Monday, January 17, 2011

City Councilman Don Samuels Responds To Shooting In The Jordan Neighborhood...

Contributed Photos, blog post by NoMi Passenger

Those who know Don Samuels, city councilman for the 5th Ward of north Minneapolis, won't be the least bit surprised after reading this blog post. After a recent house party in the Jordan neighborhood that resulted in a young lady taking a bullet in her buttocks, the 5th Ward council member drafted a letter to the neighbors in that area and hit the streets in action. And no, it was not due to coverage on this blog. He was already in action when this blog featured the brief story about another house party ending in another shooting.

Councilmember Samuels braved the cold weather and ...

... unshoveled sidewalks along with his council aide Steve Hogan (whom I call the "new Jose") and another constituent to reach out to the neighbors around 25th Ave N and Hillside Ave to let them know that his office was aware of the recent violence and he is prepared to stand in the face of it and chase it out of the community. With their anonymous, confidential help he is ready to take back their streets in the hopes of peace and safety.

This is what Don Samuels was doing before he was elected to the city council in 2003. And through his leadership we can all be better equipped to take action in pursuit of a healthy, safe community for everyone who lives, works and plays in north Minneapolis.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Don also took some video footage to spread the message:

Don Samuels' 25th & Hillside Ave N Door Knock

Anonymous said...

Why can't our elected officials just go out and do stuff without having pictures taken, videos posted etc. Makes you wonder about their true motivations.

Johnny Northside! said...

The publicity is being used to solicit more information about which house was responsible for the out of control party. What's being done is being done in the light of day...well, except for your anonymous comment from your dark little corner, of course.

Anonymous said...

It's an elected officials responsibility to let all their constituents know what they do every day, even when it's not election season. They work for us, they need to tell us what is going on with them. Consider it publicity or consider it job reporting. How would you feel if you called Don Samuels' office to gripe and complain that he isn't doing anything and then when he tells you what he is doing you feel quite uninformed?

Anonymous said...

I've been on way too many homicide/shooting scenes where the good Councilman has shown up. No cameras, no press. He went where other "angels have feared to tread".

He has asked what had happened, I gave the cliff note versions.

He's a good man who deserves RESPECT.
-just a cop

Anonymous said...

The Health and Human Services Committee passed a bill yesterday, which will go
on to the full House, the substance of which cuts the budget for collecting
child support from non-custodial parents. The bill, if passed through both
houses, will potentially force more people onto welfare rolls. The bill also
operates as an unfunded mandate, transferring the cost of collecting child
support on the counties. This will impact both Hennepin and Ramsey counties to a
greater extent because of the bigger populations.

It brings up one of my most feared outcomes from the mid-term elections--that
the GOP will cut budgets by picking off pieces helter-skelter rather than
looking at a systemic reconfiguration of the budget. The Governor has already
stated that he wants a systemic reconfiguration and will accept noting less. I
hope he holds firm on that.

Pond-dragon said...

Some interesting posts.
A. My councilman never does anything!
B. Picture shows councilman proving he is doing something.
C. How come councilman is showing people that he is doing something?

ergo: The most perfect person in the world will get crucified for something.

No: I am not calling or alluding the councilman is perfect. Just a simple observation. i.e. remember the guy that got crucified? (If you are a believer)