Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Convicted Sex Offender Kevin Deshon Ellis Accused Of Sexually Molesting His Girlfriend's 9-Year-Old Daughter At A Northside Address...

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Click here for criminal complaint.

When I first read the criminal complaint liked above, I hesitated to write about it because there's no mention of physical evidence against Kevin Deshon Ellis, only the accusation of a little girl. Therefore, literally a case of he said, she said. I actually wondered how prosecutors were going to make their case and why they had charged something so thin.

Then I looked into the background of Kevin Deshon Ellis.

Oh. Turns out he's a sex offender.

The details are in the complaint linked above and summarized in my headline. Per my customary practice with this type of crime, I prefer to simply summarize and link to a source document. Here's hoping prosecutors put Ellis away for a long time. If he's guilty, that is to say. He's still innocent until proven guilty, except for the fact he's already a sex offender so...

Yeah. Do the math.


Anonymous said...

Lo-li-ta, light of my life, fire of my loins.

Anonymous said...

Why would any woman date a sex offender? Who could have seen that coming? Good thing the 9 year old knows right from wrong and is brave enough to pursue justice.

Makes you wonder how many other children subjected to the dysfunctional environments of concentrated poverty and dumping ground for sex offenders are assaulted?

Johnny Northside! said...

I am holding my nose and approving the "Lolita" comment solely because it is a literary allusion but I must say, I fail to see the point of the allusion.

Anonymous said...

That makes me sick to my stomach and I hope he has the same thing done to him in prison. I wished I never read it.
MCullen NE

Anonymous said...

Death or castration I say. Whos with me?
The Capt.

Anonymous said...

First off no he did not do anything that you guys are saying. An I have give kids with him, I was with him for 12yrs. He have one of those baby mothers that didnt give her kids the love they need so the little girl wants her mom to pay for negelecting her. We have got this information from the people who have the kids. Now leave him the hell alone an go after her ass for not letting him leave to spend time with his sick mom, her child don't understand what she did , its the right thing but just in this all of its false. #noinnocentlost#