Friday, March 21, 2014

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Link To Incoherent Cannibis Lawsuit Against President Obama By Thomas Wayne Evenstad, "Chat Line Rapist" Recently Charged With Threatening The Wives Of Public Officials...

Mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Click here for a copy of the Evenstad versus Obama cannabis lawsuit, which makes a lot more sense if you read it while wearing "rasta goggles."

Click here for a copy of the criminal complaint against Evenstad.

Click here to read of Evenstad's bizarre patent for men's underwear that catches drippy drip.

Mainstream media are all over the story of convicted rapist Thomas Wayne Evenstad who allegedly went on a bizarre door-knocking trek which terrorized the wives of public officials. Then, while sitting in jail, he was also charged with criminal defamation for falsely calling another public official a "rapist," apparently in some weird psychological version of the old childhood taunt...

..."I'm rubber, you're glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you."

The word "rapist" is a shoe that fits Evenstad, but he's spent more than a decade saying he shouldn't have to wear it and recently was pursuing a lawsuit against the Minnesota Department of Corrections. JNS blog will try to update readers soon on the progress of that lawsuit.

Readers heard about my little Tommy Boy in June of 2009, nearly half a decade ago, back when he was just a guy notoriously lacking a belt for his dress pants and clerking for (now suspended) attorney Jill Clark at the wild and loony "True JACC" civil trial.

This blog has followed up on Evenstad from time to time, but Evenstad doesn't need this blog to give him prominence and publicity: he has assumed his own dark blogger identity writing about sex offender "gulags," the people who supposedly did him wrong by throwing him in jail for rape, and (most recently) was jumping enthusiastically on the marijuana legalization bandwagon to the detriment of everybody else already onboard.

Evenstad's recent actions (alleged) seem very much like the actions of a man who is higher than a kite composed of all-natural hemp fiber. What's interesting to me is that Evenstad is still sitting in jail as I type these words. I've heard repeatedly the Evenstad family is financially well-off so I'm surprised a bail of a mere $50,000 hasn't been posted.

Could it be the family is allowing Evenstad to stay in jail hoping he will get some kind of mental and/or drug assessment?

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Sue said...

Any idea where his dad lives? Is it also on Valley View Road? I want to know who is in my 'hood!
And, what is the relationship between Tommy Boy & Meegan, who is the homeowner of 4704?