Friday, January 14, 2011

Brett Von Schlosser, Come Move to NoMi!

Photo and blog by NoMi Passenger

I got a few giggles from reading this Metro Magazine feature about an interesting Minneapolitan named Brett Von Schlosser, and surprisingly I noticed quite a few north Minneapolis connections in Brett's life.

Brett works at North Regional Library on Lowry Ave N.

He shops and grooves at So Low Grocery Outlet on Lowry and Emerson, too.

He enjoys hanging at Donnie Dirk's Zombie Den, a.k.a. DDZD, and he's an avid cyclist who can even fight off a handlebar attack.

So here's my plea to Brett:

Brett, darling, I can only imagine how delightful the Elmwood House in SoMi must be, but I feel you belong in NoMi we want you here in NoMi, we *need* you here in NoMi.  Just think, you can buy a grand old house in NoMi for pennies on the dollar and fix it up with all the obscure, interesting and down right weird features and fixtures you can stand. And then Metro Magazine can come and do another interesting feature of your new NoMi digs.

In closing, Mr. Von Schlosser, Get to NoMi!

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Anonymous said...

funny! cool idea! Nomi recruitment

Anonymous said...


Brett Von Schlosser said...

believe me i'm considering it. I do love the north side.

Johnny Northside! said...

We would totally have a welcoming party and introduce you to EVERYBODY if you moved here.