Monday, June 2, 2008

Come To The Aid Of The Eco-Village! Community Impact Statements Needed By Internet To Ban Khameron NMN Lake, "Scourge Of The Block"

The Spirit of '76

An opportunity is at hand for you cool Johnny Northside blog readers to jump in and lend a hand, by submitting a community impact statement via the internet TO GET A GEOGRAPHIC BAN ON NOTORIOUS PIMP, DRUG USER, DRUG SELLER AND EMPTY BUILDING SQUATTER Khameron No-Middle-Name Lake, the scourge of my block.

You don't need to be a victim to submit such a statement, but you can talk in general terms about how North Side criminal behavior (like that of Khameron No-Middle-Name Lake) impacts you as you work, live, play or even just visit the North Side....

Technically, I don't think you need to live in Minneapolis. It seems to me you might even live someplace like rural Minnesota or Fargo, North Dakota, but you might be able to say what fears you have about visiting Minneapolis because of people like Khameron No-Middle-Name Lake, a blight on the site of the planned Eco-Village, a hindrance to our laudable goals, and generally not a very nice man.

I know what you're thinking: Where do I enlist? Where do I sign up to get a piece of this fight before it's all over and there's no more glory to be gotten?

Go to this website (you can click on it)

It's kind of a sticky, putzy old site, but the deal is you go to the Fourth Precinct, search by name, and find Khameron NMN Lake. Searching under "Lake" works well enough, though you'll find more than one defendant named "Lake," and you can't search on the first need to go deeper into the guts of the site where you submit impact statements.

If you can't pull it off, send ME your impact statement of less than 2000 words, your name and address and phone number and email, and I SWEAR TO GOD I will find a way to get your statement into the system, since I am familiar with this site and I know its sticky quirks.

Once you submit a statement, you'll find it's addictive...looking up different criminals in your neighborhood, or other neighborhoods you frequent, or neighborhoods you MIGHT want to frequent...and submitting statements. I think I've submitted about two dozen so far. It's all coming in a blog entry I will get up tonight, including exactly what I said about Khameron NMN Lake.

(Oh, thanks to the blog reader who turned me on to this site in the first place)

Be sure to follow the criteria of the statement, which include junk like how crime in Minneapolis makes you change your personal habits and so forth, but PLEASE ASK FOR A GEOGRAPHIC BAN ON KHAMERON LAKE. Please note this arrest is for DRUG LOITERING. Please don't accuse him of anything else because it may be hard to prove, or voluminous records may not be handy, and the statement might get thrown out.

And you don't want that.

Inspector Martin of the Fourth Precinct told a bunch of us at the meeting called by Jeff Skrenes how there was an attempt to get a ban on Khameron Lake, a request made of the City Attorney's Office, but as of today when I saw Khameron APPARENTLY delivering drugs to 3008 Lyndale Avenue North with his backpack--and Kathy the Prostitute standing watch in a Green Bay Packers shirt--I learned from the 911 dispatcher there was no ban in effect. (Though there was a notation about the attempt to get one)

Fortunately, it appears there is an opportunity to submit statements about Khameron's arrest for drug loitering at or near The Apartment Complex of Anarchy.

If we don't get this guy banned now, there may not be an opportunity later.

Some of you might wonder, "If he gets banned from the block, where will he go? Will he go to my block, instead?"

No, I'm confident what will happen is Lake will violate the ban, repeatedly, and those of us who watch over 6th Street be able to get him arrested for it.

It is fun to tell stories like that of Foreclosure Cat, or suggest creative ideas like letting the punishment fit the crime with T.J. Waconia, but it is for moments like this I put my efforts into this blog. If I can only get ONE MORE STATEMENT to go with my own (which I'll publish tonight) it will be worth the effort.

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the Eco-Village.

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