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Criminal Complaint For "Mommy Shooter" Keith Allyn Ammons Shows Interesting Connections To The Victim Through Property Records...

Mug shots, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

On September 11, 2011, I wrote about accused "Mommy Shooter" Keith Allyn Ammons and dug up what I could of his criminal record, click here. Ammons was subsequently convicted of the attempted murder and is now in prison. 

Now I have a copy of the criminal complaint with details about the shooting. Click here for the criminal complaint.

Other media, including the Star Tribune, have recounted the horrific details of this crime and, I must say, there aren't very many pertinent details missed by the Star Tribune.

Except, of course...

Where the accused reportedly lived. 

THAT is always interesting. I live for this kind of thing; documenting the frequent link between bad people and bad property management.

Anyway,  Ammons reportedly lived at 3434 Sheridan Ave. N.

Shortly after the attempted murder, the owner was listed as Gina N. Williams, who was the victim of this crime.


Well, that's a sad little variation on the theme, isn't it? In fact, the complaint describes a relationship gone wrong with Ammons still living in the house but Gina Williams returning from a "date," which upset Ammons. 

Wait, it gets even more interesting. On September 29, 2008, Gina Williams bought that house for $139,900. Guess who she bought it from? 

Keith A. Ammons. 

Yes, the guy who shot her! And it gets even more weird if you look FURTHER back in the property record, because Ammons bought that property on April 21, 2005, for $203,000. So he sold that property at a substantial loss, it would appear. 

But he was still living there? Hmmm. 

The property was listed as a foreclosure in 2012. But it was also listed as a foreclosure in 2008, make that DECEMBER of 2008.  So it became a foreclosure TWO MONTHS after Gina Williams bought it? But they were still living in that house in September of 2011? 


I find these facts interesting but, well, if anything fishy happened with the mortgage(s), it happened a while ago and the statute of limitations has already expired. But what a glorious time it was in our history, folks, when a house like 3434 Sheridan Avenue North was worth $203,000! 

I hope we see days like that again. 

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