Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slumlord Bashir Moghul Suffers, Yet Again, In A Micro-Slum Of His Own Creation...

Stock photo, the property depicted is NOT owned
by Bashir Moghul, though so many of his properties
are ALSO crap, blog post by John Hoff

It's probably bad for my soul that I was cheered by the following Facebook message:

Hey John, Guess who got robbed (again) a couple of weeks ago in front of his tenement on 21st and Broadway? Bashir Mogul
I don't have access to the specifics but everyone at the Jordan Safety Committee thought it was pretty funny. Might be a good article outlining the hazards of dealing with felons.
This isn't even the FIRST time slumlord Bashir Moghul has suffered in a micro-slum of his own creation. Remember when he was wounded by gunfire? Click here.

Yes, it's terrible that another robbery happened in North Minneapolis. But more terrible still is the fact so many people believe Bashir Moghul deserves whatever he gets. I hope the robber had a good time with the money and bought some new venetian blinds. 


Anonymous said...

Write about slum lord Kevin Allen dale name was Willie lee Booker before name change

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

Might want to double check that intersection. 21st and Broadway doesn't exist. 21st Ave N starts up over by 4th St and extends to Irving. After Irving the route turns into Hillside Ave N. Then as Broadway curves northwest, 21st starts up again on the south side of the corridor at Newton.