Saturday, August 23, 2014

End Of An Era As Minneapolis Crime Watch Blog Goes Away, Leaving Foreign Language Spam In Its Wake...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

The Minneapolis Crime Watch blog (http://minneapoliscrime was, once upon a time, one of the most popular blogs in North Minneapolis. Though ostensibly covering crime all over the city, for obvious reasons the blog tended to cover North Minneapolis A LOT. 

Some years ago the author of the blog moved on to other professional opportunities, but the Mpls Crime Watch blog itself remained--still being fed upon by search engines, still modestly useful in an archival sort of way--and so it remained on my blog roll. 

Today that changes. The crime watch blog has apparently been taken over by spammers speaking a foreign language...

Here's an example of the "hard-hitting crime coverage" appearing on the blog today:

Friday, August 22, 2014

Daftar Harga HP LG Optimus Terbaru 2014

LG menjadi produsen terbesar kedua dari Korea Selatan yang menghasilkan produk elektronik, sekaligus produsen ketiga terbesar dunia juga untuk produk yang sama. Membuka bisnis pertama kali tahun 1958, In Hwoo-Koo membentuk perusahaan Goldstar. Perangkat elektronik pertama produksi Goldstar adalah TV, radio, lemari es, mesin cuci, AC dan lift. Di akhir 70an, mereka resmi mengganti nama Goldstar menjadi LG (Lucky Goldstar). Mereka pun tanpa henti membentangkan sayap bisnis ke market Eropa dan beberapa negara lain. LG Mobile Phone sendiri baru dirintis di akhir abad 20 tepatnya tahun 1997, LG membuat handphone pertama mereka. Perkembangan selanjutnya smartphone LG terus diproduksi untuk memenuhi permintaan pasar yang terus meningkat.

Enough of that, I say. 

Yes, I will tolerate a blog that's dormant and I will keep it around in my blog roll as a useful historical archive, but when the spammers speaking in Hindi (???) take over it's time to clean up the blog roll.

Fire off a 21-gun salute, folks. It's the end of an era in Minneapolis social media, and a good era it was. 

But it's officially over. 

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Anonymous said...

Seems like North Minneapolis Crime Watch on facebook. I get better information on North by reading tea leaves.