Monday, February 16, 2015

Search Warrant At 2936 Aldrich Ave. N. Turns Up Three-Year-Old Child Sleeping In A House With Guns, Currency, Black Tar Heroin, According To Police (CORRECTED BLOG POST)

Photo in public domain of black tar heroin, image is not intended to
show the same black tar heroin seized in the story, blog post by
John Hoff  

Click here for the criminal complaint.

Acting on information from an informant, on January 9 the Minneapolis Police Department executed a search warrant on 2936 Aldrich Ave. N. expecting to find drugs. Police were not disappointed in what they turned up, (allegedly) though in addition to cocaine, black tar heroin, two pistols, and $4,000 in currency they also found a three-year-old child sleeping on a bed...

One of the targets of the search warrant was "Major Lamont Brooks," who was later identified as Deshon Brooks, born 3/8/91. 

Brooks has already been convicted of a felony level drug crime. In 2002 he received three years of probation, so he's not supposed to possess guns...certainly not a 45 pistol and two loaded magazines, and a Ruger 9 mm semi-automatic handgun, kept beneath the sofa. 

Speaking with police after his Miranda rights were read, Brooks said all the weapons and drugs were his. This leads me to believe Brooks was either high as a kite, born stupid, or profoundly afraid of whoever ACTUALLY owns the drugs and weapons. Black tar heroin usually comes from Latin America. I'm just saying. 

The house at 2936 Aldrich Ave. N. is a rental owned by Danlen Properties LLC, a dubious landlord entity which JNS blog guest author "Camden Canary" wrote about one year ago, click here.


One of their properties at 3238 Girard Ave. N. was the home of a guy named Honora Tremaine Patterson, who was criminally charged with a murder at 2311 Queen Ave. N. click here for that story, and yet another of their properties at 3818 Lyndale Ave. N. was listed as the address of one Kejuan Raymond Watkins, click here to read all about his alleged no-account doings.

Returning to 2936 Aldrich Ave. N., the site of the current incident, this house was a foreclosure in 2008 and like so many other Northside houses fell into the hands of a heartless and soulless rental property empire. The landlord keeps pulling out money from the property while the taxpayers of the City of Minneapolis keep paying through the nose for stuff like, gee, the high cost of executing a warrant for drugs where a three-year-old child is sleeping. 


Anonymous said...

Brooks was convicted of a felony-level drug crime when he was 11?

Johnny Northside! said...

Good catch. It says 2002 but that might be a mistake in the criminal complaint. Or they might have his birthday wrong. Something's wrong SOMEWHERE, that's for sure, but the criminal complaint says what it says.

Anonymous said...

After posting $50K in bail, Mr. Brooks was released from jail on conditional release but a warrant issued on 2/17/15 for violating those conditions.

Johnny Northside! said...



Johnny Northside! said...

I'm not seeing that. Jail roster as of this moment shows him in jail and not released. Shows bail at $55,000 and he has a hearing on 5/18.

Anonymous said...

2311 Queen is not even a valid address in Minneapolis, where do you get your info?

Johnny Northside! said...

2311 Queen Ave. N. is a valid address. Here is a link to the property information.

Where do YOU get your (so-called) info?

Anonymous said...

Attention to detail my friend, you must not have it. Take a look at the very link you posted and look at the address, it says 2309 not 2311.

Anonymous said...

Also, Im not seeing a connection between "2311 Queen" and the other properties in the story.

Johnny Northside! said...

Regarding that link I posted---I believe this one is a duplex, and 2309 is the "Master address," which is why putting 2311 Queen into the city property search engine produces a link to 2309 Queen Ave. N.

However, YOU ARE CORRECT. There is a mistake here and I am digging into this right now to make correction. I care about putting forth factual info and when error comes to my attention I leap to correct it. I am leaping now.

Johnny Northside! said...

I have corrected the blog post in response to what you pointed out. The sentence in question originally read "Another of their properties at 2311 Queen Ave. N. was the location of a murder..."

The sentence now reads: One of their properties at 3238 Girard Ave. N. was the home of a guy named Honora Tremaine Patterson, who was criminally charged with a murder at 2311 Queen Ave. N.

This blog cares about being factual. When error is drawn to my attention--whether out of a spirit of helpfulness, civic mindedness, or even as part of a harsh critique by haters of the blog--I look into the assertion and, if necessary, drop everything else and leap to make correction.

Anonymous said...

Posting the jail roster serves no purpose. When I search a name you post it doesn't show up in your blog. So all your harassment is for knot.

Johnny Northside! said...

Try putting the last name first, and the first name last, and you will have more luck with your searches.

Also, in this context the spelling would be "naught."

Anonymous said...

Search like this:
"A Likely Accused Perp""Johnny Northside"
"A Likely Accused Perp""Jail Roster""JNS"

To find if the Likely Accused Perp has made an appearance. OR NOT.

Johnny Northside! said...

I don't think the search terms you are suggesting would work.

Anonymous said...

The suggested searches were to be done at google and not on the blog. IMPORTANT DETAIL OMITTED FROM PREVIOUS TIP: To find JNS Jail Roster appearances it is necessary to put the last name first.

Confirmation that this works several examples:

Example 1: "patterson honora""johnny northside"

Example 2: "patterson honora""jail roster""JNS"


Searching "honora patterson" "johnny northside" OR "honora patterson"jail roster""jns" DOES NOT RETURN Jail roster appearances.

ADDITIONALLY: If the person has a name that is not common, then searching that name may offer a way to bypass hyphenations, and other confusions. Example "honora" works, (as in:"honora""jail roster"), as does the name "uniqua". Which was selected as an example; but a quick search revealed one of those WHO KNEWs?

Johnny Northside! said...

I agree. Searching for names on the jail roster doesn't work very well. I often use Google to search my own blog by typing in a name (last name first, first name last) and then "Johnny."

That works better.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to get ahold of you. I do not have your e-mail address. However, this is to inform you the idiots at 2936 Aldrich avenue North are back in business again. They are infecting our community with their poison and helping to stink up our neighborhood with their stinky crap. The police have been notified and I hope they burn that hell hole down this time. The druggies use the illegal crap with the aid of some sort of smoking mask. They are so happy to get their fix. The idiots!
Hope you get this message.

Johnny Northside! said...

Yes, thank you for the message. The following additional information was forwarded and I want to make it part of the record about this house:

Definite illegal activity taking place at 2936 Aldrich Avenue North
Minneapolis 55411. Many vehicles stopping at that address and engaging
in some sort of business dealings. Vehicle with Minnesota collector
license plate 334029 parked in garage at that address. Vehicle may be
stolen, make a check. Vehicle is an early model black 2door. Maybe a
Chevrolet or similar GM product. Vehicle has been speeding up and down
Aldrich Avenue at high rate of speed and making a lot of noise (noisy
muffler) and squealing tires; driver drives recklessly. Vehicle usually
driven by African American male. At times there may be an African
American passenger.