Saturday, January 1, 2011

Murder Suspect Amecio Navro Enge's Last Residence Was 4201 Morgan Ave. N., A Rental Property...

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Amecio Navro Enge, the suspect in the bizarre "porch murders" incident in which a car was used as a weapon, is still rotting in jail as of today. Hawthorne Hawkman did a fine job on his blog doing something which often falls to this blog: digging up extensive detail about the criminal record of North Minneapolis suspects such as Enge, click here.

Enge's home address is listed with his online incarceration record and reveals his last known residence to be...

...4201 Morgan Ave. N. Online property records list that property to be owned by an Alex Garley, whose address on the rental license is 11482 Balsam Way, Woodbury, MN, 55129. Since Mr. Enge had an extensive criminal record BEFORE his latest arrest for allegedly committing a double murder, clearly this arrest record was something which could have been discovered by the landlord, Alex Garley, if he had cared enough to do a background check.

So we're left with two alternatives: Alex Garley is either complicit or stupid.

Well, actually, there is a third alternative: sometimes thugs manage to use property addresses as their home address without a landlord being involved. In which case you can't blame the landlord.

But I think, well...

Odds are you can just blame the landlord.

On another note...

Much useful information can be gleaned from the Hennepin County Jail roster and North Minneapolis "revitalizer blogs" would do well to scrutinize this source of information from time to time. (Helpful hint: only searching the "received by jail" function seems to make the suspect's home addresses pop up)


Johnny Northside! said...

Incredibly, he's still listed on the jailhouse roster as of TODAY.

Johnny Northside! said...

Next court appearance:


Gee, that's not very far away.