Friday, November 21, 2014

James Marione Butchee, Charged In Fatal Heroin Overdose, Is A North Minneapolis Resident But Precisely Where Is A Bit Of A Typographical Mystery...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

When the Hennepin County Attorney's office announced a murder prosecution related to a heroin overdose, I figured there might be some kind of North Minneapolis connection.

There was.

James Marione Butchee, who is charged along with Anthony Simons in a heroin overdose that happened in Maple Grove, reportedly resides at... 

...3022 4th Street. Click here for the criminal complaint. 

However, a check of the Minneapolis property records reveals there is no such address as 3022 4th St. in the 55411 zip code, despite the fact that's what's on the criminal complaint. 

And if it's 3022 4th St., well, it should be "4th St. NORTH" if it's in the 55411 zip code. 

I assume Butchee is actually from North Minneapolis and probably even lives on the 3000 block of 4th St. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first time JNS blog has noticed this kind of problem with the address on a Hennepin County criminal complaint. And this criminal complaint is prominently featured as part of an actual press release.

OK, I'm done griping about a typo. I'm glad the Hennepin County Prosecutor is pursuing this matter and I hope justice is done. 

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