Friday, August 22, 2014

Don Allen Of IBNN Confirms A Ceasefire In North Minneapolis "Blog Wars," Tenuous Internet Peace Appears To Be Holding Among The Two Major Players In Widespread, Complex Social Media Conflict That Spanned Years...

Image from IBNN blog, original images were from another media source, (left) and
Don Allen Facebook (right) and have both been used extensively under Fair Comment
and Criticism by various entities, blog post by John Hoff

A ceasefire in the vicious North Minneapolis "blog wars" has been called by the two major players, JNS blog and Don Allen of IBNN, as first announced here on JNS blog and now subsequently announced by Don Allen upon IBNN. With the ceasefire now publicized by both parties, it is becoming more and more of a reality. 

"Don and John" (or "John and Don?") have discussed the possibility of mediation or other direct and formal talks...

...and these private preliminary talks can be characterized as cordial. 

After all, Don and John were quite friendly at one time. It was Don Allen who taught JNS blog how to access and make use of the jail roster, and both of us saw a great deal of possibility in the defunct Northside Marketing Task Force and the "rebranding" of North Minneapolis. It was the question of "how can we make some decent money while trying to help our neighborhood through social media?" which first brought us together. 

And it was conflicts within social media that tore us apart. I will note that Mr. Allen is incredibly pleasant and gregarious in person and a sharp dresser who takes pride in his appearance. He is a bon vivant who loves the good life and believes everybody deserves a chance to live the American Dream, a sentiment he often articulates when talking about oppressed groups. 

Mr. Allen is obviously informed about all sorts of issues, a quality Mr. Allen shares with Johnny Northside. In many ways (it's scary how many ways) we are more alike than different. It is a shame we have been bitter for so long. Even a kind of strained neutrality would be better than such bitterness. 

For the historic record, JNS blog wishes to preserve the "ceasefire" posting on IBNN as follows:

IBNN’s Don Allen and The Adventures of Johnny Northside’s John Hoff call a ceasefire

No, it’s not Bagdad, it was #BlogWars. The peace treaty has been negotiated and the rebuild is starting.

I'm not saying it a "team," just good intentions.  (Photo: John Hoff and Don Allen - fair use from the web)
I’m not saying it’s a “team,” just good intentions.
(Photo: John Hoff and Don Allen – fair use from the web)
Minneapolis, Minn. – I don’t care what you say, who you think you are or where you live in Minnesota, at some point in time; you have read “The Adventures of Johnny Northside” or “The Independent Business News Network.
There are times when men must move to a different level. Sometimes the move involves looking at the mission and the steps we take  to complete the mission. I have discovered a power far beyond the Star Tribune, WCCO-TV and the Insight News and hopefully, used wisely, the face and game in north Minneapolis as well as the City of Minneapolis can be reset and put on a track for success.
I extend the olive branch to Mr. John Hoff and his multi-media news network, “The Adventures of Johnny Northside.”

To which JNS blog replies: I extend the olive branch right back, Mr. Allen, and look forward to discussions about how we can all help North Minneapolis move forward by leveraging the amazing power of social media wisely and responsibly. 


Anonymous said...

You guys work your shit out then, let's see. To the both of you, how do we make life better for everyone in North including the, I stab myself in the face for saying this, but for the fucking cops as well? That is your "ice bucket challenge". We are legion.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed in you for not covering the Soundbar night club shooting.. 9 shot inside a crowded club and you said nothing WOW

Johnny Northside! said...

Any known connection to North Minneapolis with the Sound Bar shooting?

Anonymous said...

The goddamn bar is in NORTH MINNEAPOLIS asshole. As far as you two calling a truce, you are both fucking bloviating egomaniacs who take each other too seriously and you fucking idiots need to be locked up for all of your dubious bullshit. You both can go to hell and take the mega-bus and the shitty of Chicago with you.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter? Soundbar is north minneapolis. The 10z gang shot up the club in retaliation for two of their members getting murdered last year by Cordell Sanders. Dion Toney was the intended target and one of the people who ended up critical. 10z gang members in the club and apart of the shooting are Duka, Diddy, tony

Anonymous said...

Since when is it required for there to be a NoMi connection for you to post degrading information about someone?

Johnny Northside! said...

Are you defining the word "degrading" to mean "painfully, truthfully revealing?"

Johnny Northside! said...

400 3rd Ave. N. is downtown proper and not North Minneapolis per se. I assume you're some kind of out-of-towner who saw "North" in the address and leaped to assumptions? Are there some local blogs with local issues you might comment upon wherever you are?

Anonymous said...

North, North, North... what do not you get, Mr. Johnny Rationalization? Convenient time to get "PROPER" with your readers'.
Out-of-Towner my ass...I got more time in NoMi than you have in life you little ignorant full-of- yourself opportunist. Realize your bogus shit, punk

Anonymous said...

9 people included a Vikings player were shot and it was a gang shooting in minneapolis. Soundbar is downtown but anybody from over north knows it's NORTH. You looking for an excuse not to cover a shooting that left 9 people laid out? wow! No real news on this blog I see

Anonymous said...

duka was in LA and had No connection to the shooting