Friday, June 18, 2010

JSPAN VIDEO COVERAGE! City Council Resolution Honoring Former Hawthorne Neighborhood Board Chair Peter Teachout

Video and blog post by John Hoff

Former Hawthorne Neighborhood Council Board Chair Peter Teachout, who courageously faced down pimps, prostitutes and deeply-dug-in drug dealers in the Hawthorne EcoVillage and helped produce the "18-month EcoVillage miracle" in that crime ridden four-block area, was recognized today for his service to the neighborhood.

The simple, deeply stirring ceremony centered upon a City Council resolution which...

...recogized Peter and his family members (right down to Baby Jack!) for their bravery and selfless service, which included refusing to retreat in the face of a terrifying arson incident, and removing shoes from power lines which are believed to mark drug and gang territory. Peter's recent enlistment in the United States Army was also recognized, and City Council Member Diane Hofstede hoped aloud that Peter would return to Minneapolis at the end of his military service.

Speaking to citizens gathered in the City Council Chambers--including neighborhood Housing Director Jeff Skrenes, who was present on the neighborhood's behalf in regard to a zoning variance--Peter only said that his actions were on behalf of a "higher calling," by which he was clearly referencing Jesus Christ, who Peter recognizes as his personal Lord and Savior, but Peter was probably trying to avoid mixing his church and state in council chambers.

Right after the presentation, a city council aide gave lollipops to each of the three Teachout children old enough for lollipops, with one lollipop given to Mrs. Teachout to save for Baby Jack. Don Samuels added some eloquent remarks about the kind of courage it takes to turn around a troubled neighborhood, which Samuels found comparable to the kind of bravery necessary for military service.

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