Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Mario--The Police Have Already Been Called LOL ;-)

Contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff

These are the kind of parties where young people tend to buy a bullet, youth like Charez Jones and Alisha Neely. That's why, when a resident of North Minneapolis noticed this sign hung up on the door of the Pennwood Market at Penn Ave. N. and Glenwood Ave. N., advertising Mario's birthday party and inviting the whole world to show up if they could produce a buck or two, that resident FIRST called the police and SECOND sent a photo to this blog.


I was tied up all day and didn't get the image until just now. I am promised, however, that I will get a firsthand account of police showing up at the party to wish Mario a happy birthday. The house at 818 Queen Ave. N. is owned by King Investors LLC, 1043 Grand Ave. S., #550 St. Paul, MN 55105.

By the way, the letters at the bottom of the poster reportedly stand for "laughing but serious" according to Urban Dictionary Dot Com. We are not sure if that's the meaning of the letters on the poster. Another source says it stands for "laughing but very serious" which makes more sense. What happened to the "v" word in the Urban Dictionary definition for "lbvs?" I used to have more respect for Urban Dictionary and was, at one time, one of the many volunteer editors but lately it's become more of a joke than a source of insight and documentation about the ever-evolving English language.

But, all the same, how appropriate. Some decent folks feel just the same way about Mario's party. They're laughing as they SERIOUSLY call the police.


NoMi Passenger said...

According to the City of Mpls website, the contact person listed on the rental license is Patti Ford phone number 612-581-0091.

Feel free to give her a ringy-dingy and let her know this is not the type of activity that is conducive to a healthy neighborhood, and it's highly doubtful this sort of thing would fly in her St Louis Park neighborhood.

Leave the night time entertainment to the licensed clubs and bars thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

called patti. left message.

good work guys.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Sad. Somehow I get the feeling that Mario's momma helped make the flier. A lot of effort went into that flier and I highly doubt it was a bunch of 19 or 20 year old hoods. Some parents should be ashamed of themselves and so should Pennwood market should be ashamed as well. I think I'll call the 5th Ward office and report this to them and ask that it be addressed with the Pennwood owners.

Anonymous said...

If you can't get Patti Fords attention by phone, then just re-post the fliers with her home address.

Anonymous said...

You guys suck the fun out of NOMI.

Anonymous said...

A few questions for those who commented as well as JN.

1- The sign stated 'no bs' so why can't anyone give them the benefit of the doubt that they wanted the party to stay under control?

2- Advertising a birthday party for someone turning 20 would make me think that the underage drinking would not be allowed and by putting up flyers I would assume the police would be aware of it already.

3- How can you go on the offensive against a property owner for their tenant having a birthday party for a milestone birthday? Honestly, what makes you assume that it is a crime waiting to happen? This is just crazy and I am surprised you guys feel good about what you did.

4- Now that the party date has passed, are there any police reports to update this post with to show if anything happened or not?

5- Did anyone ask the Penwood market manager about the flyer? What if Mario works there or a sibling and they got permission to put it up. How can you guys be so quick to draw a conclusion that makes you call the police to report a crime with no knowledge of one that will be committed?

Anonymous said...

Way to go guys. Patti Ford doesn't own that house anymore. The city website says it was sold a month after she paid the rental fees. It also says the house was sold to the current owner as an REO. I bet Patti is the bank contact.

Johnny Northside! said...

First of all, nobody ever SAID Patty Ford owned the house.

Patty Ford is currently listed as the rental contact on the city's website. Yes, I see the thing you're referring to which implies that some kind of sale may have taken place soon after (not a whole month) after the rental fees were paid. In fact, there's a lot of activity associated with the house as it goes from one hand to another like a pack of cigarettes in a prison barter system.

But Patty Ford is currently listed as the contact and that's what people have to go with. If the city website is not up to date, well guess what? We've also made frequent of THAT issue here on Johnny Northside Dot Com.

Johnny Northside! said...

As for the anonymous commenter asking about, for lack of a better phrase, "party issues."

1.) No b.s.? Oh, yeah, putting that on a flyer is going to really make sure the party doesn't get out of hand. Better than a security guard. Sarcasm font.

The police were happy to receive the information. In fact, the operator one of us spoke to was actually bemused by Mario's stupidity.

2. No, I would tend to think the opposite. I would tend to think the intention was to get as many folks at the party as possible so the party would be OFF THE CHAIN.

3. Be surprised all you want. We are sick of parties in our neighborhood which are packed with teenagers and one of the teens ends up dead. The post names a couple outstanding examples.

4. You will get updates when you get them. But preliminary word is the house was quiet. Like, somebody managed to head this off at the pass. Good work, MPD.

5. Ah, the Pennwood manager. The very symbol of authority and order there at the corner of Penn Ave. N. and Glenwood.

No. There was no point in talking to him. Conversations with the managers of "inconvenience stores" in North Minneapolis historically don't produce much progress and even backfire. Better to just drop the virtual dime in instances like this.

Johnny Northside! said...

One troll comment with a threatening tone rejected.

Do your worst. We're taking this neighborhood back from the forces of lawlessness and disorder. Your remarks only give us more spine and assure us we're on the right path.

NoMi Passenger said...

The part about "no bs or u will b put out" is actually the most concerning part of all - see, it's usually some pissed off disgruntled party goer who got "put out" that usually comes back to shoot the place up. And that can not be disputed in the least bit.

Good work was done by nipping this in the birthday bud, for sure. Or I should say Fo' Sho'.

NoMi Passenger said...

Hey, on a different note, we haven't said Friedman's Butt Glass in a while.

Here is some facade improvement opportunity info from WBAC that I received via email:

Here are the program basics:
This program is a partnership between West Broadway Coalition and Northside Arts Collective. City of Minneapolis, McKnight Foundation, Pohlad Foundation, and Phillips Foundation are the program funders. WBC is administering the program.

West Broadway Business and/or Property owners can apply for a grant of up to $30,000 to improve their fa├žade (storefront) to add custom artist designed elements to their storefront.

To be eligible, every business must work with an artist (all upgrades need to have an art component)

The proposal deadline is February 28th

There will be another opportunity to meet with business and building owners. Business owners and Artists who attended the initial meet and greet, please feel free to attend this follow up meeting as well.

Where: North Commons Recreation Center, 1801 James Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Date: Tuesday, January 18th, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM

Go Friedman's Go! Improve that facade, we will cheer you on!

boathead said...

It is Penn-Woods time to shine and take the much vaunted spotlight. This store was a Seven-Eleven at its inception. It became a Super America after Southland Corporation, which owned the franchise at the time, left the state under investigation for using different colored urine for their Slurpees instead of syrup. Mohondas Gandhi drank his own urine every day and ended up getting assasinated for it so the jury is out on urine consumption..anyhow, back to the store on the corner of Penn Avenue North at the intersection of Glenwood Avenue North. They let people peddle their personal variety of items that you cannot get in the store. If you happen to go into the store you may notice that some individuals resemble the sex offenders that are posing for their personal"Watch out i am moving into your neighborhood to leer at or rape additinal women or children photos. I may live in one of the two apartments that sandwich a childs supposed playground a stones throw from the piece of shit store that they let me hang out at down the block of Glenwood...or i may live in one of the slumlords personally renovated firetraps where they let us rapists live instead of fucking warehousing us near the South St.Paul stockyards or in the Mississippi River. I have noticed that you can buy individual phillie blunts on your E.B.T. also along with your Mickeys donuts and Mountain Dew at this establishment. This is one of three stores on Glenwood that cater to questionable purchases to people that violate the agreement on their FREE MONEY card.Folks flock from all over to get the Welfare that this "Broke-in debt" state gives to lazy fucking childless adult males and females. Back to the issue at hand.... on second thought i am so sick of it i'm going to call patti ford and ask for advice. Boathead will Float,Float on. Good Day.

Anonymous said...

Don't really know where to put this inquiry comment so I just settled on the most recent blog post; but...

I've been anticipating and perhaps hoping for a JNS editorial regarding the horrible political violence in Arizona compared to the anti-revitalization north Minneapolis "haters" that often make threats and incite hate against you and those you revitalize with.

(Did anybody else think of the Al Flowers/Booker Hodges cable access disaster after the Arizona news hit?)

Wasn't it just the other day I saw a comment on here about you rejecting a comment that threatens violence? Was that before or after the Arizona violence?

Am I off the mark in expecting hearing from JNS on this subject?

Johnny Northside! said...

The comment didn't EXPLICITLY threaten violence but had a threatening tone, so that's why I rejected it.

If there is an appropriate time to draw connections with that event, I may write something but I'm not feeling any inspiration. The saddest part for me was the little girl. Was she born and lived and was there that day just to teach something to our nation? And if so, what was the lesson?

Anonymous said...

Patti Ford is most certainly not the owner. But she may well be the girlfriend of a principal in the "Gemini Equity Group" investment shenanigan.

Beware of Patti, and of her Arizona cohort Brad Peterson (Pederson?) who -by the way- may or may not have complete interest at this point, in all of GED's crumbled holdings.

Patti drives a Lexus and schleps her little toy dog around in it.

You'll know her when you see her.

Johnny Northside! said...

OK, anonymous commenter, what you're saying may be true or just a complete fabrication. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's really pathetic that someone would call the police based on a flier. right, what a good neighbor...

Anonymous said...

To whom ever jhonny northside is the party was great nobody got hurt and we still had fun dumbass , no police were called no drunk were provided just teens wanting to have fun so,stfu and mind your own business !!!!!!!!! Bow Bow Bow

Johnny Northside! said...

Police were called.

No party took place. We went by there later and no party was taking place. The things you are stating in your comment have no basis in reality.


If North Minneapolis thugs advertise their thug parties by, for example, putting announcements up on the doors of thuggy inconvenience stores, we will certainly be calling the police. We're sick of kids being shot at these parties, we're even sick of THUGS being shot at these parties.