Saturday, January 31, 2015

DeVord Allen Arrested On What May Be The Most Unexciting Gun Charge Ever, Reportedly Lives At A Bashir Moghul Rental...

Stock photo, the property picture is NOT owned by Bashir Moghul,
blog post by John Hoff

Click here for the criminal complaint, yawn.

Devord NMN Allen, whose permanent address on the criminal complaint is already Lino Lakes prison, was stopped by police outside his mother's address upon information he was carrying a gun for "personal protection," which is not allowed because the man is a felon. 

Police picked him up and, well, that was about all there was to it...

It happened on the 2800 block of Dupont Ave. N. according to the complaint. The roster lists an address of 2938 Dupont Ave. N., which is a rental property owned by the notorious Bashir Moghul, with the taxpayer listed as Manzoor A. Moghul. ("Moghul" is misspelled in the online listing, but it's still the same Bashir) The property appeared recently on a "naughty list" of problem rentals. 

The name "Devord Allen" also turns up a mildly interesting Minnesota Appeals court case from 2002, in which police pulled over a vehicle and the driver Devord Allen was all, like...

"What the hell are you stopping me for? For nothing, that's what!" 

Which is an exact quote. 

"Nothing" turned out to be $4,000 in cash on his person and drugs discovered in the vehicle by a police canine. The date of the conviction seems to correspond well, but this could still be a different DeVord Allen. 

Despite the serious weapons charge against him, Devord Allen is free on $50,000 bond. 


Anonymous said...

It might be interesting to see what judge felt it OK to release this thug on bail. When he has a history and is carrying, is he not just a ticking time bomb?

Crimewatch said...

The '02 Allen,Devord Frank 6/5/67 appeals case refers to Sr. trying to weasel his way out of a 73 mth.
1st Deg. Crack sentence.
I used to see him in his Goldy gopher ride (maroon w/gold rims)slinking over to see his serial theif wife Allen,Latasha Monzell 11/10/70 aka:Berry,Latisha Marie 7040 71st Ave Brooklyn Park, A 20 record count holder,CUB shoplifter,and pending 12/6/14 DWI drunk.
Mr.gun charge would be Allen,Devord Jr.1/12/88 w/the 4 record count.
Edwards,Joe Darrell conspiracy
U.S.Court MN 07-CR-00297 9/5/08
Allen,Devord Frank "Big Frank" Rolling 30 'plug"