Sunday, January 25, 2015

US Marshals Arrest James Marione Butchee, Wanted In Connection With Fatal Heroin Overdose...A Better Late Than Never Blog Post!

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Back in November of 2014, this blog reported on charges against James Marione Butcher; charges that involved a drug sale associated with fatal heroin overdose; all allegations not yet legally proven. 

It appears Butcher was not in custody at the time these serious charges were brought...

However, looking at the jail roster tonight I see Buthchee was arrested by US Marshals on December 17. 

"Timeliness" is a "news value" used by mainstream media, and most of the time it's a good thing but when mainstream media miss a story "timeliness" means reporters have to pretend the story wasn't important because, well, they missed it. 

JNS blog has no such pretensions to omniscient timeliness. If a piece of news is a month old but looks relevant, I'll warm it up in the metaphorical microwave and serve it anyway.  

Also, I note with dismay the jail roster says "3022 4th Street North" for the address of James Marione Butchee. 

Sorry, but there is no such address in North Minneapolis.  

Butchee's bail is set at $150,000 X 3 charges requiring that amount of bail. He has a hearing on February 17. 

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