Saturday, June 14, 2008

Volunteer Graffiti Abatement (Green Eggs And Ham Nation)

Photo by John Hoff

First, and for the record, let me just say...Ed Kohler, you're my hero. May an army of one hundred Ed Kohlers spring fourth in Minneapolis, and fifty in St. Paul, and 50,000 across this great nation of ours. Ed Kohler...BE LIKE HIM.

In an ongoing tribute to Ed...well, also I was doing it anyway, before I found out about is some graffiti I painted over. Let us just say...instead of "graffiti bridge," this is at "graffiti abatement bridge."

I know some folks say you should handle graffiti completely through the 311 system, so the police can track SCARY GANG ACTIVITY. I guess the police will have to find another way to battle the infamous "Green Eggs And Ham Nation" because I painted this (admittedly mildly creative) crap over.

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