Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Only Witness To A Burglary

Photo by Pam P.

The burglary of a house north of my block was an event which stirred the neighborhood and, despite the outrage and sense of violation, a lot of good seems to have come from all the meeting with city officials and banding together....

Here is a picture of the only witness to the burglary, the cat of the resident in question. This cat--who is named Emmy, short for Emerald--was adopted as a stray and had the misfortune to be in the very bedroom which was burglarized by entry through a window. After that, the cat spent a lot of time hiding under the bed and hasn't been quite the same.

I tried to find some humor in the situation by telling the resident "Good thing it wasn't a CAT BURGLAR."

I've now been forced to replace both of the cool "disturbing cat" images I had on my blog with "nice, cute kitty" pictures under relentless pressure from cat-lovers. Well, Johnny Northside aims to please...at least in this one instance.

Here you go, Pam! Your cat is a star in the blog-o-sphere.

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