Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Criminal Complaint For Jose Francisco Gomez, Salvadoran National Extradited From Panama To Face Sex Abuse Charges In Hennepin County...(Not North Minneapolis Related)

Mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Click here for criminal complaint.

JNS blog previously reported on the incredible story of international fugitive status and extradition of Jose Francisco Gomez, who was featured on America's Most Wanted. A helpful reader provided a link to an FBI press release about the arrest and extradition.

The actual criminal complaint is a horrific litany of unwholesome sadness, upon which...

...I intend to tread only lightly. Two interesting points: the wife was afraid to leave Gomez, a preacher, because she thought if she did she'd go to hell. Secondly, the criminal complaint rests only upon the account of witnesses and some recalling stuff that happened quite far in the past; if there is damning physical evidence, it's not mentioned in the complaint.

This seems mighty thin for any criminal charge, let alone a charge which caused extradition from Panama. While JNS blog has utmost confidence in the prosecutors, I will emphasize (even more than usual) the suspect in this case is innocent unless proven guilty.


Anonymous said...

I just saw this on the NOMI crime watch. I can't believe it! What say you?

Anonymous said...

John, John, wherever you are...your text raping buddy, or whatever, Tom Evenstad is in the Hennepin county jail on terroristic threat and other related charges. Sic'em boy! Karma has reared it's pretty face.

Johnny Northside! said...


On it.

Anonymous said...

That booking photograph law would never pass 1st amendment muster, but someone would have to challenge it.

2.33 Subd. 3. Removal or deletion. (a) Any person receiving booking photographs
2.34under section 13.82, subdivision 26, must clearly and conspicuously advertise, in an
3.1easily identifiable spot on their Web site or publication, a method or process for removal
3.2of photographs.
3.3(b) After an individual has requested that a Web site or publication remove a booking
3.4photograph under paragraph (a), the person maintaining the Web site or publication must
3.5conduct an investigation into whether the individual pictured in the booking photograph
3.6was convicted of a crime in connection with the arrest. Where possible, the individual
3.7seeking removal or deletion of the booking photograph must provide the Web site or
3.8publication with proof that there was no conviction, and:
3.9(1) if the individual was not convicted of a crime in connection with the arrest, the
3.10Web site or publication must delete the photograph immediately; or
3.11(2) if the individual was convicted of the crime listed, the individual may request
3.12that the Web site or publication alter the information posted to include no more than the
3.13individual's first name, last initial, and crime of conviction.
3.14(c) Under no circumstance may any person require the payment of a fee or any other
3.15consideration to remove a booking photograph.
3.16(d) Upon completion of the investigation, if the person finds that an individual
3.17was not convicted of a crime, that person is prohibited from posting the same booking
3.18photograph to any other Web site or publication it maintains.

Anonymous said...

I have written several of our legislators about the JNS blog and used his blog as a rational to pass the legislation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on March 19, 2014 at 3:41 PM..Are you kidding me? Here,on this blog, we at least see some of those who are ready & willing to victimize us. The violent criminals already get too much protection & freedoms while the tax paying,law abiding people are left to try to protect ourselves. from these demons.