Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Out-Of-Town Dirtbag Kills Another Out-Of-Town Dirt Bag, Now Hennepin County Has To Pay For The Murder Trial Plus Freezer Space In The Morgue (NOT NORTH MINNEAPOLIS RELATED, THANK GOD)

Grayhound bus station, Chicago, blog post
by John Hoff

I saw a Chicago address on the jail roster recently and noticed the dude was charged with MURDER. Hoping to get lucky and turn up a story related to North Minneapolis, I obtained the criminal complaint. Well, it turns out the murder happened in SOUTH Minneapolis.

So it's KIND of lucky, in a way.

Lucky it didn't happen in MY neighborhood.

Digging into the circumstances of the murder charge (click here for criminal complaint) led me to conclude there hadn't been enough media coverage of this incident, so I aim to fix that.

The murder happened in South Minneapolis on November 7 of last year. Police responded to a call of gun fire and found a man lying dead in an alley. The dead man was named Michael Hayden and subsequent investigation determined he'd been killed by a Chicago resident named Steven John Williams.

Click here for a Star Tribune article about the arrest. 

What the article doesn't tell you which becomes clear from reading the criminal complaint is...

...the victim and his killer knew each other and were living in a hotel together. They had "arrived in the Minneapolis metro area" together. Though the complaint doesn't explicitly say Williams and Hayden came from CHICAGO together, it's a matter of record that Williams is from that city. In fact, on the jail roster he is listed with an address of 9045 S. Racine Avenue, Chicago. So it certainly LOOKS like a couple of dirt bags moving here from Chicago, holing up in some fleabag motel, and then one kills the other in a dispute.

Williams accused Hayden of stealing money from him. Despite this, Hayden was still hanging around with Williams and was last seen obtaining food from a McDonalds in the company of Williams. Not long after, it appears Hayden was executed in an alley. One witness heard Williams speaking on the phone shortly before the murder and saying, "If I do this, I will need to get out of town."

It is a shame Williams (and for that matter, Hayden) ever came to town in the first place. One can't help but wonder if Williams brought ideas with him from Chicago; a false notion you can just leave somebody dead in an alley and police won't solve the murder or pursue the murderer too energetically because there's just too many bodies.

Like in Chicago.

What on earth draws the scum of Chicago to the streets of Minneapolis? And how can we make them go the hell BACK to Chicago?

Unfortunately, if Williams is convicted he will be sitting in a MINNESOTA prison, paid for with MINNESOTA tax dollars.

And for what? For killing another guy who wasn't from Minnesota, either, but the murder just HAPPENED to take place in our state shortly after these two scum bags arrived.

Whatever it is that keeps drawing the scum of Chicago to our fair city...

We need to find a way to stop it. 


Johnny Northside! said...

I'm publishing the following comment but I have removed some content I consider to be racist, as designated by XXXX.

Johnnynorfside says: These PUNKS from Chicago have a toe hold here in Minneapolis and were SCREWED!!! [THANK YOU! Sen. Paul Welfare] We on the SOUTHSIDE try to what we can to get rid of them but can't do much from this side of the LAW. As a side note I recognized two of the "Skitz Squad" as we bitch slapped them up earlier this winter. And listen to 'em cry like little girls! BELEAVE me when I say there just some pussy look'in XXXXXX MOTHER F%#kers. They ONLY act tough in there group pictures for there little buddies, I'm sure they will stay the HELL out of the king neighborhood in south Minneapolis. "Who loves ya baby" Johnnynorfside dose XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

...led me to conclude there hadn't been enough media coverage of this incident, so I aim to fix that.

Really? No one reads this shit blog of yours. Your ego is bigger than your readership.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What the hell has happened to this blog? There was a time up to about a year ago when the comments came from sane people. Now it's nothing but thugs beefing each other, profanity, misogynistic crap, etc. Why publish something like 5:34? What's the value in this?

Anonymous said...

JNS runs a helluva good blog - aside from how my computer acts like I have dial-up internet when I'm on the JNS site. He does good and necessary work. He doesn't seem particularly egotistical to me. More than worth the price of the subscription.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that policeclips blog also publishes the Hennepin county jail roster on a more frequent basis than you do? This blag is lame.

Johnny Northside! said...

Since Police Clips is a Facebook page I doubt if their jail roster ends up in search engines, if they're publishing it as you say they do.

If somebody would regularly publish the jail roster I would probably stop doing it. Some services come close but they omit one vital piece of information: addresses. For now I will continue doing it.

Anonymous said...

Mio Dios, Go to Hennepin County Jail Roster and click on Received by Jail and you will get their addresses and names and nanotechnology will replicate itself endlessly and do away with all of us anyhow so W.T.F.!!

Anonymous said...

I recently emailed my State Rep & Senator asking them to please not raise the welfare amount & continue to bring those criminals from Chicago & other states. They're destroying my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

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