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Corjarah Gregory Warren's Wild, Wild Night Involved High Speed Police Chase, Knife Fight, Allegedly...

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Click here for criminal complaint.

Click here for ANOTHER criminal complaint containing further allegations from the SAME night.

Corjarah G. Warren knows how to party. Allegedly. The night he experienced on February 20 (allegedly) sounds like a movie version of The Hangover as interpreted by Quentin Tarantino...

JNS blog reported on some aspects of this incident based upon jail roster info and rumors passed on by a source. But it turns out Warren's injuries and the police chase were NOT related to a shooting on Hillside Ave. N. the same night, though police at the scene apparently thought the two might be connected and Warren himself was trying to say he'd been "shot," though the wound (in retrospect) more likely came from a knife fight.

Police are now saying Warren (who allegedly resides at 658 Dayton Ave, Apartment 3 in St. Paul) led police on a high speed chase through Crystal and Brooklyn Park with speeds in excess of 100 mph. The chase was captured on audio and posted to Police Clips.

The pursuit ended in Champlin, thus spanning at least three cities. Warren, whose birthday is February 18, 1991, was reportedly intoxicated. Swerving into oncoming traffic lanes at least three times, Warren was finally stopped by an officer who executed a "PIT maneuver."

The vehicle ended up in a ditch and people began spilling out like clowns at a circus (the complaint does not contain that precise description) but were stopped by officers pointing guns.

Warren immediately claimed he'd been "shot" just before the chase, and held up his injured left hand. Meanwhile, another passenger in the car was seen gulping down a "white substance" and had to be taken to the hospital for evaluation. When police officers opened the trunk, a naked man jumped out, swinging a tire iron. (OK, that happened in The Hangover but not here)

Warren told some wild story about being shot in the hand, but police couldn't corroborate his story. Later, they managed to connect Warren (and the other passengers in the car) with a knife fight that happened in South Minneapolis about an hour before the car chase. Unfortunately, since police didn't know about the knife fight soon enough, they'd already released all the other passengers except Warren. The other passengers are thought to be banding together and forming some kind of desperate ad hoc rescue party. (OK, that's also from The Hangover movies)

So about that knife fight! (This would be like a flashback scene in The Hangover movies as the characters, having little memory of events from the night before, begin to recover dramatic memories in the form of flashbacks) Allegedly, "seven to eight" people were involved in a fight and one of them had a knife at a house on the 3400 block of 10th Ave. S. When police arrived, they found two women laying on the ground, crying, bleeding.

One woman at the house said a group of "about five Somali males" came over to hang out and drink. At some point, two cell phones turned up missing and there was a confrontation. The males all began leaving but the woman ran up to ask who had the cell phones. Reportedly, all the males (including Warren) began kicking her and punching her in the face. That's when the woman's sister jumped into the fight, brandishing a blade like she was in another sequel to Tarantino's "Kill Bill." One of the males took the knife from her and brandished it right back, and the woman's hand got cut. She also got stomped upon by all the males, just like her sister.

The males fled in a four-door silver sedan. At the hospital, the first victim had a broken nose, eye injury and chipped hip bone.

This blogger does not know if any of the other males besides Warren have been arrested and charged in this incident. But no doubt, in certain social circles, the events of that night live on in legend.

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