Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Live Ammo Music Video At 320 30th Ave. N. photo

This information comes from the Commander of the Fourth Precinct, Michael Martin, by email...

Martin says "We...executed a search warrant at 320 30th Avenue North today as a result of shots fired and 2 weapons arrests last night that led to the recovery of shell casings, ammo packaging and gang evidence.

"More than 20 [Name That Shall Not Be Glorified] gang members were filming a rap video there last night and fired shots in the air. Unfortunately the SWAT team had to shoot a large dog that charged them upon entry."

Martin didn't specifically say whether the music-video-in-progress was recovered as evidence.

UPDATE: August 12, 2008. Word on the street is the house in question is owned by Cynthia L. Fernandez, who does not approve of the methods I use to fight crime in my part of the neighborhood. (Well, not just me, but I'm the most public about it)

Fernandez apparently prefers the make-'em-smores and sing Kumbuya method of dealing with gang members, which I prefer to call "enabling." The arrest makes my point. Word on the street is Fernandez was hinting cops planted a weapon. Yeah, well, I'm still waiting to see the music video and I'm hoping to make that judgment for myself, but I already have a knee jerk reaction. It starts with "bull" and ends with an expletive.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, shooting the dog is pretty standard protocol.

Why not designate one SWAT member with dog immobilization duty? A taser baton and padded clothing should suffice.

Johnny Northside said...

While I feel bad a large, vicious, charging dog apparently owned by a gang member was (very likely) instantly and painlessly killed, all the same, these cops were trying to protect my neighborhood from an ongoing criminal threat.

It is a threat which simply stakes out and seizes our street intersections and engages in blatant open air drug dealing day and night, intimidating to decent people who are just trying to live their lives. And big vicious dogs such as pit bulls are part of that.

You think gang members who throw soft drink cans to the ground as soon as they finish their cool, refreshing beverage bother to scoop their poop? No, even though they have PLENTY of little plastic baggies with them, believe me.

In another neighborhood, on another day, I might join you in your attempt at a humanitarian criticism but you know what?

People in my neighborhood are FED THE HELL UP WITH THIS GANG SHIT--including their (expletive) pit bulls--and the last (expletive expletive) thing I'm going to do is criticize the cops when I wasn't there to witness what went down in that chaotic, dangerous moment.

"Puppycide" is also standard for armed gang members who are being charged by a police dog. Where is your blog to mourn about all the brave, loyal police dogs who are killed and wounded in action?

seashell said...

I want you to know that your ignorance, which is perpetuating your fear IS actually the threat not only to the community (in which YOU live) but to society in general. While you are playing peeping tom and claiming community hero let me ask you this: Have you ever greeted your neighbor? Do you speak daily to the PEOPLE of your community? I don't mean your friend that lives up the street or the neighbor with whom your opinions are agreed upon, but do you speak to the people? The same people you call criminals pay city taxes so that you may have a street to drive on, a ballpark to enjoy games at, and a stoop to sit upon where you pull these supposed criminal delusions of grandeur out your ass.

I know of the family at the address that you speak of. The woman who lives there has invested (along with other members of that family) in reforming the community by talking with the neighborhood youth, and opening up her doors to feed, and provide shelter for those in need, by being active in the political process, and making herself accountable...ARE YOU?

I know these things because I have been there. I have spoke to her, I have eaten at her table. Have you?

What about YOU? I am challenging you to be accountable for the things you want to see changed.

"...these cops were trying to protect my neighborhood from an ongoing criminal threat"

and what would you call a person who perpetuates hate and ignorance?

Johnny Northside said...

Seashell, maybe you should read the police highlights. The "live ammo music video" made the Minneapolis Police Department highlights, woo hoo.

I don't see how a music video being made with real guns...and shooting those guns off in the helping those youth. It seems more like the woman at the house is enabling them to participate in criminal behavior.

And yes, I've greeted my neighbor. I've spoken daily to the PEOPLE of my community. There are two kinds of PEOPLE in my community: decent people and the criminal element.

I feel no particular obligation to greet shithead criminals standing on the corner, trying to deal dope to passing cars, or prostitutes trying to arrange transactions with johns.

Anonymous said...

Johnnie northside you are a true north side asshole that spits shit outa ya mouth !! the wrong end dude--get your face outa the damn toilet!!!!

Johnny Northside said...

Being called a "Northside" anything is what I'd consider a kind of personal progress. So thanks.