Saturday, January 31, 2015

Missing "Tube Sock" Charging Document Located For Rayjohn Henry Bryant...Charged At Same Time As Kevin Dupre Beasley

MNDOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post
by John Hoff

Click here for the criminal complaint.

I was excited to obtain a criminal complaint for Rayjohn Henry Bryant, but when I read the document I thought, wait-a-minute, this document is really familiar...

Well, as it turns out it's the same incident in which Kevin D. Beasley was charged, allegedly hiding a pistol in a tube sock. This makes perfect sense, of course. 

Tube socks come in pairs and when there are two people charged, so do criminal complaints...

Rayjohn Henry Bryant reportedly lives at 1514 Morgan Ave. N., a homestead owned by Doris C. Lane. This address doesn't have much internet history, though it does turn up in a previously published jail roster as the address of somebody named Johnny Donzell Phillips. 

2014028932 PHILLIPS, JOHNNY.DONZELL 9/18/1972 1514 MORGAN AVE N, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55405 10/29/2014.16:55

No, this is not earth shattering information. But these little pieces have a tendency to come into play in future stories...threads in the great tapestry of our neighborhood. 

And, like the recent "cat stomping" story, which (disappointingly) was not a pit bull fighting story, I still hate to waste a perfectly good criminal complaint. 


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