Monday, June 2, 2008

My Community Impact Statement On Khameron NMN Lake photo

What follows is the statement I submitted to the City Attorney's Office via internet tonight through this website soliciting community impact statements.

The defendant is well known in my neighborhood and a constant problem for citizens in the area, as his...

...omnipresent, intimidating presence can be seen strolling back and forth, constantly involved in narcotics in the area between 6th Street North and the intersections of 30th and 31st.

Khameron's name came up at a meeting of the Hawthorne Area Community Council. Inspector Martin stated there would be an attempt to put a geographic ban on Khameron. If you can put a name and a face on our troubles on 6th Street North, that name and face would be Kameron "No Middle Name" Lake.

He was a constant presence in front of 3101 6th Street North, which is referred to in the neighborhood as "the Apartment Complex of Anarchy" and drug sales took place there constantly until the city evicted everybody, which was in the papers and on the television news. Everywhere Lake goes, evictions and boarding and demolition follows.

Lake's presence means trouble. This behavior has continued since the date of his arrest. He has begun hanging around behind 3008 Lyndale Avenue North, and can be seen making some kind of delivery with his black backpack, with Kathy the Prostitute keeping lookout.

He also seems to get inside the empty house at 4th and Lowry, across from the Waterworks facility. My neighborhood needs this man banned, banned, banned. We need that desperately so we can try to turn the place around and have a nice neighborhood with an Eco-Village instead of living in some kind of crack war zone.

We need Khameron Lake to serve real time, instead of being part of a revolving door system of justice. We who own property on 6th Street or live there are forced to adopt a "siege mentality" because of Lake.


That's the best I could do. They only allow 2000 characters.

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