Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Chatline Rapist" Thomas Evenstad Mentally Committed For Six Months, JNS Blog Finds Tommy Boy's "Single And Ready To Mingle" Social Profile...

"Single In The Cities" profile picture of Thomas Evenstad, used under
First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism and (JNS blog asserts)
sensible "public safety exception" to copyright, also, (joke font) liberal
interpretation of "rapist in Vikings costume" exception (end joke font)
blog post by John Hoff

ADDENDUM, APRIL 21: The commitment in question didn't last a week, let alone six months, see story published today, April 21. 

JNS blog doesn't like to merely re-report a story in the mainstream media, even though I had the story about mental commitment hearings for "chatline rapist" Thomas Evenstad all to myself for a couple days. But now at least one mainstream media entity has jumped back into the fray and reported the sudden development of Thomas Evenstad being mentally committed for six months, click here for an excellent and detailed article in the Pioneer Press.

In the meantime, thanks to an anonymous commenter (thank you!) JNS blog has a new and relevant piece of information to add to the story by the Pioneer Press: 

Evenstad has a current social media dating profile, a fact that should give the willies to any woman who uses dating websites for the purpose of finding dates...

This link, click here, is highly likely to go dead soon as "Meet Up Dot Com" learns they've allowed a notorious convicted raper to utilize their website for, inter alia, picking up hotties. For the purpose of preserving this information, JNS blog is copying and pasting elements of the profile, as follows: 

Tom Evenstad


Member since:

September 11, 2013


Hi Im Tom

Please take a moment and tell us a little about you!

I'm single and ready to mingle!

How did you find out about our group?


Do you have any suggestions for events?

Not yet

As readers can see, it's not a very fleshed-out profile. Maybe Tommy Boy was holding back a little and not sharing that his idea for "events" might include a duct-taping-to-a-chair contest? 

The profile shows Tom was a member of the following three "groups" within the dating website: 

"Lake Minnetonka singles"

"MN NORML" (a group dedicated to decriminalizing marijuana, an issue Tom espouses, much to the detriment of the issue)

And, finally, "Twin Cities hiking meet up." Wow, imagine hiking isolated footpaths out in the woods with THIS guy! But you know what a handy, outdoorsy person wouldn't be without in those rough and rural circumstances? DUCT TAPE. And maybe one of those folding, portable camping chairs? 

Those who know Tom Evenstad really, really well understand the basis to this dark humor by the blogger. 

Tom (who one media entity charitably described as being "into a lot of things") listed the following interests:

Marijuana Advocates ·NORML · Medical Cannabis · Cannabis Legalization · Legalize Marijuana · Economics of Marijuana · Medical Marijuana · Drug Reform ·Outdoor Recreation ·Singles 30's-50's ·Outdoors · Adventure ·dating · Dating and Relationships · Fitness ·Coffee · Hiking · Happy Hours · Walking · Wine

Wow, notice how it starts with marijuana, ends with wine, but there's "adventure" in the middle? Is that like a date? Or more like a date rape? 

Well, anyway, this 6-month mental commitment to Regions Hospital apparently doesn't change the fact there's a wide-ranging criminal investigation still happening. JNS blog would like to pointedly suggest that if Tom wants to show that he's really a good-natured, harmless person he should...

Take down all his nasty blogs. Immediately. As JNS blog told Tom personally in an email (and, my goodness, didn't it set him off? I had to forward THAT written response to the criminal investigation!) it's "blasphemy" for even the name "Dru Sjodin" to come from Tom's lips. The best thing he could do for himself and society is to devote the rest of his life to being a professional fisherman. 

Yes, I do understand Tom's probably not allowed internet at the moment (or sharp objects, or in particular a BELT, which some readers will recall was how JNS blog first encountered Thomas Evenstad, notoriously beltless) but I'm sure Evenstad could enlist somebody's help and provide that helper website passwords to remove, minimize and virtually paint over the internet trail of stalking, terror and general harshness Tom's created for the past several years. 

"Single and ready to mingle"

I may never again look at that phrase the same way. 


Johnny Northside! said...

Also another real good article right here:

Anonymous said...

Who cares about this subhuman. Post a story that is about something positive.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the officer that felt the need to be armed,even off-duty as a result of an encounter with this,"person". This is a professional who has been trained to deal with deviants and criminals,and this officer has concerns for their safety.Imagine how the family's of the victims have felt for the last nearly fifteen years.This"person",has not abated his assault,merely changing from physical attacks to verbal and libel aggressions,incessantly since his probation status changed.I am not aware to what extent the probation authorities had monitored him,but it seems that he would have continued to harass his victims indefinitely until he made the mistake of harassing government authorities.I am very thankful that they took the needed steps to remove this "person" from access to more victims.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you're stalking him. Are you lonely?

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a link to an Evenstad-Friendly blog? Looking to see what his supporters have to say about these accusations. I always like seeing both sides :) Specifically, a blog written by some of his most "loyal" or seemingly "fanatical" followers? That would be helpful!

Anonymous said...

So does Tom being locked up delay my getting my piece of Tom's $420 Billion class action lawsuit?

"Interview with Tom Evenstad, who filed a class action lawsuit against the government for $420 Billion Dollars over Patent #6630507;"

Johnny Northside! said...

I'm not aware of him having actual "followers" except virtual followers that Evenstad himself created. Word on the street is even the "Virgil Evenstad" Twitter account was NOT created by Virgil but by Tom.

But I don't know if I believe that. If there is a lawsuit filed against Virgil, though, I guess the evidence will all come out.

Anonymous said...

You are his number one follower.
If gives you something to do.

Get a fucking job!

Anonymous said...

He is where he needs to be. I HOPE HIS RICH DADDY GETS FUCKED IN THE ASS DURING HIS SON'S INCARCERATION. Now....back to the ranch.

Anonymous said...

Yep, stalking behavior. JNS will look up everything he can find on someone and post it in this blog to humiliate and degrade them, it's what he does.
Did you read how he discovered this guy Evenstad? He looked him up because he saw he was working for Jill Clark...heaven help anyone who supports a JNS enemy, he will stalk you and make you a headline in this JNS blog:

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to the "rich daddy" comment, I do not care at all for that off-color comment but have allowed it to be published for purposes of vigorous free speech and debate.

I do not know if Virgil is "rich." I've heard indications that Evenstad family had money at one time, but I don't know if that's the case right now.

Anonymous said...

So let me make sure I'm reading this correctly. YOU sent baiting emails to Evenstad to deliberately antagonize him, then when he responds in kind, you forward those emails to a criminal investigation against him.
In the law enforcement world that would be called entrapment.
I've seen you do the same in North Talk, and get others kicked out of that group.
It is pathetic to read how you operate, truly a disturbed and sick mind.

Johnny Northside! said...

Your characterization is incorrect. But the emails speak for themselves, including the bizarre email where Evenstad asked me, "Do you believe in the Manchurian candidate?" The man is crazy and, I believe, a danger to President Obama. So I was happy to forward everything I had to investigators. The investigators can sort it out.

Of course, from what I hear they've been talking to A LOT of people. It's unlikely Evenstad will be a free many any time in the next few years.

Johnny Northside! said...

JNS blog learned today that the commitment, which could have been for as long as six months, DID NOT last very long and Thomas Evenstad has been released from Regions Hospital and his back in the jail. Apparently he's sane enough and can face the criminal charges.

Anonymous said...

Dislike of Obama is a sign of sanity, not insanity.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

YES - Hoff sends and makes baiting comments. He does so all the time on the Northtalk Facebook page. Hoff flame baits people and gets people pissed off, antagonizing them until they strike back, and then they get suspended while Hoff goes unpunished because his buddy Skrenes it too much of a pussy to control Hoff.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, look. Anonymous agrees with anonymous.

Are they twins or multiple personalities inside the same body?

Johnny Northside! said...

An anonymous commenter left a comment that I am not publishing at the moment. In substance, the comment states a belief the commenter at 11:47 is Don Allen and then makes a few choice remarks directed at Don Allen with others included in the remarks.

I am withholding the comment for now and mulling it over.

Anonymous said...

Withholding what about Don Allen and calling him out with his own peeps are two different things.