Monday, January 17, 2011

JNS BLOG PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: 2723 Knox Ave. N. Fire, House Was "Fully Involved"

Contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff

The fire at 2723 Knox Ave. N. happened on January 2, 2011 and was due to a child playing with matches, click here for news article.

This fire took place right in the heart of the Jordan Pond, an area where many active and involved NoMi neighbors live, some of whom are the heart and soul of the revitalization movement in the Jordan Neighborhood.

Even before the precise address of the fire was known, there was commentary on the Irving Inquisition blog, click here.

The house was boarded after the fire and everybody wondered...

...what was the extent of the damage? Can the house be saved? Did the owners even have insurance?

This photo, taken from the rear of the house, shows the structure "fully involved" on the first floor, with massive flames blowing out the windows. Though firefighters were seen after the conflagration entering the house and using a stairway, which would tend to make one believe the house had some structural integrity left, this photo would tend to show the house is most likely a complete loss and the odds of it being rebuilt are slim.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that photo is really intense. I'm just heartbroken trying to imagine my house like that. What's the update on the family that lived there, where are they? How are they?