Monday, July 5, 2010

Level Three Sex Offender Archie Desmond Randle Moving To 3400 Block Of Logan Ave. N.

North Minneapolis citizens who live near the 3400 block of Logan Ave. N. were already putting up with Level Three sex offender Michael Robert Logeais, who apparently still lives at 3415 Logan Ave. N.

The property is owned by Albert Miller of 2631 Quentin Ave. S., St. Louis Park, MN, 55416.

Now comes word that yet another Level Three sex offender will be jammed into the same block and (one can't help suspecting) possibly even the same house...

Neighbors in the area have been notified that sick puppy Archie Desmond Randle is moving into the 3400 block of Logan Ave. N. Once again, the Minnesota Department of Corrections has allowed a Level Three sex offender to congregate in an area near one of his peers. In fact, these two might be sharing the same house--DOC has allowed it to happen a number of times in North Minneapolis--but this is merely a suspicion, not something I can confirm right now. The minute neighors see Archie Desmond Randle in their neighborhood, I am confident they will report his residency to this blog, and I will publish the information.

At least one neighbor is reportedly contacting his city council person about this outrageous concentration of Level Three sex offenders upon one small block of Logan Ave. N.

Oh, in case you're wondering...Randle's crime involved non-consensual sexual contact with a female in the age 13-15 range, who was a stranger.

(Blog post by John Hoff, DOC mug shots, therefore in the public domain)


mikky5 said...

Maybe the multitudes of level three sex offenders could turn their attention on each other... Oh yea I forgot, they do that in prison already. :(

la_vie_en_rose said...

Oh, lovely. I'll be sure to keep my daughter away from that area. >:P

Anonymous said...

Where would you prefer he live? Most times these persons do not have the funds to live in more affluent areas so they are driven to NOMI by the forces of economics.

ShaunMcKinley said...

There is another one moving into the 400 block of Dowling Avenue in McKinley. Just got the notice today. Name is Johnnie Bloodsaw (nice). DOB 03/28/1961. Victims were women age 13-adult. Former Pimp.

Anonymous said...

I heard of another moving into Logan next week. This one is a multiple offender four victims all under 10 years of age.

ShaunMcKinley said...

Based on a quick check of the state's data on Level 3 offenders in Minneapolis, there are currently 29 offenders in North and a total of 89 in the entire city of Minneapolis. So, North(55411, 55412 and 55430) has nearly 1/3 of the total population of these offenders. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:19

I (and a lot of other people) would prefer that these sick fucks "live" in jail... and/or die in jail.

Folwell Fox said...

A note from State Rep. Joe Mullery after contacting his office:

Thank you for contacting my office about the concentration of Level III Sex Offenders on the North Side.

As my legislative assistant told you, this is an issue I worked on extensively several years ago. I met with the police, the Department of Corrections, and neighborhood groups to try and formulate a solution to this problem. The end result was legislation that said "the agency responsible for the offender's supervision shall take into consideration the proximity of the offender's residence to that of other level III offenders and proximity to schools and, to the greatest extent feasible, shall mitigate the concentration of level III offenders and concentration of level III offenders near schools." (M.S. 244.052, subd 4a) The problem continues because the county board doesn't require their probation officers to do this.

The enclosures will give you some background information on the obstacles we faced in trying to locate these offenders in other communities. One of the biggest obstacles was the complete lack of interest in the issue by members of the legislature. Unless the legislator represented the areas affected on the North and South sides of Minneapolis, no one cared because it didn't affect them. Even other members of the Minneapolis delegation showed no enthusiasm for making changes; after all, they didn't want these offenders showing up in their neighborhoods. Basically, only four of us in the legislature (out of 201) wanted to make changes.

In reviewing the enclosed materials, you'll see "findings" by so-called experts and scholars on how concentration of Level III sex offenders doesn't affect recidivism rates. However, the problem isn't just a public safety one, although that is a huge part of it. What isn't addressed is the "livability" issue. That part of the problem gets glossed over very quickly by the "experts". And I would be very surprised if any of these experts or scholars lives in a neighborhood where there is a high concentration of Level III sex offenders.

Joe Mullery
State Representative
District 58A
Hennepin County

Anonymous said...

And what kind of person would rent to a sicko chomo rapest? oh wait SLUM LOARDS thats who. I say burn em out and kill two birds with one stone.

Johnny Northside! said...

JNS blog does not agree with nor condone the comment published above, though the emotion behind it is quite understandable.

Anonymous said...

Archie Randle is in my sight.I follow the pedophile everynight.He does not know that i'm around, i barely make a fucking sound.Hello Archie..... get back to ya some time tonight.Till then, fuck off.

Johnny Northside! said...

I see where this guy is, as of today, incarcerated at Moose Lake.

I guess things didn't work out so well for him. In the meantime, our neighborhood had to be subjected to having this dangerous Level Three sex offender dumped in our midst.

Johnny Northside! said...

Public Defender

Jurisdiction State of Minnesota JUDITH M HAWLEY
Charge Information
Charges: RANDLE, ARCHIE DEMOND Statute Level Date
1. Burglary-1st Degree (Not applicable - GOC) 609.582.1(a) Felony 08/09/2011
2. Burglary-1st Degree (Not applicable - GOC) 609.582.1(c) Felony 08/09/2011
3. Criminal Sexual Conduct-3rd Degree (Not applicable - GOC) 609.344.1(d) Felony 08/09/2011
Events & Orders of the Court
Plea (Judicial Officer: Norris, Lyonel)
1. Burglary-1st Degree (Not applicable - GOC)
Disposition (Judicial Officer: Norris, Lyonel)
1. Burglary-1st Degree (Not applicable - GOC)
2. Burglary-1st Degree (Not applicable - GOC)
3. Criminal Sexual Conduct-3rd Degree (Not applicable - GOC)
Sentenced (Judicial Officer: Norris, Lyonel)
1. Burglary-1st Degree (Not applicable - GOC)
08/09/2011 (FEL) 609.582.1(a) (6095821a)