Thursday, May 2, 2013

Authorities In Rural Blue Earth County Arrest Three In Bizarre Gas Station Riot, North Minneapolis Resident Davon Jones Faces Five Charges...

Mug shot courtesy of Blue Earth County jail, 
blog post by John Hoff

 A trio of thugs, at least one of them from North Minneapolis, have managed to make criminal celebrities out of themselves in rural Blue Earth County, Minnesota and face a raft of charges related to a bizarre riot at a gas station.

Click here for the criminal complaint.

On April 28 at 2 in the morning, Officer Steven Hoppe of Mankato was called to a report of shots fired at the Kato Ballroom, which is (I should point out) is the premiere private event center for that city, serving the community for 58 years. Click here to enjoy their photo gallery. 

On his way to the scene, Hoppe saw a large group of males and females "standing toe to toe" at the Holiday Gas Station as though involved in a confrontation. (In reading the complaint, it seems implied though not directly stated the disturbance at the Kato Ballroom had spilled over to the gas station, especially since a gun was involved and, well, turns out Davon Jones had a gun. Allegedly) Officer Hoppe pulled into the parking lot, arriving at the same time as a Minnesota State Highway Patrol Officer Gabe Cornish.

The crowd proceeded to rush the gas station...

The lone cashier appeared to be overwhelmed. It was only moments earlier, right before police arrived on the scene, when a black female with star tattoos (complaint doesn't say where she had the tattoos) walked into the store and asked the clerk if she was working all alone.

The correct answer would be, of course, to brandish a pistol and reply, "No, I have this little friend, here, who keeps me company." But the clerk didn't know the correct answer. She said she was alone. The female with the star tattoos walked outside and made a motion with her arms for everybody to come in, at which point 40 to 50 individuals rushed the store. People were yelling at the clerk and trying to distract her so items could be stolen. The whole incident was captured on video and later review showed several displays kicked over, items knocked from shelves and thrown around the store, and "bags of chips and cans of pop strewn around the store."

Police managed to detain Arthur Lord (sic) Fields, pictured above, but Fields didn't want to comply. He wouldn't bring his hands behind his back. Officers advised Fields he would be zapped with a Taser if he didn't comply.

Fields still didn't comply so...


I assume some of those marks on his face were from grinding his head against the pavement while voltage shot through him.

Meanwhile, officers detained Davon Maurice Jones, pictured below, for stealing cigarettes.

A witness on the scene whose initials are M.S. is described in the complaint as playing for both sides, on the one hand informing officers in detail of everything he witnessed, on the other hand M.S. admitted he tried to steal cigarettes himself. When M.S. told Davon Jones that maybe Jones should pay for some cigarettes, Jones reportedly said, "Shut the fuck up or I will knock you the fuck out."

Oh, there you go.

Terroristic threat. Allegedly.

Officer Hoppe ordered Davon Jones and Michael Corey Jones (relation unknown) to hit the floor, grabbing both of them by their shirts.

Michael complied but Davon tried to get away, and appeared to have a weapon. Davon actually tore off his red shirt trying to escape, floundering into an "end cap" of merchandise, as Hoppe shot Davon with a taser.

Only one taser dart went into Davon, who was still trying to flee. The officer shot Davon with the taser AGAIN, and this time managed (in the dry words of the complaint) to "complete the circuit."


Davon was still trying to resist after that, but was handcuffed and discovered to have a Ruger 9 mm pistol, loaded, with a round in the chamber. Davon has a conviction for First Degree Burglary so he isn't allowed to play with guns. The complaint also notes two packs of cigarettes were found on Davon.

While at the "Blue Earth County Justice Center," Davon Jones (who may be accustomed to a more impersonal urban standard of custody and control) was dumb enough to speak on the phone to his wife and say, "I'm gone. I'm gone because they found my gun." This utterance made its way to the criminal complaint.

Davon Maurice Jones (aka Von Jones, aka X Jones) DOB 10/03/1992 is charged with possessing a pistol or assault weapon after being adjudicated for a crime of violence, terroristic threats, obstructing legal process, third degree riot, and theft of moveable property.

On the complaint, his address is listed as 2106 Frement (sic) Avenue North, which apparently means Fremont Ave. N., a rental owned by Delma Olson of Chisago, the taxpayer listed as Mana Holdings LLC of Roseville.

It's been quite a while since a case of "urban North Minneapolis thug versus rural authorities" has made its way to this blog, click here for previous example from Swift County. The question is always, "What the hell were they thinking pulling some kind of stung (allegedly) out there in the sticks?"

Don't they realize rural police have all the weapons and time in the world to deal with rare instances of extremely serious trouble, and what would be a penny-ante incident in Hennepin County turns into the crime of the century out in Blue Earth?

Best of luck, Jones 'n' Jones 'n' Fields. With the whole incident captured on video tape, there won't be any plea bargain.

Decent people in North Minneapolis owe a debt of thanks to authorities in Blue Earth County for getting Davon Jones off our streets. 


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the tasings will end up on YouTube.

This Mpls rapper

was performing in Mankato that night.

Anonymous said...

The event at the Kato Entertainment Center, called “Turn Down 4 What,” was advertised as an 18 and older show to people living in the Twin Cities area via Twitter, Facebook and other social media. It was advertised by a promotions company called Midwest Movement and featured DJ Ray Mills.

Larry Bowers, Kato Entertainment Center general manager,

“I turned around and everyone was running because they assumed it was a gun,” he said. “When there’s a show like this in the Cities ... they can find a way to get a gun in if they want to.”

Anonymous said...

Was it a twerkfest?

Minnesota Central said...

Did the image promoters of "Minnesota's Other Twin Cities" encourage the use of "Rural Blue Earth County" ... the arrest happened in Mankato a city that is the fourth largest outside of the Twin Cities and uses the motto: "A Little Twin Cities, A Lot Minnesota."

The Kato Entertainment Center has been known to hold some pretty wild events ... no I am not talking about it being the place where Buddy Holly played at before he went to play at the Surf Ballroom and eventually leading to his death ... but the KEC was the site of the Allen Quist-Mike Parry 2012 nominating convention. After 14 hours and 23 ballots, the MN-GOP could not determine a winner as the Ballroom had to be shutdown for the 2AM city curfew.

The City can handle the MN-GOP ... it can handle a little rap concert ... but it is not "rural".

Johnny Northside! said...

Blue Earth County has 64,000 souls. That's not the City of Mankato, that's the ENTIRE COUNTY. I have been through Blue Earth County many a time and it is rural, rural, rural.

But for me, Mankato will always be the "big city" where Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, and little Carrie would go to obtain those big city services not available in Walnut Grove.

In this case...

A rap concert.

I'm guessing Junya Reeves will never see the inside of the Kato Ballroom again.

Johnny Northside! said...

Not sure if it was a twerkfest. I don't have that information right now but I'm twerking on it.

Johnny Northside! said...

FURTHER INFORMATION FROM THE PRESS IN MANKATO shows that, despite suspicions to the contrary, the gun found in the possession of Davon Jones had not been recently fired so it was NOT the gun fired off in the parking lot of the Kato Ballroom.

There was apparently ANOTHER gun out there.
Police were able to determine the Ruger had not been fired recently, so they do not suspect it was shot in the ballroom parking lot. The man arrested for pushing the officer, and possessing the gun, is 20-year-old Davon Maurice Jones of Minneapolis.

I'm guessing it will be a cold day in hell before the Kato Ballroom books another gangster rap concert.

Anonymous said...

"There was apparently ANOTHER gun out there."

I am shocked I tell you, SHOCKED! A ballroom full of the T.C.'s finest rappers and MORE THAN ONE GUN! WTF?

Call the NRA!