Monday, May 27, 2013

Tenant Of Slumlord Mahmood Khan Charged With Possession Of Weapon Or Dangerous Explosive Device...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Back in November I wrote about a "street justice" incident that went wrong when thugs broke into a house trying to recover lost property (allegedly and allegedly) but it turned out the people who had stolen the property were not present in the house. Terrorized residents, including small children, cowered on the floor at gunpoint while Lisa Kay Krueger and her friends looked around for the people who had supposedly taken her property.

Click here for criminal complaint against Lisa Krueger. 

An anonymous commenter posted allegations on this blog about Lisa Kay Krueger and another guy, which made me go running to look for certain criminal complaints of a serious nature. There was mention of Krueger being in possession of EXPLOSIVES and my commenter pointed out, well, she's a tenant of that Mahmood Khan guy.

As it turns out, I have been able to partially verify the allegations of my anonymous commenter...

The jail roster says that Krueger is charged with two counts of burglary, one of which involves the possession of a "dangerous weapon / explosive." (I do not yet have a copy of the criminal complaint about this particular incident)

Krueger's address on the complaint is listed as 1811 Girard Ave. N., a property with a listed owner of CPED and a listed property tax payer of TC Community Land Bank. The likelihood that Krueger currently lives there is, to say the least, somewhat far-fetched. But my anonymous commenter said she lives at the property of a Mahmood Khan, an allegation which appears to coincide with Krueger's address listed on the jail roster, which is Khan's property at 1611 Sheridan Ave. N.

My personal jury is still out in regard to whether Mahmood Khan hates America and all it stands for. But Khan sure does a fine job tearing down our country and our neighborhood by concentrating crime and poverty in his rental properties.

Behold. A prime example of "Terrorism By Acts Of Slumlording." 


Anonymous said...

Are you meaning to tell me that this guy is untouchable? He should be convicted of harboring domestic terrorists if half of what I am reading is true.
Who the hell is in charge at Housing Inspection for the city? They should have been fired ages ago and whoever hired them for the position deserves the same. What else is this guy doing?

Anonymous said...

What does this gentleman do covertly? His left hand knows what his right hand is doing but we don't and I hope it isn't worse than what he is doing now, if you get my drift.

Johnny Northside! said...

A typo in this article has been corrected. The original version of the article said I was "unable to partially verify."

Instead, the article should say "able to partially verify." The article has been corrected accordingly.