Friday, May 31, 2013

Dan Rother, A/K/A "Drother," Becomes Hero Of Nomi Anti-Littering Movement After Vigilante Action At CVS Pharmacy On West Broadway...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Daniel Rother, known as "Drother," has been a colorful force for good in the North Minneapolis neighborhood revitalization movement for many years. Drother is pictured above during the epic battle for control of the Jordan Area Community Council which happened a few years back. Drother is the guy in the blue dress shirt with the "WTF" look on his face as Steve Jackson, in the Northside For Life shirt, tries to hoodwink the hood.

Some of the things Drother's done, well, I can't even write about that stuff but those who have been in the trenches battling to turn the neighborhood around, WE KNOW.

We know you don't mess with the Drother.

This weekend, Facebook has been roiled by rumors of an incident at the CVS Pharmacy store on West Broadway involving Drother and a big container of litter...

The story, what I'm hearing of it, is that Drother had complained about CVS not keeping their property nice and allowing litter to blow off their parking lot to neighboring properties. Complaining had gotten him nowhere so Drother picked up a bunch of the litter and, well, PERSONALLY delivered it to the store management.

Now Drother has been banned from CVS. Funny how CVS is happy to take money from a Level Three Sex Offender like Spanky Pete but not a concerned homeowner who just wants CVS to maintain the appearance of their property.  Decent people want to live in a decent neighborhood with high standards. Drother did something a lot of us would love to do.

So here's the deal.

As long as Drother is banned from CVS on Broadway, I'm not going to shop at CVS on West Broadway either. And I'm officially spreading the word that nobody else should shop at that particular CVS.

I mean, really, every time you go there you have to look over your shoulder for the creepy sex offender and there was an ARMED ROBBERY there only a month ago, which revealed their security camera system was woefully inadequate to the task. 

I'm announcing a boycott. I will call off the boycott when Drother is no longer banned from that particular CVS. It's really that simple.


Anonymous said...

Johnny, that suggestion of a generalized boycott is really just… Too standard. How about this instead: Rather than simply boycotting CVS pharmacy what we should all do is follow DRother (the other brother) example. Let us all take a bag of garbage that has blown away from CVS Pharmacy Right back to management and tell them we're not gonna take it anymore. Let's all get banned from CVS pharmacy. They can't ban the entire community from shopping at their center because if they did they would go out of business. Now that's a plan Johnny.

Daniel Rother said...

Thanks Johnny, Honestly I am done spending my money there for at least a year even if they gave me an engraved invitation signed by the president. There is no excuse for any business in the area not to pick up their trash daily. Please do me a favor, everyone who reads this send a copy of this blog to... and call 1-800-746-7287 letting them know store #7117 needs to do a better job with outdoor maintenance.

Johnny Northside! said...

You're very welcome, Daniel.

You and me, in the trenches, baby.

Northside For Life.

Anonymous said...

CVS is a Canadian corporation.
you should be shopping at Walgreens or Target anyway.

Johnny Northside! said...

I totally fired off an email.

Here's the auto reply I got.

I will be out of the office from May 31st to June 2nd returning on Monday June 3rd. I will return email and phone calls as soon as possible. If you have an immediate need please contact Jayme Kmetko District Manager for 3701 at 330-771-2380 or or Mark Adams RX Supervisor 3703 at 612-716-4058

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Send copies of complaint emails to city council and mayor with additional appropriate comments.

File 311 complaints. Report same to CVS.

Request permission to have after bar hours prostate screenings done in the parking lot. Have a food truck on hand to draw a crowd.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know just the guy, a northside community organizer, who can help with the after bar prostate screenings.