Friday, July 23, 2010

St. Olaf Community Garden is Now Open!

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman, except where noted otherwise

For the past several weeks, we've been watching with great interest as a community garden was springing forth across the street from the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council office. Yesterday, some of the workers stopped by and told us that they would begin to sell their wares on Fridays, from 2-5. Naturally, I had to stop by to see what was in store...

...The produce looks great. The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy is partnering with this garden as well as other farmers' markets around the city. And already we're seeing food like this:

I picked up some basil and zucchini, and then saw a new type of plant I didn't recognize. When I asked and found out it was called a Hawkery Berry plant, well, then I just HAD to try it.

Photo by Kathy Welch

They're also doing something with youth farming called lasagna beds, although they're not sure yet how well that will turn out.

My haul of three different kinds of basil, a zucchini, and the hawkery berry leaves cost me a mere $5, I might add. And with So Low just down the street, you can get the rest of a great meal for $10 or so TOTAL. Come to the St. Olaf community garden at 30th and Emerson on Friday afternoons to see for yourself!


Veggi Lou said...

This is an excellent way to bring the community together. Perhaps we could use the lots in the "land bank" for more of these gardens. I think there would be enough gardens to serve fresh produce at all Minneapolis schools. Is any of this produce being pumped into neighborhood corner stores? All I ever see is junk food, they could use fresh meat and vegitables.

Patrick said...

Inconvenience stores should be required to sell fresh vegetables at a decent price.

And a person should have to eat three servings of fresh vegetables on premises and on a video feed that goes downtown before they can buy a bag of flaming hot cheetos (I can dream, can't I?).

veg*nation said...

the produce looks gorgeous!

Your Eyedea said...

Oh man I wish my garden was doing so well. Looks GREAT!