Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Blog Donation From The Heart

Photo by John Hoff

This is one of my (many) relatives, named "Tim," holding another of my (many) relatives, his little son, somewhere out in rural Minnesota.

Tim's heart went out to me as I tried to break a piece of wood to board up the door of an unsecured building, as documented in the Minn Post videos...

Well, Tim picked up this perfectly good circular saw "curbside" and already has two others. So he gave it to me in case I needed to cut a board or whatever. I knew Tim secretly craved blog glory, and I promised to give it to him, so I had him pose for this picture.

Donations receive blog glory, but I'm not ANGLING or anything. I don't really NEED much. It's not like nails are expensive.

The little boy in the picture is starting to make complete sentences. About a week ago he bit into a spicy potato chip and said, "It's hot...but it's good." He calls his flip-flop shoes "like 'ems" because his mother asked, "You like 'em?"

Discussions took place about the future, and relatives who might attend college in the Twin Cities at some point. I say there's no sense paying rent to landlords when you have blood relatives with their own housing.

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