Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wanted Fugitive Sex Offender And Frivolous Litigant Peter Rickmyer Files Notice Of Appeal After Lower Court Defeat In "Mother May I?" Filing...

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Peter Rickmyer, whose right to file lawsuits in Hennepin County District Court has been whittled down to a splinter, recently made a filing which, in summary, requested the prohibitions against his filing of lawsuits be lifted. 

As reported here on this blog, (who else would care?) the district court rejected Rickmyer's filing and (in my opinion) Rickmyer is lucky he didn't get jailed for that filing since it appears to violate the plain and unambiguous wording of prohibitions against him making, well, MORE COURT FILINGS...

But the district court is apparently merciful, as long as innocent defendants don't have to answer Rickmyer's filings but (heaven knows) defendants hear of the filings and must waste precious seconds of their life running eyes over them, rather like checking a routine bowel movement for any bleeding that may indicate colon cancer. 

Now (unsurprisingly) Rickmyer has appealed his district court defeat to the State Court of Appeals. Word reaches me of a "notice of appeal" to be followed up, no doubt, with some actual appeal in good time. With paralegal Tom Evenstad sitting in jail (or is that just a coincidence?) Rickmyer's recent filings have been, oh, what is the word?

Less robust. The hand which once spanked the whole neighborhood with frivolous filings is now raised, meekly, in supplication to the courts. 

WE SHALL SEE if the Honorable State Court of Appeals says, right back (in summary) "Talk to the hand." 

Oh, I should add some explanation about the rest of my headline, but what can I say that I haven't been saying for months? Long ago, AFTER the fall of the Berlin Wall but BEFORE the First Gulf War, a sex offender named Peter Rickmyer was convicted in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma of exposing himself to some children. What was he doing in Oklahoma? Does he have family there? Is he related to anybody else residing in Oklahoma? I don't yet have answers to these questions. 

But after the arrest, Rickmyer pled out, got probation, and left the state, never to return. A warrant was issued and remains in effect. Millions of people have been born and become old enough to drink while this warrant has been active, but it's a "non-extraditable" warrant which means Oklahoma isn't going to come and get Peter Rickmyer because, truthfully, they'd rather he just stay away than pay the cost of jailing him. 

In the meantime, Rickmyer has committed other crimes, including a molestation in North Minneapolis (the infamous Golden Chicken spanking for sexual gratification incident) and went to prison, and got released, and yet the old Oklahoma warrant has never gone away, like quotes by "cowboy philosopher" Will Rogers that still resonate in our present day. 

These shocking facts about Rickmyer are part of a national problem which USA Today wrote about last month in an article about wanted fugitives being pursued by nobody who commit new crimes. But Rickmyer may be the most brazen in the entire nation of all these criminals, since he likes to file frivolous lawsuits. 

So that's the deal-ee-oh. I can hardly wait to see what gets filed, like I can hardly wait to see the new spring crop of mushrooms growing on the boulevard where people walk their dogs. 

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