Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another House Party Ends in Another Shooting...

Photo by John Hoff, blog post by NoMi Passenger

Usually I examine the 4th Precinct Weekly Highlights (or lowlights as I prefer to call them) pretty closely. In fact, I even post them up on the Minneapolis Crime Watch blog for the Google bots to feast upon, however due to the holidays, traveling and other obligations I am a few weeks behind.

So it was really handy that an avid reader of this blog and a very active revitalizer citizen brought it to my attention...

That a recent edition of the highlights contained a report about a shooting outside of a house party, the kind of house party in north Minneapolis that has become synonymous with gun shots, violence and danger. Presumably the blog reader thought to bring it to my attention since this blog recently busted up a birthday party in the Homewood neighborhood, in an attempt to save a life or two or three.

25th Ave N & Hillside Ave Thursday 12/30/10 2322 hrs 10-386378

Officer was dispatched to a hospital on the report of a shooting. V1/female, 18 yrs, was receiving treatment for a gunshot wound to the buttocks. V1 stated she was at a house party in the above area & while in the house, people started yelling about robberies outside. V1 walked outside with her friends & saw a group of males & females arguing in the street. Unknown S1/male, 16-25 yrs, threatened to start shooting & pulled out a large black handgun. When S1 aimed the gun at V1, she ran in fear & heard about 20-30 shots before feeling pain in her leg. V1 was taken to the hospital by witnesses at the scene. V1 stated that S1 was very intoxicated. No one had suspect info or could provide a description of the party house. V1’s wounds are non-life threatening.

Right now I'm waiting on the full report from the police department and hopefully I can nail down the exact address that hosted the party. Of course I'll send the address and owner details to the authorities that be so they can do anything they can to come down hard on the owner, whether it be homesteaded or rental, the owner needs to hear from authorities and concerned citizens in the neighborhood.

North Minneapolis readers should be on the look out for signs of these lethally dangerous parties and call 9-1-1 immediately upon any sign of a dangerous party. Including but not limited to: flocks of young people arriving from all directions on foot, bike and of course some cars. Any sign that a line is forming or admission is somehow being charged at the door. Ummm, a flier posted or distributed around the area advertising the house party would be a sure sign. Noisy party goers spilling out into yards and sidewalks and streets would be a good indication. But don't just rely on this short list of symptoms, use your gut radar. Something seem wrong? Dangerous? Call 9-1-1 and let them figure it out.

I remember vividly a teen house party taking place on my block and I only realized it when a crowd of about 75 teens and young adults gathered in the street, divided into two groups in a stand off style position, with gang bandanas pulled up over their noses and faces. Pretty scary. Luckily nothing happened before police arrived and tear gassed the the house and the crowd in the streets.

Readers should spread the word to their non-blog reading neighbors and strengthen up the action plan to be on the watch for these dangerous house parties and call 9-1-1 immediately, even if nothing dangerous is happening yet, we are all better off to get the party shut down before anything does. Don't feel like a party pooper, feel like a life saver.


NoMi Passenger said...

I have received the police report from this incident and there is no additional information that is worthwhile to share here on the blog.

Actually the highlights summary is more informative.

There are three names of victims and/or witnesses. Three females, all age 18, all listing different addresses around north Minneapolis.

The party house can not be determined from the report and from reading the highlights it seems like the victim either legitimately couldn't remember what house she was at (that's pretty sad and scary, what was she consuming??) or she was bluffing and trying to cover and keep someone from additional trouble. Pretty common for the "stop snitching" theme that runs through a lot of our urban young people's mentality.

Trudrud said...

What kind of idiot runs outside to get a better look when they are told that there are people outside with guns robbing people?

Big shock that they didn't call police and the ambulance to the scene for the gun shot wound! Instead, it seems she had somebody drive her to the hospital. She knows full well exactly which house that party was at, and so does the person who drove her to the hospital. But rather than act like adults and own up to their stupidity and poor judgment, they cover up for the folks who are even more stupid and have even worse judgment, thus continuing this Darwinian cycle that we all watch unfold among the youth of our neighborhood.

The victim here lucky she only took a bullet to her ass. Though I doubt she learned a damn thing from this, so God only knows what will happen next time she finds herself in the same situation.

By the time I was in junior high, much less high school aged, I knew better than to hang around people who mess with guns, steal, burglarize, rob, or mess with drugs. When I was going to high school parties, I knew better than to get shit-faced with a bunch of strangers, and I sure as hell knew better than to get drunk along with people toting guns.

Hate to blame the victim, but in so many of these cases, people are the victims (at least in part) of their own stupidity. It's not like kids in North don't have enough examples to learn from. There's no shortage of living, breathing (and some not living and breathing) cautionary tales around here. These "victims" no longer get my sympathy... I'm tired of trying to care about it. At this point, I'm chalking it up to thinning the herd.

cleveland guy said...

Speaking of the "no snitching" policy, I have a theory that these people rob and abuse each other, because they know nobody will report them. On the other hand, they know that if they rob, threaten, break-in to my house, etc, there will be a detailed report filed. The "no snitch" groupies are setting themselves up as victims, by alerting people that they won't tell anybody if they get shot.

Anonymous said...

@Trudrud, I thought the same thing!! It's like an inner city horror movie plot! The stupid main character goes to check out the trouble instead of staying away or fleeing!!!

Sadly I get the feeling the ass bullet wound will be a source of pride for this young woman instead of a lesson learned, like "look what I survived, I'm so tough"

Johnny Northside! said...

Cleveland Guy,

I've noticed the same thing myself. In fact, revitalizers can go into the toughest areas and situations and--as long as we're careful and keep our wits about us--we seem to have something close to immunity. It's like the thugs and worthless no accounts don't DARE to touch us.

But do they prey on each other? Oh, ruthlessly.

And so many of these incidents can be described like this: the wrong crowd was hanging out with itself. Again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, as Otto V. Bismark once said, its easier to learn from other peoples mistakes...

Its not that anyone is more "immune" to the violence than anyone else; its more of a "don't put yourself in a rat-shit situation". She went to the party... she knew the dwags involved. Her problem. Savage truth. No crocodile tears here.

I've said it way too many times to recant, "if you ain't got a good reason to be running the streets at night, it's only a bad one..."

-just a cop

Anonymous said...

In my day when you shoot someone in the ass it was to make a statement, like you owe money or need to be taught a lesson. Usually small caliber like .22 or.25.
Capt Jack