Sunday, August 3, 2014

(TEMPORARY NON-CONTROVERSIAL BLOGGING RESTRICTION IN PLACE) JNS Blog Publishes Mainstream Media Link To Last Night's Triple Shooting, Publishes No Other Information Though In Possession Of Some Info...

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Readers, please note the PayPal button to the right. I am soliciting donations for a First Amendment defense of this blog. See previous editorial on this topic. 

So last night there was a triple shooting in my neighborhood. Click here for a link to a mainstream media report. This is the kind of thing I normally report on, discovering and disseminating new pieces of information about a matter of public concern. 

But this blogger is adding no further information to the news report about the triple shooting even though, yes, I have some info and I would normally publish that info... 

"For the duration," I am not publishing that specific info for fear of giving offense and then having to respond at length to a retaliatory complaint filed against me for my usual and customary First Amendment activity.  Yes, I am chilled in my First Amendment free expression...chilled like a chili dog! 

My one active guest blogger, Jordan North, is still free to develop and publish info about last night's triple shooting, if she can. 


Anonymous said...

I'm confused, is someone trying to shut your blog down that you need to solicit donation for legal help?

Anonymous said...

Five dollars says Al Flowers has read your blog, seen dollar signs and added you to his lengthy list of lawsuits.

Johnny Northside! said...

When somebody starts a statement with "I'm confused," generally it's my feeling that person is not an ally but just trying to get more info. I use the same little rhetorical trick myself.

Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

You are probably raising money for fines forthcoming for not getting your TISH orders done yet. Remember no one is above the law!

Johnny Northside! said...

There is no problem with the TISH orders and I'm sure you know that.

Anonymous said...

Copied and pasted directly from your TISH page on the property info site. Everything about your heating plant is unresolved with a big black NO. Your TISH does have problems:

#22 Heating Plant Viewed in Operation Repair/Replace: - missing boiler water pipes BTMA NA 01/11/2009 No
#23 Heating Plant & Installation Missing or improper double check valve with intermediate atmospheric vent (DCVIAV or backflow preventer) on water supply to boiler. Plumbing permit required. Othr NA 01/11/2009 No
#23 Heating Plant & Installation Repair/Replace: - damaged and missing parts BTMA NA 01/11/2009 No
#24 Heating Plant Combustion Venting Repair/Replace: - missing flue BTMA NA 01/11/2009 No

Anonymous said...

You are soliciting donations for a First Amendment defense of this blog.
The same blog that you wrote about yesterday, that "is hazardous to your health", that you are claiming has ruined your life and deprived your son of a college education.
You're dialing down the controversy created in this blog just long enough to raise money.
You want to raise funds so you can continue to do what you have always done; Use this blog to harass and victimize people, and when they try to fight back you claim they are stalkers trying to harass you.
Clearly you have no plan to change your ways.
I'm not sure who you are trying to fool or impress, but everyone knows this "Nice Johnny" is just a temporary act. And since no one is buying tickets to your cheap theatrics, the curtain will be coming down on this amateur production real soon.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, I'm not just soliciting. It turns out I'm actually getting money from the solicitations.

Johnny Northside! said...

All inspected, all checked, all clear. If I SELL MY HOUSE I'll have to get that matter resolved, but of course I will never, never be selling my house.

Well, OK, if the market TOTALLY rebounds I'd sell my house. And get ANOTHER house in North Minneapolis, much bigger, and a fixer-upper. I'd do that just to keep another house out of the hands of slumlords. And I'd put a restriction on the sale of my house: owner-occupied only.

But your troll comments give me an idea. Maybe I could solicit funds for home fixes? I wonder how much I could get like that?


Actually, my mind is REALLY buzzing right about now. What if I offer to do articles, but only for compensation because of the price of blogging?

Oh, it's late at night and you have my mind a buzzing. I will have to think on this...

Anonymous said...

You are one shameless asshole but very diligent and perseverant. These are admirable traits and I am positive that you can run the game with the best of them(if certain people allow you to, and your lies persist)) What goes around..blah fucking blah.
Every dog has a different day no matter how it turns out or something to that nature. Oh...Grand Forks talkin'to ya'...Heeeeeere's Johnny!

Anonymous said...

Why do people hate the truth so much? That's all I've ever seen you write here & you've been very brave to do so unlike the mass media. I pray for your safety & well being.