Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kyle Lee Hammes Was Too Drunk To Stand The Day After St. Patrick's Day, But Was Driving A Car, Allegedly...

Wiki commons image, St. Patrick, blog post by John Hoff

Click here for criminal complaint.

It was afternoon the day after St. Patrick's Day when police saw some erratic driving on the 3200 block of 4th Street North and pulled over Kyle Lee Hammes, whose last name (yes) does make me want to sing an old beer commercial about a beer "from the land of sky blue waters."

Hammes was so intoxicated, allegedly, he could barely stand but somehow he'd been driving...

Normally, when looking for interesting crimes on the jail roster I don't bother with DWIs, but I'd never seen anybody arrested for DWI with a bail of $75,000.

Based on the criminal complaint, it appears this cowboy has been to the rodeo many times. Currently, he doesn't have a valid driver's license and has four previous DWI convictions. Hammes was on probation for DWI when he was arrested.

The address for Hammes on the criminal complaint is 1600 Hillside Ave. N., another reason to write about him. This blog has previously announced the 1500 and 1600 block of Hillside Ave. N. is under my special protection and nobody better so much as spit on the sidewalk without expecting to read about it here on Johnny Northside.

Hammes' alleged residence at 1600 Hillside Ave. N. is a homestead owned by "Mary Caesar." I have found no previous records of any troubles with residents of that property. Other than the fact Kyle Lee Hammes will surely kill somebody one day unless he's locked up and forced to undergo intensive rehab, I see no evidence anybody at 1600 Hillside Ave. N. has caused problems for the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

From the land of pines, lofty balsams ... comes the beer refreshing. Hamm's the beer refreshing. Hamms...

Sometimes it's easier to drive than to stand. Just cover one eye so you don't see double.

Anonymous said...

"Hammes was so intoxicated, allegedly, he could barely stand but somehow he'd been driving..."--

Whoever gave you this false 'information' about kyle 'not being able to stand' needs to be fired. I know of multiple witnesses that can tell you otherwise. In fact, aren't you too old to repeat he said she said stories?

Drinking and driving is dangerous. But, I'm sure you've done your fare share of things that weren't right. Have you thought about posting yourself on this website?

Also, Mary C. has nothing to do wit this. Why search her information based on what someone else did? Nice way to treat your neighbor.

Either you need a Girlfriend, or you need to spend more time with your teenage son that you claim to be 'here for'. You have entirely too much on your hands.

Leave the news to the professionals.

Johnny Northside! said...

Read the criminal complaint, linked above, which talks about his ability (or inability) to stand without assistance. The facts upon which the article and the headline rely are in the criminal complaint, caveated by the word "allegedly." JNS blog stands by its story.