Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eric Hyde, 38, Of Brooklyn Center, MN Arrested, Charged With Loitering With Intent To Commit Prostitution On Penn Ave. N.

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

It's a shame somebody has to make an example out of Eric Hyde, but decent people who live in North Minneapolis are getting pretty sick of all the hookers on Penn Ave. N., and now the Kwanzaa Church on Emerson Ave. N., pictured above, wants (dear god!) a drop-in center for the prostitutes.

So it comes as sort of good news to learn somebody was actually, finally arrested for...

...soliciting a prostitute on Penn Ave. N.

Here is the information, which made its way around email in an MPD alert:

Case Year: 2010 Case No. 210966

Incident Location: 27** Penn AV N

Date and Time: 7/16/2010 1:16:00 AM - 7/16/2010 1:16:00 AM

Officers observed MN NBA442 stopped on 30th Ave N facing EB between Penn Ave N and Queen Ave N. Officers observed OT1, who officers has prior knowledge that OT1 is a local street prostitute, approach the front passenger door of the listed vehicle. OT1 eng ...

(Police report is truncated at this point)

Arrested Parties, if any (name - age / Address AptNo City, State Zip):

Eric Hyde - 38 / 010831 Major AV N Brooklyn Center, MN 55443

(End of report)

Keep up the great work, MPD.


Johnny Northside said...

The address listed for Eric Hyde appears to be for sale on a contract for deed.


Johnny Northside said...

Here's another listing for the house.


Anonymous said...

If the church really wants to do something to help, maybe they can open a prostitute retirement center, so guys can quit hooking before they're THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD.

And BTW, why do these Brooklyn Center people keep coming down here to do their crap? Homicide #22 was also from Brooklyn Center. He came down to North Minneapolis to hang out in the alley with drug dealers and got shot in the head.

Shame On You JNS said...

I don't mind posting the names of these John's and if you can verify they own the home even that seems ok. I have a HUGE issue with you posting the address and for sale ads of the home. Lets say this guy is a renter, this is a misdemeanor and a landlord would not likley even know about their behavior. You've now put a black spot on the property for Google infinity. So you may be punishing all future owners of the property for the minor sins of a tenant. While entirely legal I think that posting the address and associating property with behavior is immoral.

Johnny Northside said...

Oh, really? Well, I live in a neighborhood full of addresses which are "black spots for Google infinity" because of the dealing and the hooking taking place in my neighborhood, and much of this activity is supported by individuals who come in from suburbs--even affluent suburbs--to do their dirty stuff.

He lives where he lives. That's a fact. And I'm publishing those facts. In fact, just a moment ago I got MORE facts, like the name of the hooker...

Stay tuned.

Johnny Northside said...

Here's more info. It's pretty sweet. Name of the hooker, the fact his car was towed, the four different stories he told...

Yeah, this info is pretty sweet.

Public Information Report Minneapolis Police Department CCN: MP-10-210966
Report Details

Reported Date: Jul 16, 2010 01:29 Reporting Officer: 007889: Jer Yang
Last Uploaded: Jul 16, 2010 Date Printed: Jul 21, 2010
Related CCN : --
Precinct: 04
Incident Details

Offense1: IPROST Desc: Loiter/intent-prostu Statute: 385.50 Attempted:
Address: 2700 Penn AV N
Occurred From: 07/16/2010 01:16 Occurred To: 07/16/2010 01:16
Public Data

Officers observed MN NBA442 stopped on 30th Ave N facing EB between Penn Ave N and Queen Ave N. Officers observed OT1, who officers has prior knowledge that OT1 is a local street prostitute, approach the front passenger door of the listed vehicle. OT1 engaged in a brief conversation with the driver/AP1 and entered into the listed vehicle through the front passenger door. Officers observed AP1 drive away with OT1 inside the vehicle where officers conducted a TLE at the listed location. Officers made contact with AP1 who provided officers with three different stories of the reason AP1 was in the location.

AP1 informed officers that AP1 requested AP1 to transport OT1 to 26th Ave N and Penn Ave N which was no more than four blocks away. Officers questioned AP1 on the name of OT1 and AP1 informed officers that OT1's first name was "JACQUELINE" which is incorrect. Due to the false information that AP1 was providing officers and the knowledge that OT1 is a street prostitute due to previous encounters/arrests of OT1, officers transported and booked AP1 into HCJ for loitering with the intent of prostitution. The listed vehicle was towed.


Role / Role #: A001 MPD#:
Name: Hyde, Eric Damon
Residence: 10831 Major AV N
Brooklyn Center , MN 55443
Telephone: H:612-432-9668
Date of Birth: 11/14/1971 Event Age: 38 Est. Age: 38 - 38
Race: Black Medical Treatment: No
Sex: Male Prior Injury: No

Arrest Information
Arrest Address: Precinct:
Arrest Date: Jul 16, 2010 01:16
Arrest Location:
Disposition: Booked County
Arresting Officer: 005832: Pucely, Joel Edward Call/Sqd: 492
Arresting Officer: 007889: Yang, Jer NMN Call/Sqd: 492

Status Type Charge Code Statute Citation Related CCN
Other Misdemeanor IPROST - Loiter/intent-prostu 385.50

Role / Role #: OT001
Name: Simmons, Jaconna Marie Nick Name: Wiggles
Residence: Unknown
Telephone: H:none
Date of Birth: 05/15/1975 Event Age: 35 Est. Age: 35 - 35
Race: Black Medical Treatment: No
Sex: Female Prior Injury: No

Personal Description
Category Description Related Offense Comments
Force Used No


So, let's make a little game out of it. Let's play "Name That Hooker." Which one of the well-known Penn Ave. hookers is Jaconna Marie Simmons? Is she the defacating hooker? The one who flashes her breasts at passing cars? We have her name, now we just need to hook it up with a face.

Katie said...

Ask MPD for a booking photo on the hooker, since you've got her name.

Problem solved... if she's been arrested.

Johnny Northside said...

Before you said anything, a request had already been made.

Anonymous said...


How hard up for a little TLC does I guy have to get to ignore all the obvious risks and grovel for sex on the North Side?

For that matter how desperate can these "Ladies" be?

Anonymous said...

My bet is it is the old one that wears short skirts and shows you ass when you drive bye. Always on the NE corner of 30th and penn.
Cpt Jack