Friday, April 11, 2014

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Commitment Hearings Initiated For Thomas Evenstad, "Chatline Rapist" Accused Of Threatening The Wives Of High Ranking Hennepin County Officials...

Image previously shared with JNS blog by Thomas Evenstad, used under 
First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Mainstream media were going crazy a couple weeks ago to report on the arrest of Thomas Evenstad, a convicted rapist who found his victims on chatlines and did a lot of hard time for that. Now running around loose in the world, Tom has been telling the whole world he's not a psycho rapist. One way he's been trying to prove his point is to trash his victims online and also to show up, terrifyingly, at the homes of two public officials when only their wives were home. 

That last bit of lunacy caused Tom to be arrested and charged with terroristic threats and then (while he was sitting in jail) Tom was charged with criminal defamation of a police officer, who Tom falsely labeled a "rapist." 

Did mainstream media follow up on the story? 


JNS blog has now learned there is an attempt underway to have Thomas Evenstad mentally committed...

Case number 62-MH-PR-14-161, a commitment hearing for the (allegedly) mentally ill and chemically dependent, was initiated on April 4 by Regions Hospital of St. Paul, represented by attorney Timothy Patrick Carey. Evenstad is represented by appointed counsel Rick E. Mattox, who is court appointed. 

Documents filed include a "petition for judicial commitment" and an "examiner's report in support of petition for commitment." There's even a "petition to impose treatment neuroleptic meds."  

An exam hearing is scheduled on April 14 and a court trial on April 15. 

It's not looking good for Tom Evenstad, the chatline rapist. On the bright side, he's quite familiar with life behind bars and involuntary mental treatment. JNS blog long ago advised this guy to stop his crazy internet activities and, for example, pursue a life dedicated to fishing. 

If Tom had listened to Johnny Northside, none of this would have happened. Will Tom get another chance? Not for a long, long time, I suspect. 


Anonymous said...

PRINCE KIBBIE HAS BEEN SHOT just wanted to b the first to tell u haaaaaaaa 1-9 RIP CRACK U ain't gone b the only one wit a head stone my nigga

Johnny Northside! said...

Please provide more details.

Anonymous said...

He resembles what a sick twisted white guy look's like. Kind of Ted Bundy like with a touch of the Green River killer. This dude needs to be put away soon before he starts killing folks.

Anonymous said...

Evenstad is the only "ticking time bomb" let loose from the sex offender treatment program! This is what happens when you release a crazed mentally ill violent offender!

Johnny Northside! said...

And here is the resolution of THAT: