!!" 


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