Friday, June 27, 2008

Street Cement That Cleans Water Run-off (How Cool Is THAT?)

Fair comment and criticism

I learned about this on and it got me so excited I sent a link to the article to my Green Party homeboy, Cam Gordon of Ward 2.

We need this stuff for the Eco-Village project.

ADDENDUM: I emailed Kevin Gulden of PPL, who is very involved in the Eco-Village project on my block, and this is what he said:

One of the general contractors PPL works with installed a porous asphalt area at their new office in St. Paul. I like it. The question is how long will it last? Our plan is to do something similar in EcoVillage--porous concrete, asphalt and even pavers where drive aisles, driveways and sidewalks are required.

He started out his email by saying, "I am always interested in more information about porous surfaces."

Well, I'm thinking me, Peter Teachout and Kevin Gulden all need to have beverages together with porous concrete coasters, and talk about public policy and, of course, Star Wars.

Oh, yes, and Jeff Skrenes can come along, too, if he can "talk concrete" with the big boys.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea but I question how maintenance free it will be. Permeable pavement has been around for a while. The problem with using it in Chicago is the freeze thaw cycle. When the water expands within the voids it is going to break apart the aggregate leaving gravel. Great idea maybe the wrong city to try it in.

Johnny Northside said...

But Chicago has severe winters and Chicago is doing it. This isn't like the dreamers and visionaries of San Francisco trying something...this is CHICAGO, baby!

Apparently, THIS permeable pavement is better than the stuff which has been around for a while. So the article would lead one to believe.

Anonymous said...

Why do we continue to act as a island ignoring what others like Europeans have been doing for centuries? If it wasn't thought of here first, I guess it isn't valid? European towns are full of stone or cement pavers in a sand bed. Reusable, maintainable, removable for pipe and sewer access, and permeable. And perfect for holding microbes which clean up the water.