Sunday, January 2, 2011

Accused Murderer Carlos Heard, a.k.a. Carlos Plair Clark, Last Resided At 4714 Dupont Ave. N.

Stock photo, "brother against brother," by John Hoff
Blog post by John Hoff

Carlos Heard was arrested for a double homicide in June of last year, according to an article in MPR News, click here. The actual double homicide took place five years earlier, in 2005, and concerned a dispute over concert proceeds.

The deadly incident happened at 1625 Freemont Ave. N. according to Fox 9, click here. There is a bizarre aspect to the killing because Carlos was trying to shoot another man when Carlos' own brother attempted to intervene. So Carlos shot his own brother--possibly by accident--then shot the other guy, a guy named Leroy Kennedy. Allegedly.

The Hennepin County jail roster reveals Carlos' last address was 4714 Dupont Ave. N., a rental owned by an entity with the odd name of "We Are Superior, Inc." Click here for property info. Heard's last known residence is a minor factoid, but a factoid none the less, made marginally cooler by the fact there's a DOUBLE MURDER involved.

So there. There you go.

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Anonymous said...

I saw his spiritual fight before he was arrested. My prayers go out to him.